Monday Night WAAAAAGGH

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Monday Night WAAAAAGGH
Part of 6th World Championship Wrestling
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6th World Championship Wrestling Logo
LocationOrk Underground
Status Threat Level: Milk
Factions Involved
Ares Macrotechnology


6th World Championship Wrestling, an entertainment branch of Ares Macrotechnology, is looking to promote its new show, and hire some Shadowrunners to help provide some 'realism' and convince people of the authenticity of the show despite it's following of Kayfabe.


A gnome who is an Indie Wrestling Promoter from a dynasty of famous wrestlers, Royce Vance, has run a series of successful shows all across North America featuring old school professional wrestling. They were so successful that Ares bought the company that ran them, and contracted all its wrestlers, to begin to use to compete with Horizon's AWE Trids. With the first show of the epopnymously named 'Monday Night WAAAAAGGH' being held in the Ork Underground's only arena, Mister Vance decided to honor Seattle's fame as a hub of Shadowrunners by hiring some as wrestlers for the initial show.

The Meet

Samsara, Milliam, Zenith, and Frank Davis were invited to dine with Mr. Vance at the Big Rhino, where he treated them to a meal and provided them with the low down of what he needed. After some negotiation, including Frank using pheromones which were stereotyped to be enjoyed by gnomes, the group was offered a one night payday of 4,000 Nuyen and a share of any merchandise sold featuring their characters.

Samsara texted Kenny and he convinced her to ask for some free tickets and swag, with each runner being given 3 tickets for friends and family, and some free t-shirts made to show them as fans. They were asked to work on the wrestling form of shooting, and given an example of how it worked, as well as the address of where to meet the next day at 3PM.

The Plan

The crew arrived at the location, a gym 2 blocks from the Arena where they'd be doing the show out of, and were shown how to wrestle in the 'professional wrestling' style, and were shown by a male Troll in a wrestling Leotard called the 'Titan', and an Elf with long blonde hair, fake vampire fangs, a pirate shirt and pants. After said elf, 'Vlad', kicked Titan on purpose, he was thrown out of the ring and Mister Vance saw to it that they were given a proper example of a match by going against the Titan himself.

After it was over, he handed the training of the runners in wrestling to the Titan, who did so and after checking each of the runner's skills stopped by the water cooler to drink the whole thing.

The runners were given chances to design their wrestling personas, costumes, and in the case of Samsara given a montage of brick wall breaking to help make her attempt at wrestling style shooting before actually workshopping their wrestling personas, entry music, and the like, with the good, the bad, and the ugly theme being used for Zenith, and Bull's on Parade for Frank, with an orkzpolitation hip-hop goblin rock mash up that is basically just linkin park, for Samsara and Milliam. Samsara was given a prototype of their planned Samsara action figure, and they were shown the recently finished and being touched up 'Dunkelzahn Memorial Championship Belt'.

Zenith left to see a man about a horse.

The Run

The run began with the show's initial announcement, fireworks, and all that sort of stuff. The first match was Vlad facing off against Titan in a match, before Vlad was thrown into a table. After this, and Ghaz (who have volunteered as one of the announcers for this specific episode of the show, along with a Naga and a human) got up from the announcers table for a moment, Titan won the match.

Some time later, the announcer called out the next match, after commenting about Ghaz' prescence as a guest and with the fact that half of the gross for the night was being donated to a community center for the Ork Underground. With the calling of the next match, the kayfabe story of the 'Dunkelzahn Memorial Championship Belts' having been willed to the 6WCW in his will, for this exact type of thing, and that this would be the first match for the title belts.

Samsara and Milliam went out first, riling the crowd up with acrobatic moves and action, both wearing full masks to cover their identities. Samsara as 'Lady Tusk', and Milliam as 'Panther Girl, a hero of the people'.

They were followed by Zenith coming out, riding an Unicorn, and drinking from a safety glass glass bottle, throws it up before shooting it with his pistol. Frank charges forth, roaring, and both rile the crowd up, getting boos even before Frank throws a glass of milk in Samsara's face and Zenith shouts 'Breeders Rule!' to the largely Ork and Troll crowd, provoking even more boos. Frank then takes the mic, and talks about Ork Posers, as well as calling Samsara one, which is where thanks to Thunderbird the things went off the rails. In what was supposed to be a wrestling match with largely called shots, as soon as the bell rings Samsara gut punches Frank with Nausate, and causes Frank to spew chunks all over the ring, and the crowd.

Zenith tags in and squares off against Milliam, and the both of them put on a great show for 45 seconds to help keep people from just staring at Frank's projectile vomit. In the process, they use several false punches, acrobatic throws, jumps off the turnbuckle, and more. Ultimately, Zenith activates a false blood pack in the murder armor he is wearing, and sells it as real with such success the crowd goes wild. So wild the show is able to successfully rile the crowd up so much that they end up getting the ratings/viewers stolen from AWE, and just as a combo-move is done by Milliam and Samsara on Zenith, “Saeder-Krupp” Security forces show up at the entrance, followed by a man in knightly armor.

He says he's hear to get the belt for Lofwyr, and then Frank gets back up, slowly marches to the outside of the ring, and charges the knight, knocking him back and his helmet off, which lands on Frank's horn as he keeps storming from the ring. The knight is revealed to have Lowfyr colored long hair and preferred contacts, and is soon helped out by his soldiers.

Royce Vance shows up with his bodyguards, as the commissioner should, and declares Lady Tusk and Panther Girl as the victors, and the receivers of the Dunzelkhan Memorial Championship Belts, which are a tag team belt set because Dunzelkhan wanted people to work together.


Frank drank some water and ate some legitimate Saltines in the back stage area, before Samsara tried to apologize. Commissioner Vance gives a standing offer for the Shadowrunners to work for the show any time they wish, and gives them the promised payment plus a 5% gross cut they were promised, which left them each with 10,000 Nuyen.

But what will happen next for our champs? How hard is a Frank “The Taur-orkus” action figure going to sell out? Will Kenny ask to get in on the action next time? What about Trashcan? Flaming Trashcan practically sounds like a tag team name already.


10K Nuyen, 2 CDP.

Game Quotes

Monday Night WAAAAAGGH

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So this is pro wrestling huh? Gotta admit it was more fun that I thought it was gonna be. Admittedly fighting against Samsara and Milliam with a broken hand and without a gun would normally what I would call suicidal, but we got some good training in and I think I might have picked up a few tricks that I could learn out in the field.

Not what I expected I'd be doing when I needed to lay low for awhile, but at least I'm not bored.


Yeah, no, this was great. Who doesn't love shittin' blood for a week for a few grand and an action figure? Zenith's hand was all fragged up, but he seemed fine. Samsara turned me inside out, which was great TV and just the fraggin' worst, and I'm like 60% sure the turnbuckle was smarter than Milliam. Seemed like a sweet kid, too--it's too bad she'd here doing this stuff.

If She-Ra could pull her punches, that woulda been fun...but maybe it's time ol' Frank stopped drinking.


Argh, I really should learn to control my anger better... I really shouldn't have hit Frank for real when he said that stuff. I felt super bad like, immediately and apologized after but like, it defenitly still wasn't cool, especially since it was all a show. At least he still got to steal the helmet from that knight guy (who like, I'm pretty sure wasn't Lofwyr...)

Well, Milliam and I got these belts from Dunklezhan, so that's cool - maybe there'll be a rematch sometime.