Lookin' for a soul to steal

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Lookin' for a soul to steal
LocationOpen Road
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Inari Ōkami
Road Gangs
Casualties and losses
None 5 Road Gangers and one rigger


The purpose of the run was to deliver a group of cargo of random assorted things from Japanese corporations towards Georgia and due to difficulties of the recent increase crack down on the shadows that the J. Inari Ōkami had to resort to employing shadowrunners to make sure the cargo is protected and delivered safely


Inari Ōkami had lost a lot of drivers and guards for making sure the smuggling group she controls is able to work and due to the time needing to make a drop off to a Troll in Georgia.

The Meet

The group of runners would begin to arrive at a large luxury tower that was use the house people of the more well financed upper class. of course navigating inside and having to leave the poor Panther inside of a holding room so they can meet the J. who they had to go up to the 63rd floor to meet her where they would be allowed into her relatively large apartment. where she would begin discussions about the job and what the runners are required where they would be agreeing to 14K for delivering the cargo all the way to the other side of the continent in Georgia. Sanjuro made a few comments that did annoy the J but due to Crane bringing up his dislike for Renraku Computer System seem to have earned a bit of the favor from the J.

The Plan

The plan was to ride in or on top of the heavily modded Hellhound semi truck to Georgia to drop off it cargo. Milliam road on top of it while the cat stayed inside of the cab, while Crane and Sanjuro talk back and forth, with a few calls to help make sure they get passed the border checkpoints. and they did have a Wheelman by the name of Crackpot who did all of the driving and left all the fighting to the runners during the most of it. Crane and using the connects he knows got passed many of the borders but the one out of Seattle where the Wheelman made a hard jump and drove off into salish-shidhe.

The Run

then a quickly passing into the pueblo corporate council where they were attacked by a road gang, who was seat to grab the truck but the team fought them off with great skill and with some money and bribing a pack of wolf shifters they made it into the without any problems. once they are into the Cas, taking a path to avoid the more Humanist heavily points and made it to a small run down air port to meet a troll who made the runners and allowed them too ride along in a plane that was heading to Seattle.


In the aftermath of the run once they would arrive back to Seattle an go about their day like nothing ever happened. back in Atlanta the cogs began to move in order as that troll who now has the supply of goods and other contraband begins to distribute in his section of the channels and thinking about establishing further goals to maybe have these runners from Seattle show up more often to help him with some of his problems or the other criminal element there who knows but what happened when the runners finally start some problems in the CAS


14k (RVP 7) 3 Karma (RVP )3

Optional Contacts: Inari Ōkami 5/1 (5 RVP) Crackpot 2/3 (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Wow! What a great time! I got to pet a giant cyber-kitty, I met all these cool people, got do to another job with crane and even fight people! A great experience! I wish I got to have a sword-fight on the top of the moving car but we can't always get what we want.