Milo Minderbinder

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Milo Minderbinder
Eccentric Heavy Weapons Dealer
Founder of M&M Enterprises
"If someone ever asks you why capitalist free enterprise is bad, just hand them my card!"
Contact OwnerAtlatl25t
Public Contact?Yes
LocationItalian Confederation?
AgeLate 30s?
Preferred Payment MethodFavors
Weapons Demonstration Footage
Personal Life???
AspectsMilitary Surplus
Syndicate Airlines
European Importer
Rocket Man
Range Toys!
Orr Escaped
A Prophet of Profit


The mysterious masked man known as Milo Minderbinder, or 2xM, is a highly prominent exporter of European mil-spec weapons. The only thing that anyone knows for sure is that he was some variety of low level supply chain manager for a eurocorp or mercenary company, most likely either S-K or MET2000. He speaks with a slight Castilian accent and operates primarily out of a base known as Palermo somewhere in the Italian Confederation. He maintains a large fleet of aircraft for his smuggling syndicate, M&M Enterprises, and is quite proud of his organization's profit sharing scheme.


Milo is a prolific reader and a vocal fan of both classical American literature and Latin-American magical realism. Most of his syndicate's aircraft (and the syndicate itself) are named after references to 5th world literature. He's a natural salesman and is highly excitable when discussing heavy or exotic weapons, often rambling about their features without any prompting. Based on this and his proclivity for collecting payment in weapons demonstration footage, he can be assumed to be quite bloodthirsty, though he's oddly friendly to anyone he's dealing with and eager to help people resolve their problems nonviolently. Milo is also outspoken about his very twisted anarcho-capitalist philosophy. While he makes most of his money providing weapons to state-level and regional conflicts, he very much prefers dealing with individual parties and small companies, citing his belief that all violent conflict should be carried out exclusively by private entities.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
A Prophet of Profit What's good for the company is good for all! Milo knows many black market dealers and their locations, and he's more than happy to get you in contact with them. Just don't try to undercut him or you might get carpet bombed.
Military Surplus Big guns! Love big guns. My favorite. He can get his hands on any heavy weapons that wouldn't require a raid on a military base.
Syndicate Airlines Milo's light plane fleet is everywhere and they generally have enough weight allowance for you to jump on. They typically deliver only one or two pieces of kit in a trip and have plenty of space, just don't expect him to haul a vehicle for you.
European Importer Thanks to some connections within S-K, HK, FN, and MET2000, Milo is able to easily acquire weapons and other equipment from European manufacturers.
Rocket Man M&M Enterprises has the hookup for rockets and missiles, but finding the launcher is your own problem.
Orr Escaped Nobody is trying to kill you now, sweetheart. The syndicate can help you get out of town and get you into one of their many safehouses.
Range Toys! Scythes, squirt guns, and yo-yos, oh my! Does everyone yell at you for wanting to buy that stupid weapon? Are they telling you how bad it is and how dumb you are? That's a good indication that Milo has a crate of them sitting somewhere, waiting just for you. It's clearly destiny, my friend. He keeps a stock of weapons that utilize the Exotic Ranged Weapon or Exotic Melee Weapon skill.


Knowledge Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 14 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 6 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


Player Characters with this Contact

No active characters with this contact have been found.

NPC who know this contact

Name Relationship Stance
Jet Set Former Advisor Ah, an excellent professional, highly recommended if you need logistics help. A pity he does not operate in Europe regularly.
David Harsmen Regular Client Bit of a luddite, personally. Lacks imagination and creativity.

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
The Dead and The Dying7 September 2081

Opinions on Weapons

Weapon Take
Ruhrmetall SF-20 The aesthetic! The weight! The quality! The power! German engineering at its finest, truly.
Krime Triple-Troll Minigun The people's gun, but a logistical nightmare. Too much maintenance, too much temptation to waste ammo.
Ares Vigorous Assault Canon American "big gun" garbage. Such little utility and a poor feature set.
Shock Ram Such a waste to use a fine piece like this exclusively on doors and non-moving targets. I eagerly await the day that some brave soul demonstrates their combat prowess with one.
FN-AAL Gyrojet Pistol A timeless classic! I cannot understand why so few people want them.
Collapsible Scythe Innovative, unique, and concealable. An incredible piece from a small manufacturer. Sadly, it hardly sees its intended use, and I typically sell them to cosplayers and poseurs.
Ares Armatus Truly a piece of art! And much like art, it should be left on the wall at home and never taken out.
Trafalgar Gun Cane Perhaps your time would be better spent actually learning to conceal a weapon instead of using a cane named after a naval battle, you absolute potato-eating spanner.
Tiffani Élégance Shooting Bracer At least these look nice.
Yo-yos Monofilament is for plebeians. The entire point of the yo-yo is to stunt on your victims, and you can hardly do that when a cat's cradle may accidentally take your own fingers off.
Parashield Dart Rifle I, too, am a fan of 5th world video games. Would you like to see my Metal Gear Solid 3 tool-assisted speed run?
Blast Shield The chosen weapon of one who has no fear! Also obscure beyond reason. They should spend more on advertising. A pity that it is more often utilized against walls and not people.
Ares Screech Rifle A connoisseur, I see! Well worth the time and investment. Cannot recommend highly enough.
FN MAG-5 FN does it again. The most excellent MMG on the market, and at a highly competitive price. I may be biased, of course.
Ultimax HMG-2 Just get an SF-20! Why would you not just spend the extra to get an SF-20? Get an SF-20! Don't waste your time!
Flame Bracer Consider investing in an actual flamethrower and not attempting to hide, you coward.