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Black Magic Mentor
Discretion Advocate
Contact OwnerMursey
Public Contact?Yes
LocationNorth America
Preferred Payment MethodCash (Nuyen), Blackmail Material
Hobbies/ViceToo discreet to disclose
Personal LifeTrainwreck
FactionThe Burns' Coven
AspectsBlack Magic Man
Black Magic Circles
Focus Fanboy
Fetish Gear
Discretion is the Watchword


A former runner graduated to Fixer status. He constantly travels North America, solving problems for his boss, the infamous Black Magician socialite Juliette Burns. He prefers runners who are discreet and maintain a minimal body count. He and often interjects himself into Shadowhaven conversations uninvited to explain the importance of discretion in living a long and happy(ish) life in the Shadows. Mush is himself an accomplished Black Magician, and often finds himself sharing lore, spells and information with the runners he employs, if only to keep them around and useful for longer.



A short, well-groomed orc with slicked back hair shaved close to the scalp at the sides. He avoids wearing anything that might obviously mark him as a mage, and instead favours pseudo-street-medieval and street-combat styling in his day to day clothing. He does, however, make a point of dressing for the occasion even if his clothes have an "off-the-rack" look made all the more evident by how his shirts and jackets barely stretch to accommodate his wide shoulders. His neatly trimmed beard is barely long enough to qualify as more than stubble, and is a slightly lighter, more reddish shade of brown that the hair upon his head. Given his slightly angled ears, intense gaze, toned muscles and well defined jaw, Mush is lucky enough to find himself relatively attractive by the standards of almost all the common metatypes.

Mush is remarkably well spoken given his short tusks, which still mildly affect his speech and tone despite their modest, discrete size. He's been plagued in the past by accusations that he trims his tusks to keep them deliberately small and subtle, yet a closer look reveals they are well kept and polished almost to a gleam.

Matrix Persona

A pile of green goop with a huge mouth and two beady eyes modelled on the "Schlock Mercenary" character from the late 20th century. Carries a menacing, over-sized plasma cannon that emits an even more menacing "ThrrrrruuuuuuMMMMM" noise when activated.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Black Magic Man "I'll send a list of what you'd need for that." Mush is a Black Magician and something of an expert in his tradition. +2 to any checks relating to knowledge of Black Magic and it's applications.
Black Magic Circles "I know their commcode." As an acolyte of one of the few openly practicing Black Magic Sensei in the Americas, Mush knows a -lot- of Magicians. +2 to attempts to contact or locate any named Black Magic practitioner known to operate in North America.
Discretion is the Watchword "Don't forget that RFID Eraser omae. You don't want the Spider to wonder why a MightyMunch bar is moving through the palace at 3am." Mush is a veritable fountain of advice concerning how to work the Shadow's discreetly and avoid notoriety. +2 to any attempts to cover up or minimise exposure and fallout from a run.
Focus Fanboy "An excellent choice, omae." Mush loves his foci, particularly in the form of tastefully designed and expensive jewellery. +2 on attempts to source Foci of all kinds, provided it's in the form of very expensive jewellery.
Fetish Gear "Oh. You're one of those?" Mush's boss loves her fetish scene, and often sends Mush out to fetch her toys. +2 to acquire drugs and unusual items of a certain application that have all sorts of uses for the imaginative runner, way beyond the fetish scene they are intended for.


Knowledge Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 2 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 8 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 12 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Soirée2 May 2082
Another Night In Hell14 April 2082
Night Shopping5 April 2082


One of the youngest children of a Templar in service to the Lord Protector of the United Kingdom, Mush's father sought asylum for himself and his three litters of children following the Lord Protector's defeat at the hands of the Pendragon. With little more than the clothes on his back and his arcane skills, Mush's father supported his brood by running the Shadow's of Montreal until the night he, predictably, left on a 'run and never came home.

Mush's own mother worked two, sometimes three jobs at a time to raise the large family on her own, leaving little time for familial niceties. Mush was largely raised by his older sisters, who, also predictably, soon fell in with the local gang scene in the district of Queens where they lived. Mush, as SINless as anyone in his family, was unable to access public education and instead educated largely by the local community until the day his mother spotted an advertisement on the local matrix concerning a Black Magician looking for students.

Juliette Burns made it clear she was looking for clients, rather than dependents. Wealthy clients. But Mush's mother pulled what few strings she had in the Orc community and managed to gain the Black Magician's attention long enough to introduce her son as a potential "indentured servant." Tickled by the idea of her own Orcish slave, Juliette accepted the ten year old (and therefore young adult) orc into her "inner circle" of narcissists, sociopaths and psychotics. Mush doesn't often think of the torments  -physical and psychological- he endured at the hands of that little coven of rich hedonists, but he remains grateful for the life lessons imparted to him there. Indeed, Mush soon took on all manner of "odd-jobs" in the Shadows of Manhatten and Montreal in order to pay his way for his tuition, all the more so as he grew older. Until, one night, the heat back East became just a little too much to cope with.

Juliette suggested a little working-vacation in Seattle. And so, armed with a couple of names from Juliette's infamous little black book, Mush found himself in the most shadowed city in North America. Friendless, and looking for work. He worked the Shadow's for little more than a year, before making the jump from Runner to Fixer at Juliette's request. Now he handles most of Juliette's dirty work on the West Coast, out-sourcing to various runners on a variety of shadow havens as his work requires.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
A Ghoulish Case of an Ancient GrudgeA Ghoulish Case23 February 2082
Competitive IntelligenceKiller A.P.P.8 March 2081
The Collectors: Give Me A Man After MidnightThe Collectors7 March 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Blanca Blanco 2 2 Custom(G,A,K,N) Talismonger Talismonger, Enchanter, Street Shaman Even
Juliette Burns 4 3 Generalist Socialite Black Magician Black Magic Theory, High Society, Manipulation Magic, Sorcery Foci, Blackmail Even
Chloe Green 2 1 Fixer Fixer Activist, Environmentalist, Rich Brat Even
Doctor O+ 4 3 Custom(G,A,N,K) Street Doc/Organlegger Medical, Illegal, Organlegger, Ghoul Organlegger, Armorer, Ware, Rarities Even




Matrix Search Table

Glitch: MUSH! The zero-nutrition mash substitute that kids love to enjoy. Made from Edible Slime. Aztechnology and it's subsidiaries are not responsible for anaphylaxis caused by exposure to this substance.

4 Net Successes: A runner by that name prefers taking the subtle approach to runs. Zero-shots fired. Zero publicity. Seems to have made the jump to fixer.

6 Net Successes: A fixer by that name does a lot of work for that hot society chick, Juliette Burns. Seems to be her go-to-man for all sorts of humiliating work in and out of the Shadows.

Assensing Table

1 Hit: Fit and well, Emotional State, Awakened

2 Hits: No standard cyberware, Categories of any foci present.

3 Hits: No alphaware, sense if Essence and Magic is higher or lower than your own. Category of foci present. Any diseases/toxins present.

4 Hits: No betaware, Magic 6, Essence 6. Identify if any adept powers are active.

5 Hits: No additional information.