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Mission Control
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Legwork and Combat Support PC
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
FolderMission Informations
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Mission Control aims the be exactly that: Prepare the Mission, lead the Mission, finish the Mission. Drilled and trained by Ares he knows how to operate like Spec Ops. And what else are Runners other than Spec Ops without law restrictions?


  • Prevent the Bugs from taking over.
  • Create a functional Team of Specialists/Spec Ops Level Team. Currently working with: Ace


Ben has been living as an Ares Citizen for his entre life. He was an extraordinary quick thinker and problem solver, yet as he was offered an educaton as a HTR Decker for Firewatch he refused and aspired greater things. Instead of being part of a team, he wanted to be the Tactical Team lead. Thus he instead opted for HTR Teamlead position. During his training however some physical flaws surfaced but that was not the cause why he is now where he is. With Ware treatment the flaws could be somewhat reduced but during his stay at the rehabilitation center, he got contacted by Ex-Firewatch, being informed that Bugs had infected Ares and that he was a preferred next target for conversion. Shocked, he faked his own death with the Help of Ex-Firewatch and fled Ares. Not knowing better, he made his way into the Shadows, hoping his professional Skills will be of help for those Professional Runner Teams he has spend long hours analysing. He wants to help warn the world of the imminent threat and hopes that now in the Shadows he can finally become: Mission Control.

Now he is living a rather simple life, using a Storefront as Front for his Runner life, his Skills in repairing Commlinks making it rather easy to maintain a legal buisness. He knows Ares wants him back and so he tries to blend in.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Wanted(30,000) -Ares lost a important asset and they want him back

Records on File(Ares)- Well. He made his escape in a hurry. At least he was able to burn his SIN

Records on File (Horizon)- For some reason unknown to him, Horizon also has a decent Portfolio about him and its not his P2.1

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Another Night In HellMursey14 April 2082
Red vs. BlueSarcarian7 November 2081
Food Combat!Doom20 June 2081
OPEN UPDoomNightmare Mode21 March 2081
A Storm is ComingDoom18 March 2081
Bloody ShoalsDoomNightmare Mode15 March 2081
The Collectors: Beta Uncut SheetGhostlinThe Collectors12 February 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Carlos Blanco 3 1 Fixer(K,G,N,A) Town Gossip Rumer Mill, Tortuga Taco Truck, I Know A Guy, Corporate Lunchbreak Even
Harvey Sanders 4 1 Legwork Infobroker Infobroker, Organized Crime Investigator, KE Contacts, Gang Unit, Gambling, Former Lonestar, Picky Dissemination of Information Even
Captain Madeline Palermo 5 1 Gear Black Market Armorer Ares Macrotechnology, Armorer, Ex-Firewatch, Firearms, Laser Weapons, Milspec Gear Even




Ares Bugs

In Character Information

Not much is known, he just recenly entered the SHadows. People say that he knows everything and that includes on how to get rid of annoyances.

Symbols and Signatures


Matrix Search Table

1 Hit: Infos about NASA´s Mission Control Center(s)

3 Hits: Info above + mentions about an Ares COmbat training for Tactical Teamleads

6 Hits: Info above+ Infomations about the exact training Plans and a list of all Participants that opted for Mission Control training.

Shadow Community Table

1 Hit: "Ya i think theres a dude that named himself like this."

3 Hits: People know you mean the Man that fled from Ares that now works as a self proclaimed Mission Operator and tries to use Military tactics and such.

6 Hits: You know that the man called "Mission Control" fled a Firewatch training programm to become Team Leader and is now working in the Shadows to prevent the Bugs from taking over. You know that hes prejudiced against Technomances but you dont know why.


Rating 4 SIN (UCAS, Nick Michaels) Buisness License Firearms License Restriced Bioware &Restricted Cyberware License (All Licenses are R4)


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Matrix Persona

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