Minima de Malis

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Minima de Malis
GMZerre de Seattle
LocationTacoma, Loveland and the Barrens of Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Yakuza
Fed Up
Saigo Kekuze
Casualties and losses
None The Chromed Stranglers down and Kekuze is in the hand of Nerlithothep


A Succubus want to get her hand on someone so she engage some runners, what could go wrong ?


After the closing of the Flower of Lotus, Nerlithothep seek to avenge herself from the Yakuza who transform the place into a bunraku Brothel, this man is Saigo Kekuze a lieutenant of the Yakuza. Not really able to reach him Nerlithothep manage to steal some money to put a run together.

The Meet

The meet did occur in Loveland next to the Flower of Lotus. THe whole thing was pretty straightforward. Nerlithothep under a disguise explain the whole situation, she want the runner to kidnap a Yakuza lieutenant, Saïgo Kekuze. She is ready to offer 20k nuyens and her service if needed.

She also ready to offer free service if the runners bring out the mage that is usually following Saïgo. During the meet Koschei noticed by assensing that Nerlithothep was a succubus under disguise, but the succubus use influence to make sure she don't speak for now. Last thing Nerlithothep can say in that Kekuze is watching over a little gang to sell BTL, the Chromed Stranglers and that it is her only lead.

Some of the runners call contact and learn that Saigo Kekuze is overwatching some magical security and research but that he is not a mage himself, he protect a full mage (A women so someone that can be an official member of the Yakuza).

The Run

The team after a quick search manage to find the location of the Chromed Stranglers on Tacoma dockside. The place is crowded with arround ten gangers, most of them having cosmetic 'ware and some real augmentation. Koschei and Winter using invisibility spell and preparation sneak around the place to ambush the chief, while Ryôma is trying to make some social infiltration, despite being pretty bad he manage to overcome the odd and manage to talk with the chief for a fair bit of time, but got caught by a ganger while faking a phone call. The fight was a no match for professional like the team and the chief was captured.

The team will the help of Ryôma took contact with the N-51 to get the help of Commander to get information from the chief and get rid of him. Commander deliver a proper interrogation protocol and tell that the chief really don't know where is Saigo Kekuze, he just know that he was supposed to pay a visit to a talismonger in the Barrens near Sophocles. The team quickly reach for the place only to find a crime scene, the talismonger was killed before they could even reach the place. Homever a quick search of the place let them found a Datachip and a notebook who contain information about some research that the Yakuza are pulling on some Free Spirit they found. But sadly that also mean that the only track the team got is doomed.

Hopefully Koschei got called by the Lady of Perpetual Saturday who tell her that she know that Saïgo was attending an underground combat tournament. The team quickly reach the place and then play arround the social infiltration again, Fed Up reach for Saïgo and manage to make him think that he was here for urgent buisness, he even manage to lure him in an ambush with his mage friend. The ambush, carried by Ryôma, Winter and Koschei don't let a chance to the two targets that are quickly abducted.


Nerlithothep revealed her true form after another accusation from Koschei, despite being revealed no runners take action agaisnt her. Really pleased the Succubus offer in addition of letting the runner call her, a free service. Also she kind of admit that she watch the runners action against the Chromed Stranglers and offer Ryôma some lesson about acting and how to be a good face if he is willing to accept.

She pay the runners and dismissed them soon after happy with her new acquisition.


Run reward for "Minima de Malis" :

20k nuyens (10 RVP)

3 Karma (3 RVP)


Nerlithohep (Optionnal contact Loyalty 3 connection 1) (3 RVP or buy in CDP) with one chip

For Ryoma : In addition of the contact he can take Nerlithothep as a Sensei (Acting/Influence Skill Group) in exchange of half the nuyens reward for that really lucky social infiltration win ! (5 RVP)

FedUp will WTFP turning 6k into 3 karma by donating to Post-Bunraku Therapy Providers

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"A shadow spirit, eh? Much as my common sense tells me to run away, I can't deny a certain thrill to keeping her as a contact. I don't associate with meek spirits."