Museum of Plight

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Museum of Plight
Part of Light the Shadows
LocationMuseum of Flight, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
The Chaos Collective
Renraku Other Rich and Powerful Figures in Seattle
Gav Jacinto
Ugomori Kanjiro Jonathen Goodwel, Trenton Brock, Ikeda Takeji, Mitsue Yuuko, Kyle Baxter, Arthur Knight
Casualties and losses
Trample (Captured by Knight Errant) Ugomori Kanjiro's Repuation


Chaos is brought to a gathering of the rich and powerful.


In the wake of the Light the Shadows campaign, in the wake of Trample's antic at the Theatre, in the wake of King Beef's rampage, the rich and powerful of Seattle had grown scared. The threads of chaos had begun to reach out to them. So they would hold a charity event to show to the world that they were not afraid. Ludicrous.

The runners received a message. While Potato, Prince and Gav got the message through their fixers as they finished prepping suits, eating pastries and dueling vampires, Trample received hers directly from the source. It was a message filled with static, in which a crackling voice told them, by name, that they were need. It promised wealth for bringing chaos to the rich. There as a location attached, a public park, downtown. Curious, yet enthralled, the runners began to converge on the location.

The Meet

As the dwarf, centaur, human and dryad stepped out they were met with a lonely public park. A hill rising to a bench with a few tufts of grass and trees rising up. The streetlights around the park were off, the cameras as well. Slumped over on the singular bench, was an anthrodrone with a large, square, trid projector for a head.

Stepping onto the park itself, the runners were met by a cacophany of matrix noise, localized entirely within the confines of the park. As they approached the drone, the screen buzzed to life, displaying static. As the runners gathered around, the anthrodrone rose. Phantom O, in the chrome.

He explained his conundrum. In 26 hours, there would be a gathering of the rich and the powerful at the Museum of Flight. While it was dubbed a charity event, the true purpose was simple. It was a show of strength, to show that the rich and powerful were not afraid of the world and its problems. Phantom O didn't like that. So, he offered the runners as much as 32,000 nuyen to bring chaos to the event. He mentioned that, while bloodshed or picking off key members of the crowd would cause a stir, what her wanted was something that would get people talking. A show. Something ... big. His anthrodrone screen looked at Trample as the words crackled out.

The phantom gave a suggestion of disguising as members of the yellow lotus triad but made clear such a thing was merely suggestion. Whatever brought Chaos, like what Trample did at the theatre, would be enough.

With those scattered pieces of information, the drone flicked off and the runners set off, the lights of the park slowly turning on, one by one, as the anthrodrone went up in flames behind them. They had a job to do.

The Plan

Potato and Prince began with a tour of the museum of flight for further information while Trample attempted a deep dive matrix search. Unfortunately, the information evaded the centaur's grasp, outside of a few scraps. She learned bigwig's from the big ten, including Ares, would be present. Potato bought a ticket and pranced around the place, examining wall thickness, exits and the general layout of the place while Prince tracked down an employee and convinced them he was a bodyguard of one of the Ares folks. He charmed his way to the intern's boss and managed to pull a couple names. Kyle Baxter, a horizon backer and Ugomori Kanjiro, a minor Renraku shareholder and board member.

With the new information in hand, Trample decided to try and dig up dirt on Ugomori in a Renraku Internal Sales Host on the other side of the world. After bricking some poor spider's deck and squeezing in, Trample was able to secure information on Ugomori. It seemed that around 20 years ago, he had forced the previous Board Member to transfer all of his assets to Ugomori. With that career ending info, Trample began to escape, only to receive a dataspike from a second spider, almost frying her deck as she logged out.

They settled on a plan. After the guests had filed in, Potato would set charges. Prince and Gav would get Trample onto the stage where she would expose the corruption of Ugomori and tell the crowd they had their dirty secrets too. Better they confess them now before the shadows release them on their terms. A bluff, but a strong one.

The Run

The runners entered the Museum of Flight parking lot after bribing one of the guards. Upon entering, Potato snuck out and began to get into position to set the charges. Trample set a cargo plane to spin in circles as distraction for her to get into place and Prince used his charm to convince the guards everything was in order. As the guest finished filing in, Potato started to set up a charge on the door and Trample sneaked out ...

and was instantly spotted. Fearing the worst, she began to sprint, full speed at the guard. Gav stepped out, chainsaws in hand and prince loaded his rifle. The fight had begun. With some quick shooting and convincing of Gav not to murder anyone, Prince managed to drop both of the guards with gel rounds as Trample leaped up and through the entrance, into the lobby. More guards. Prince followed, shouting and intimidating them with his rifle as Trample began to charge forward. As potato began to rush over to set up a second charge, she spotted more guards circling around. Things were getting out of hand fast.

Another rounds of bullets ended with Prince dropped on the floor. That wasn't enough for Knight Errant, who riddled his unconscious body with another set of Stick and Shock ammo. Gav sprinted in, carrying Prince out while bullets pinged against her back. Potato managed to knock out 2 more guards and turned to the wall opposite the crowd. It wasn't the plan but she slapped another charge against the wall with a smile.

Trample, pushing forward, covered in cuts and stick-and-shock rounds, pushed her way past the guards and climbed to the stage, nearly unconscious. Burning her last point of edge, she showed the crowd Ugomori's crime, along with Knight Errant's excess cruelty. She told the guests they were trapped and, over DNI, asked Potato to blow one of the charges by the door for emphasis. Potato detonated both. A cloak of smoke and shrapnel rolled across the left side of the crowd as the guards turned their rifles turned Trample, who fell to her knees as unconsciousness took her. She sent one final DNI command to her car, to get the other runners out safe.


Trample was captured by Knight Errant. Her current fate remains unknown. The other runners, after laying low a few days and after the news began to filter in, were wired the payment as promised.


32,000 nuyen (16 RVP)

+1 public awareness for everyone but prince

Optional Contact: Phantom O at loyalty 3 (6 RVP)

Trample Rewards

Candle in the Darkness (5 RVP)

1 Street Cred (1 RVP)

Phantom-O Loyalty 5 (5 RVP)

Natural Leader (5 RVP)

1 Chip (not counted in RVP)

+2 Public Awareness

Undisclosed Negative Results of Being Captured by Knight Errant

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So, I tell people that I'm Prince because I 'Walk like a King' getting knocked out like that wasn't kingly, king's knees should not bend easily. However, what was kingly was the fact that I could trick, manipulate and negotiate our way to wherever we wanted in that run. A smiling elf saying he works for Ares, a quick yell from a concerned citizen. I wish we crashed that plane, however well done better than well said we got the wire with the cash, so I guess even getting knocked out as a triad member who only KO'd a couple KE goons was more than good enough. I'm sad that we lost Trample on this, but I'm definitely backing off of the field going forward, I'll help save her but 350m off at least.