Nina Gniewek

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Nina Gniewek
Nina Gniewek.jpeg
Ancients Lieutenant/Smuggler
Contact Owner[Clayton (creator)] [Mursey]
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Puyallup
Preferred Payment MethodCash
Hobbies/ViceBad Habit (Gambling on Bike Races and Combat Biker Matches)
Personal LifeFamily(Older Sister: Veronica Gniewek)
AspectsCoyote Wild
Bring the Squad
Always labelled Machine Parts
Drug Runner
New and Used Bikes
Boats and Submersibles


As cold and pragmatic as anyone else who achieves success in the shadows, Nina Gniewek is an exiled Tir Tairnire Peacekeeper who is now a lieutenant in the Ancients, smuggling weapons and mil-spec gear for them and whipping the crew she rides with into fighting shape. Nina views the crew that rides with her as her new soldiers, and a significant sense of loyalty runs both ways. Depending on when you meet her, she is either negotiating deals for the Ancients in a sharply tailored suit, or riding with her crew in an armor jacket and bike racing helmet. Recently, Nina has decided to expand her customer base by reaching out to the Haven.

Nina was born in Warsaw, Poland in 2029, the younger daughter of an elvish family. At age 8, Nina lost her parents to a human-supremacist race riot that swept across Warsaw. Her older sister, Weronika raised herself and Nina on the streets of Warsaw, in the shadows of the violence that had claimed their family. Initially, they believed that metahumans needed to band together to protect themselves from human violence, but over time and exposure to the violent elements of other metahuman communities, this view mutated into one which held that the only way elvish families like theirs would ever be safe was if elves banded together to put everyone else in their place, by force if necessary. Weronika and Nina looked to the two Tirs as countries that had gotten this formula right, and began scraping together what little money they could to try to move to one of them.

After several years of trying, they finally received an offer of asylum from Tir Tairngire in 2047, conditional on military service from both sisters. Upon arriving, the two sisters joined the Peacekeepers, becoming career military and serving several tours of duty each. Nina eventually made the rank of sergeant, while Veronica (Weronika anglicized her name because she grew tired of people mispronouncing it) was eventually inducted into the Black Banner (the Ghosts).

When the rebels of the spire and the orc Prince Zincman deposed the old council of princes, Veronica and Nina remained loyal to the old regime against these traitors, and were exiled after the regime change, during a subsequent purge of the military and other institutions. Following their exile, they settled in Tarislar like so many others, hoping to recapture a piece of what they had seen in pre-revolutionary Tir Tairngire. Nina established herself in the Ancients, while Veronica set out to establish an Elvish militia in Tarislar. Over the course of several years, Nina moved up in the Ancients: becoming a lieutenant, managing some of their arms smuggling operations, and whipping her crew of Ancients into proper fighting shape.


Aspect Description
Coyote Wild Nina Gniewek knows how to transport people across borders. Anywhere in the UCAs you need to get to secretly, she can arrange.
Bring the Squad If you need a diversion, and have the chips or the nuyen to pay for it, nothing causes a distraction like a half-dozen ancients riding by at just the right time.
Always labelled Machine Parts If you need an object smuggled into or out of Seattle, Nina is who you need to speak too.
Drug Runner Needing to hook up? Nina can direct you to a street level supplier.
New and Used Bikes If you need a new bike, or parts for a new bike, or even just if you need your bike modified, Nina knows the people you need to know.
Boats and Submersibles For a price, Nina can lend runners a vehicle that moves on or under the water. For a larger price, she can provide someone to crew it. And for a larger price still, she'll even sell it to you.
Cyberware Nina has a sideline in smuggling restricted and forbidden ware into Seattle.


Knowledge Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 6 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 14 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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