Man in the box

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Man in the box
In the Ocean near Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Runner Team
Shine Spark
Turm Falke
Casualties and losses
None A boat Titanic-ed and the whole crew dead.


Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy was lost since the "Most Urban Brawl" and was actually into a container supposedly at the bottom of the sound. So Tee and Vee send some runners and promise a payment (with the money of Brody J).


After another edition of the Most Urban Brawl, Kenny and his team were nowhere to be seen because there were locked into a container ! And some pirates did borrow the container. (hopefully because there were not aware of what was inside.)

The Meet

The team gathered at E-Vue where Brody J seemed so high that it was obvious that he did not make the call. T and V actually welcome the runners and quickly explain that Kenny what lost in a container and the container was going to be dropped into the sea or something like that. The only sure information was that Kenny and the team was in danger he offer to pay 10k nuyens for each runner and everyone did accept the job !

The Plan

Soon after the meet Rooster did call Kenny and he did answer thus proving he was not under the water. The team was pretty fine, apart from the dehydration. Shine-Spark then used his decker trick to trace the commlink of Kenny and did quickly understand that there were moving. At the same time Pell did lend a few call to get a drysuit and some face mask in case of diving situation, she did also call Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane to get a boat for the team. Preparation was done and the whole team was preparing for a fight at sea, they did go to Everett passing checkpoint and bribing some cops on the way there to finally reach the boat and set sail toward the pirates !

The Run

The team did manage to catch up with the pirates fairly easily since it was a speed boat against some kind of patrol boat. Wisp, Grasshoper and Turm Falke did scout the boat for a good amount of time, the pirates crew did count 7 members including a massive troll with a lot of "ware and the captain noticeable because of his beard. Wisp did also ask Kenny and his team to stay in the container until the fight was finished. The assault then begin with Grasshoper and Pell shooting at the pirates gunners while Rooster and Wisp throw spell at them. In the same timing Turm Falke did dive bomb on the lookout who end up in the water burned by the acid of the adept bird. Soon the pirates were in disarray while the one inside the boat slowly got out to join the fight. Wisp then did try to send an Ice Storm on the boat but did send it in front of it. The boat did hit the ice and started to slowly sink. The pirates in full disarray quickly fall, the heavily wared troll was bring down by Turm Falke. The problem was that the boat sunk and the container with it and Kenny was asked to stay in the container...Homever Pell quickly get there to save them and the whole team got on the boat alongside the runner.


The team did get back to land then to E-Vue where Brody J was surprised to get his team back. He was also pretty happy with that news so he did gladly pay for that ! Grasshoper did end up buying the boat from Pitty and everyone was happy and well at the end of the day.



  • Boat (Otter)
  • 5 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • Req: Pitty @ 5/1 out of RVP or CDP(modifié)

Everyone Else

  • 10k Nuyen
  • 6 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • Optional on Kenny @ 2/3 or Pitty @ 5/1

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Wisp: Well it was an hell of a first run. Did met wonderfull people and did have the best adrenaline rush from my whole life ! I felt the power of the gift from the Allfather and did call for his wrath on those pirates scum ! I did manage to sink the boat ! On the other hand i nearly killed the whole team because they did follow too much my instruction, i'll remember that for the next time i work for Kenny !


Well, that was giant drekshow all around, although that should be expected when it involves Brodie and Kenny.

Anyway, I have concerns about how prepared Rooster and Shine Spark are; otherwise no complaints about Grasshopper and Wisp.

I might be starting to lose touch with new runners.

Turm Falke

That Kenny guy and his people don't seam smart. The container was open, and they still didn't got out of it...

But it was fun to fly on the sea again. The wind, the water, the air... And the seagulls keep it to them. I really need to get my spot at the sea, not for food but for the feeling.