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Mrs. and Mrs. Dare
Retired Runners
"There is nothing quite as terrifying as
the knowledge that you have no mountains left to climb"
Contact OwnerDarklordiabloand Maly
Owner's Discord Name@Darklordiablo#7700, @Maly#2386
Public Contact?Yes
LocationDelos, Federated Republic of Hallas
MetatypeVampire, Banshee
AgeDeimos- 42 , Kani- 34
Preferred Payment MethodFavors and Magical Artifacts
Hobbies/ViceCollecting Animals
Personal LifeHappily married (to each other) with pets and kids
The New Argonauts
AspectsIt's all Greece to me!
Infected Advocate
Solace Founders
Shadow Reputation
Friends of Olympus
Secrets of the Wildcats
Soothsayer of Delphi


Mrs. Dare and Mrs. Dare are retired infected shadowrunners. They worked in the Haven for a few years, under the monikers Kani (aka Baobhan Sith) and Deimos. They retired to Deimos' homeland, where they promptly got bored and resumed interfering in the world, this time as new fixers.

During their time as Haven shadowrunners, they made many connections, but none as pervasive as the Solace project. Both were instrumental in the formation of the pandenominational faith center (and community outreach facility), and they invested a lot of their free time and wealth into it. This footing helped them build the contacts and knowledge required to take up roles as fixers after their retirement.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
It's all Greece to me! The Dares live on the other side of the world, in the Federated Republic of Hallas. While they use Magic and Matrix to keep up with their responsibilities in Seattle, it takes over a week and a very good reason for them to give any physical support in North America.
Infected Advocate Both Kani and Deimos made great efforts in improving life for the infected, something they are still involved in where they can. This has earned them great respect and reputation amongst the denizens of the night, but drawn the ire of those who fear or hate the infected.
Solace Founders Deimos was the woman who's idea became Solace, and Kani was one of the people who helped the dream come to fruition. While they have handed over the more immediate day-to-day duties to successors, both still sit on the board of the pandenominational faith center (and assorted community outreach centers). They are well-liked in the wider religious community, and have access to the organisation's resources.
Shadow Reputation Kani and Deimos both were part of Shadowhaven, before they decided to move away for their own peace of mind. Both were active runners, and cultivated many friendships and business dealings within the Seattle shadows, as well as a significant amount of street cred. They maintained most of their relationships, allowing the duo to reintroduce themselves as a fixer team, with the trust and friendship of the shadow community.
Friends of Olympus Deimos is a powerful Olympian mage, with solid relationships with her gods, going so far as to form a contract with the remnants of Pan. She has been strengthening her bonds with her gods, and is well known amongst Olympian mages and spirits.
Secrets of the Wildcats Kani devoted a significant portion of her life to the Sioux special forces, and while she was disgraced as a target of convenience, she hasn't forgotten what they taught her. She knows several ways in and out of the Sioux nation, and the areas along the border and within the nation to avoid.
Soothsayer of Delphi Deimos is a devotee of Oracle, perceiving the mentor in it's facet as the Oracle of Delphi, holder of the spirit of Pythos. Upon returning to her homeland, she resumed her role as the potential Pythia, and continued her studies into prophetic magic. She has advanced far, and is quite capable of predicting future events with some accuracy.


Knowledge Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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