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Combat Mage
Socially Aware Shifter
A literal firebrand!
PlayerDezzmont [1]
MetatypeFox Shifter
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.2060, Exact Date Unknown.
Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - E
Resources - E

Character Information


A Bostonian Fox Shifter (Don't call him a Kitsune!) Combat Mystic willing to cause a bit of havoc and light a lot of fires to find justice and coexistence for his species. He was raised and educated among Neo-Anarchists that can be traced back to the very origins of the movement.


To promote the causes of neo-anarchy and metasapient rights. Very uncivilly.


Narrative Significant Qualities

Code of Honor: Mozilla will not kill or risk the capture or enslavement of Metasapients, nor participate in their oppression or enslavement. He is actively fighting against harm or exploitation of metasapients.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Humanis Lacks HumanityAurora13 May 2082
Oh the Humanis-tyAurora29 May 2081




Contact Connection Loyalty Archtype Chips
Markus Finch 2 5 Fixer Even
UARD 1 1 Shadow Services (Information/Knowledge) Even


+2 Solace Rep

-7 Humanis Rep



In Character Information


Name Source Rating Licenses Apparent History
Daniel Green UCAS 4 Magicians License (Rating 4) Graduate of a middle grade college in Western Massachusetts, employed as a freelance magician bouncing between assisting in investigative work, entertainment, and low grade security contracts.


A bit of a red headed beanpole, Felix stands reasonably tall, with a short beard and loose, though well maintained, hair, which he tries to keep swooped back but which inevitably falls at least partially to the side. His complexion is very pale, with a few heavily faded freckles. He has a tail, like all fox shifters, but he does a good job of covering it up in areas he isn't 'out.'


He almost always is wearing a thin, grayish blue coat over loose clothing, either with a scarf and another jacket or a button up shirt and a loose fit tie depending on the weather. He generally also wears a fashionable black leather collar that he had a comlink woven into it, and wears cheap fingerless gloves and shoes that are both generally rather new, or rather singed, or rather missing.

Matrix Persona

Felix maintains two personas. The one he uses when he feels he is 'safe' around people is a vaguely human with animalistic flaming eyes, an indistinct tail, and animalistic feet, but which otherwise looks like a well dressed version of Felix, a recognition of the duality of man... or shifters in this case...

When he feels he needs to be more guarded about his 'politically charged existence' he shifts over to a humanoid persona who's skin takes the form of cracked, charred wood still glowing from the embers that burned it, with deep rifts in its 'flesh' revealing still smoldering fire. An ephemeral trail of scorched dirt spontaneously forms out of the floor where he steps in frameworks that allow personas to have minor temporary effects on their environment as part of their movements, before growing into verdant and vibrant grass and tangles for a brief second and vanishing. An unsubtle commentary on the cycle of life and death in nature, but not very much is subtle about Felix

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