Murder at the Theatre

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Murder at the Theatre
Part of Shadowhaven Shutdown
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Blackmore Family
Trashcan Pete
Triple Trouble
Rina Blackmore
Casualties and losses
0 Their Legitamacy


A group of runners is sent by a pair of mysterious J's to publically assassinate an ophrea singer at a theatre. Instead the runners attempt to not assassinate her and end up doing something completelty different.


The runners were told to meet with two two Johnsons at Ken's Coffee in downtown Seattle. The runners each arrive at the meet site and discuss the job. They all say that they have been told almost nothing about the job and decide that they should just enter.

The Meet

The runners meet the two J's, J1 dressed head to toe in robes with a chalk white mask. J2 is an anthro-drone with a tv monitor as its head. The Js explain that they would like the runners to kill Rina Blackmore while she is on stage at the Rialto Theatre. While they are there they will be planting evidence around the theatre along with a Power focus within Rina's room. The runners ask why it needs to be so complicated, J2 says that they want to create as much chaos with the assasination as possible. With J1 saying that by killing Rina, it will lead the head board position open to a more runner friendly candidate and pull the Blackmore Society's funding from the DA. The runners ask if they can have a few minutes to discuss if they will take the job and the Js walk off into different corners. The Js walk off as the runners discuss the job. Each of the runners feel that it will be risky but the pay is worth it, so the runners decide to take the job.

The Plan

The team begins by doing several matrix searches and also subcontracting other runners to investigate the Blackmore Society and Rina Blackmore. After looking into the Blackmore Society they discover that on the surface it does large amount of charity around the world. With the Blackmore Society being a subsidiary of the Blackmore Foundation which is run by the Blackmore Family. The Blackmore Family is a noble family within Tir Tairngire, and is heavily involved in both shadow and legitimate business.

The runners find that Rina Blackmore is an opera singer that has ties to Mark Donaghy and is a very sincere charity worker.

The runners discover that The Blackmore Society is both openly a charity organization but also possibly being used as a money laundering scheme.

While everyone is investigating and doing matrix searches, Reapsaw communes with his mentor spirit Oak on what he should do in the situation. Oak responds that Rina Blackmore while being misguided in her attempts is trying her best to be a defender of those weaker than her.

After taking all of this in, the team decides to instead of killing her to blackmail Rina with information on the crimes of the Blackmore Society to instead just have her step down from public life and give up the society's commitment to aiding the DA.

Cricket breaks into the Blackmore Society's host and after losing several sprites is able to discover the evidence of the Blackmore Society's money laundering.

The team also subcontracts the runner Triple Trouble to aid them in the attempt.

The Run

Trashcan Pete summons a beast spirit with concealment to help with Reapsaw entering the theatre in case the team needs to still take her out.

Triple Trouble through some contacts is able to get a ticket to the show. After, arriving Triple Trouble is able to convince the guards they are a performer and that they belong backstage. After getting backstage Triple Trouble meets with Rina Blackmore. After showing her the evidence Triple Trouble explains that if she just steps down and stops supporting the DA then the evidence will not be leaked and everyone gets to go home happy. Rina agrees to these terms and Triple Trouble leaves.

Also immediatly Rina calls her father and Cricket is able to get into the comm link, with Reapsaw translating the Sperethiel. Jebediah Blackmore tells her that as long as she plays martyr then it should all go well, with Rina agreeing. After that call Rina calls Mark Doughty and he arrives shortly after. With Reapsaw able to hear some of what is being said within the room. Reapsaw seeing more and more the DA's personal security decides that it is getting to hot and leaves while he still has a chance to escape. The team deciding that it is better to not get caught then possibly die or worse.


As the DA is giving a speech within the theatre, Trample takes control of the lights and camera. With Trample displaying herself on camera and giving a speech about the connection between the Blackmore Society and the DA. With the first Trample's feed being cut and then the audio, but not before Trample is able to display the evidence of the Blackmore Society's money laundering.

Reapsaw contacts the white masked J and returns the focus to him. With Reapsaw being content that the job is done.


20 CDP (10 RVP) For Trample/Cricket/Reapsaw 2 CDP Trample/Cricket/Reapsaw

Trample Local Fame(Seattle),(4 RVP) Closer,(4 RVP) and Rabble Roser (6 RVP)

1 Noteriety and 1 Public Awareness for Trample

8 GMP for Lutemis for running a premade

Faction stuff -10 Blackmore Family Rep-Trample +5 Chaos Collective Trample/Cricket

Optional Contact trample Phantom O 3/1 (3 RVP) also at -2 Chips cause you did go against his run

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Trashcan Pete - These damned crazy young folk! Doesn't anyone practice any restraint these days? These crazy bastards were practically leaping at sabotaging the job, that centaur in particular! First the blackmail attempt backfired, and then the entire tech system was hacked, and all I could do was watch as the run went FUBAR. I got out of there when it started getting hot. Sure, it's a hit to my rep (and dinner for the next week), but I'd rather go hungry than be dead.

Reapsaw Sometimes it's better to turn tail and make a run for the end that It was risky for them and being deep inside of the building with barely any amount of backup that could get to me in time and having to sneak out. Luckily enough i could fade away into the night and get out safely. then drop off the focui to the J. far too hot of a item to hold onto