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Bubbly Bio-Tank
"People have been telling me my name is supposed to be an insult? I don't get it."
Discord@disco goblin#9960
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.June 3rd, 2060
PriorityMetatype - A
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information


Meatshield is a hulking, battle-scarred troll with heavy biomodifications. Created by Aztechnology as both a test subject and a soldier, they grew up doing the corporation's dirty work on the borders of Amazonia. They escaped that life with the help of their fixer, and now seek to atone for the things they've done. They're struggling to balance a desire for peace with a body built for war, and figure that the best way forward is to put everything into protecting their fellow shadowrunners.


  • Minimize casualties
  • Win the approval of their fixer, Axolotl
  • Find redemption for their time in Amazonia
  • Explore the parts of life that they never got to experience


Subject 14, or "Meatshield" as they've come to be called, doesn't remember how they came into the possession of Aztechnology. Whether they were kidnapped, sold, or simply born into it, their natural constitution made them a perfect candidate for the company's bioengineering program. From a very young age they were forcibly augmented, sculpted and grown into an organic war machine. Their childhood was deprived of almost anything one would consider "human", just an endless cycle of sterile labs and muddy training fields. When they reached maturity they were sent to fight on the Amazonian border; doped up on combat drugs and set loose on soldiers and civilians alike. The Azzies' orders were merciless, and their brainwashing and drug addictions gave Shield no choice but to obey. Somehow, though, they didn't lose themselves in the fighting; they weren't a mindless monster, despite what their handlers believed, and the guilt of what they were doing was destroying them. They wanted out, or to at least die with some dignity, but Aztechnology isn't in the habit of relinquishing assets.

Shield would have lived their whole life as a corporate slave, were it not for the intervention of the Naga Axolotl. Axolotl was an Amazonian agent with a deep spy network inside Aztechnology; she saw Shield's potential as an asset, and used her influence to organize an escape. She won Shield's trust (which, admittedly, isn't very hard to do) by treating them like an actual person, promising a chance to redeem themselves serving a worthwhile cause. Shield was smitten, and looked up to Axolotl with the kind of admiration usually reserved for cult leaders. They escaped from Aztlan, resolving that they would do whatever it took to gain their new fixer's respect.

After their escape Shield was smuggled into Seattle. Axolotl spared no expense on getting them there, but plenty on setting them up. Their "apartment" is little more than a squatter's den in Puyallup; They have no friends, no connections, no car, and only a tenuous grasp of the language. Their only asset is the ability to kill, which makes it a problem that they're trying to swear off it. They know that death and violence are constants in their life, but they're sick of getting blood on their hands. In the place of killing they've dedicated themselves to protecting their fellow runners, the first real comrades they've ever had. If their body was made to be a weapon, then they're going to turn it into a shield.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Born and Bred Soldier (Prototype Transhuman, Restricted Gear: Pain Editor): Shield's body is a custom made war machine, about as durable as they come. They can quickly bounce back from even life-threatening injuries.


PTSD (Flashbacks 1, Big Regret): Shield's past left them with deep scars, both physical and mental. They suffer from flashbacks triggered by laboratories, hospitals, or anywhere that seems overly sterile. They're haunted by an overwhelming guilt for their time in Amazonia, and have trouble interacting with those who know about it.

Stumbling Down the Path of Peace (Pacifist 1): Shield is doing their best to swear off violence. They will never initiate a fight, and refuse to do any harm without a clear threat to themselves or their team. When they do fight, it is strictly non-lethal. Considering that their entire skillset is based around murdering people, this makes their life a lot more complicated.

Easy Mark (One Born Every Minute, Favored (Biased): Metasapients): You'd think that Shield's upbringing would've given them trust issues, but if anything it's the opposite. Their desire for friends makes them impressively gullible, especially when you factor in their guilt towards metasapients.

Not Quite Free (Kamikaze Addiction (Moderate), Wanted: Aztechnology [40,000 Nuyen]): Although Shield escaped Aztechnology, the tools of their control still remain. Not only do they have a bounty on their head, they also can't function without regular doses of combat stims. Pacifism's a lot harder when you're doped up on Kami.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Raging BullSarcarianIt's Always Wednesday in Seattle4 June 2082
Road KillSleevey26 May 2082
Red Dawn, Blue FearZerre de Seattle22 May 2082



Axolotl: As the one who freed them from Aztechnology, Axolotl has earned Shield's unwavering loyalty. They're desperate to prove themselves to her, going so far as to wear a custom feathered serpent mask in battle. Axolotl sees them as a resource, and an embarrassing one at that.

Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Axolotl 5 1 Fixer Sneaky Snake Metasapients, Aztechnology, Metaplanar Guide, Talislegging, Corporate Security, Magical Security Even



Amazonia: While it's not an official partnership, Shield will do just about anything to help the place that they've done so much harm to.


Aztechnology: If Shield wasn't a pacifist, they'd be trying to kill the corporation that made them. They'll refuse to do anything for Aztechnology unless it's the only way to save a teammate's life. They don't react well to being confronted with their former captors, and will often act irrationally.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Shield doesn't really have any trademarks. The only signature they usually leave is their blood.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Nothing concrete, but the absence of details tells you something itself. There's *nothing* on this person.
3 Still no real details. You keep hitting dead ends, finding nothing but conspiracy theories of genetically engineered soldiers.
6 Finally, something good. You find rumors of biosculpted soldiers being used by Aztechnology. They give some details about the type of augmentations used; this person's a dead ringer.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 No information comes to mind. Considering how... noticeable this person is, it's safe to assume that they're new to the scene.
3 You've heard snippets of the fixer Axolotl bringing in some sort of new "asset". What details you know, this person matches.
5 Axolotl's "asset" was taken from Aztechnology, reportedly at great expense. They both work for, and are under the protection of, the old Naga.


Ailene Valle (Rating 4 Fake): It took a lot of work for Axolotl to find a SIN that closely matched Shield's description. Ailene Valle is a relocated Atzlaner, warehouse worker, and ameture bodybuilder. Although similar in looks, Ailene has a distinct lack of scars.



Shield is an absolute tank, standing at 9'7 and weighing over 900 pounds. She's got massive tusks, razor sharp horns, and muscles of corded steel. Scars cover every inch of their body, about an eighth of them pulsing with bioluminescent light. They have hazel eyes, and their short black hair always has a cowlick.


Shield's fashion sense hasn't quite recovered from their time in the military. Their clothes are armored and utilitarian, with the exception of the salamander mask. Secretly, they really want to start wearing more stylish clothes; they're too nervous to do any proper shopping.

Matrix Persona

Shield's persona is just a slightly smaller version of themselves. Their real body fell outside the matrix size limits.

Media Mentions

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