Milliam's Errand Day

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Milliam's Errand Day
LocationRedmond Barrens, Ork Underground
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Major Corp
Milliam King Beef
This run takes place during King Beef's rampage.


Milliam has to run some errands, and ends up in the path of a berserk King Beef! She does what she is able to do in order to save as many civilian lives as possible.


Milliam's bastet ordered a HUGE shipment of chicken right before King Beef's rampage. Unfortunately, it was delivered to her old place in Redmond. Clearly, it would be bad to let that amount of meat go to waste...

The Meet

Milliam runs over to her old place, and sees the GIGANTIC shipment of chicken waiting for her. She calls Jaelisha, who offers to help her out for some nuyen. Originally she was going to let Milliam borrow the truck, though Milliam... didn't give the best impression that she'd be responsible with a truck, so Jaelisha says she'll drive. They go to Milliam's old place and load up the truck bed with the crate filled with chicken. Milliam offers to give half to Jaelisha, who accepts!

On the way back from Jaelisha's place to the OU, Milliam hears the terrible sound of crumpling concrete. She gets out of the truck to investigate...!

The Plan


The Run

Milliam stealthily approaches the area, and sees a Berserk King Beef smashing through buildings and terrorizing the civilians! She taunts King Beef who then throws a piece of plasteel at her! After picking herself back up, she starts leading the civilians towards the OU.

King Beef notices this, and since the civilians are headed towards where he wants to go anyway... He charges after them!

Milliam bravely runs back towards King Beef to face him down! She jumps over him, firing an arrow into him as he misses her with a melee attack... only for the arrow to bounce off harmlessly. As she lands, King Beef gives her a mighty punch and sends her flying! Fade to Black.

Four hours later, Milliam wakes up in the devastation wrought by King Beef. She heads to the OU in order to see if there's anyone she can help. The guards at the entrance are wary, considering the devastation above them. The guards decide to let in the orks, trolls, and dwarves, but ask that the humans and elves remain at the entrance. Milliam enters the OU in order to find a doctor.

While looking for one, she runs into a search party looking for a lost child. One of the members of the party is a doctor, however, so Milliam replaces the doctor in the search party and the doctor heads towards the entrance to treat people. Milliam and Dumas run around the tunnels looking for the little girl until they find her, trapped behind some rubble. Milliam is able to calm her down and get her to head back towards the search party.

Milliam then heads back to the entrance and assists in treating people to the best of her ability. She also acts as a courier, ferrying supplies from the doctor's OU clinic to the entrance as needed.


King Beef is still at large, and there are a large number of refugees who need assistance and housing who want to get into the OU.


  • Will To Live 3 (9 RVP)
  • Solid Rep (Skraacha) (2 RVP)
  • 4000 nuyen worth of chicken (1 RVP)
  • 4 karma (4 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • +30 Skraacha Rep

User TheBiggestBoi gets 8 GMP for reprising his role as King Beef.

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