Loosest Ends

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Loosest Ends
Part of Hail to the Pumpking
Seattle Sprawl
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Mr. Herenight
Black Lodge
Tainted Magic
Kid Beef
Spirit Speaker
Chaplain Carmilla
Shadow Spirits
Nuclear Spirit
Casualties and losses
None Carmilla lost an arm.
Carmilla had to Hand of God to survive. Almost cost her an arm and a leg.


The Black Lodge prepares to do an airtight purge of Jack's influence on Seattle. Runners are hired as a third party to keep it untraceable to them. It works, but at what cost?


While runners have begun taking their own proactive role on things and dealt with the threat posed by the shadow spirit Jack and his continued influence on Sophocles, the Black Lodge hasn't rested on its laurels. Its mysterious activities have shown up in response to the shadow spirit's actions from time to time, making sure it doesn't grow unchecked. While Jack went off to Yellowstone to inhabit his new vessel, he called two of his brethren to pose as him in Sophocles. They appeared during a metaplanar quest, guarding his spirit formula as well, but they failed to keep it from falling into the hands of runners. Now, the Black Lodge wants to eradicate them.

The Meet

The Plan

The Run

-these are wip aar notes Bellevue's location is at a T-section, there was a place where locals held street dancing contests amongst themselves, but it hasn't had much activities in the past since those arranging it are all sick and postponed the usual weekly contests.

Found a high BGC aspected to decay and degradation, as well as a pile of deathspiral butterfly cocoons. Also found a notebook for a contest 4 days ago, as well as a Monolith ganger watching the place for the last two days but found nothing of interest.

Tacoma's parking lot hasn't had anyone park there despite it being a city block's own yard to park in. Residents claim that there's been a depressive air in the area for days and KE investigation reported an elevated background count.

Renton had a street doc's bodyshop that went vacant three days ago. Few loyal customers checked it and reported an unnatural urge to leave as soon as possible.

Found a body that looked to be desiccated with a hole in the spine. Bathroom had a corpse and FAB III clinging to the dust inside.

One of the street doc's messages: "I'm having trouble holding it at bay for much longer. Got caught, but I managed to get away and had to put an end to her. She's gone. I don't know what to do. I'm running out of time. I can't run, but I can't stay either. Let me know if you find anything that can help."



Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So this is the Black Lodge that I've been hearing about. Doesn't seem so bad, aside from being another shadowy one of those conspiracies that I need to protect myself against, aaaaaa.


Well, that was something. I admit I don't have much of a head for this investigation drek, but we managed well enough. Still can't say for sure what was up with those deathspiral butterflies or the FAB - probably some shadow spirit drek that I don't really care to think much about - but at least Herenight was diligent enough to think of cleaning up these loose ends. I did not forsee Carmilla's involvement in all this, but it would seem that the talk we had a few months ago took root in her mind and she got the idea she could control these creatures somehow - such foolishness, and it nearly got her killed. Perhaps this will teach her some humility and pull her back from the brink.

Oh, and it would seem there's a bull shifter who's taken a fancy to the late King Beef's title - seemed like a nice enough kid, and he punched out a fragging nucular spirit so I didn't have to go near the thing, so he's a good lad in my book.