Night of the Moonborn

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Night of the Moonborn
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp


once again the good doctor has requested shadowrunners to help with the job and this time it's a very grave importants due to the red moon that has shown up in the sky as this phenomenal is causing a surge of awakening creatures to begin to act up, and now he seems to be worried about activities going on and the poachers showing themselves up once again


Dr.Greenwill has been getting ready for when the moon to turn red and save money to try to save a paracritters out there during the red moon, as the overflow of magic could make them take risks and could lead to death of animals or metahumans

The Meet

The runners would all arrive to the place and they would see that the place was currently occupied with bunch of other runners there and people being stressed out about having to take care of all the influx of animals that are currently arriving there. they would begin to be told that other runners are being employed and center different districts of Seattle. The group meet a team of edge lords but on really happy and friendly phsad.

The Plan

The plan was to drive around and tryo find anything out of norm, and get called from the HQ of them getting reports of odd animals in need around seattle.

The Run

The group would first discover a little Chihuahua that has it's scared a Halloween are up to the top of a light post an who refused to come down due to a fear aura that due to the infected making it they were not terrified by the tiny adorable little creature. Trample stayed behind the wheel of their car, as Crane picked up the little dog and taken it over to one of the cages. Gallant had called upon a spirit that flys around and found a techno hawk, that it was trying to talk to before GOD smited the poor bird and knocked it out. Then they would found a cow who was a mysad who spam stun bolts and refused to be thrown into a cage before Trample use the arm on their car to help drag it into the cage so it could be save. then they ran across a hacker who somehow slip away without being notice. one of last animals they found was a large white cat bleeding out with a rather friendly fox who was trying to save it's friend and then the neighborhood showed up to stop the runners thinking they are killers and got beat down by lighting balls and somehow didn't die from the runners. They would finally get a message that one of the team has been ambush and some of their animals killed. the runners would arrive to the poachers being there and they would engage in a fight they would last for a bit and the final guy who was the leader instead of feeling like his buddy decided to continue to fight the rest of the parties and dueling Crane to the final breath and picking to trigger a deadman switch to try to take Crane out in a blast along with himself.


Once the team gather up the animals and drive them back, to rest and enjoy the payment. and in the end no one batted a eye for this is the sixth world baby!


10K (RVP 5) 7 Karma (RVP 7)

Optional Contact Dr.Greenwill 3/2 (RVP4) Carl the Medic Fox 1/3 (RVP 3)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Job was pretty easy. Tha' Halloweener that was scared o' the Chiahuahua was classic. Funnier 'n shit. Called up a Raven spirit an' they helped us bring down a techno hawk... looks like he got hit by GOD after takin' out a bunch o' drones. Sucks ta be tha' other runner team though. Oh, an' the neighborhood watch goons... easy peasy with them. One ball lightning and they bolted. That last crew... the poachers... the mage wasn' shit. Banished his spirit with no issue, an' made our lives easier. Treat spirits with respect! They're part o' the world too.


This was an easy job. The dog and bird were no problem to pick up and snag. The panther and Carl were easy, besides for the squad of guys that charged up on us. Was sad what happened to the other runner team I guess. Trample though coming in and hitting that dude with her truck was pretty wiz! Still picking out shrapnel from that explosive. Dangerous times in the sixth world. Probably going to be keeping in contact with that fox Carl though, always good to know someone that can patch you up. Still wish I could have taken that fire spitting llama though, would have been fun to have a pet llama. But I still Dr. Huang and all of his magical ratness though to love.


All those animals were so cute! This job was great! Sure I had to zap a few people, but that's really no big deal! Technocritters are so interesting. It seems weird for animals to do that to tech, but I guess magic was considered weird one day too. That fox seemed a little different though. Maybe it was a shifter? Not sure.