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Patrick 'Nurse' Kitchener
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A Heavy Support Ork that dreams of becoming a DocWagon employee
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
Metatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - B

Character Information


An Ork with an interest in medicine, a talent for violence, a want to protect the many and a need for revenge.


To get revenge on the man who ruined his career. Other than that, he just wants to make a buck. Hopefully he can hide his new career from his parents.


Patrick Kitchener grew up healthy, loved, and nurtured. He grew up in a household where his dreams and desires were supported as best they could. Except for his sudden goblinization during a sleepover on his 9th birthday his childhood is not worth mentioning. Though his new Ork features were gently accepted by his family, he had a harder time in the real world. Toughing his way through prejudice and years of what meagre education in first aid, combat tactics, and firearms training he could obtain, he eventually gained employment as a member of a DocWagon SRT. His crew: Zen, Bees, Filligree, and now Patrick. He quickly earned himself the name Nurse due to his by-the-book approach to first-aid.

Partly by the way he babied his main firearm as well.

Patrick’s career slammed to a halt one day when he was discharged on suspicion of allowing a client to die under his care. His dream job lost, his years of schooling potentially wasted, and two loving parents who want nothing more than to hear good news from their son, Patrick had to find another line of work for which his skills may be put to use.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Vendetta: Zen - Zen ruined Patrick's career. Patrick wants to ruin Zen's life.
  • Sinner (National): UCAS - He's a card carrying citizen of the UCAS, born and raised in what used to be the C part of the country.
  • Disgraced: DocWagon - He was discharged on suspicion of malpractice resulting in the death of a client.
  • Addiction: Jazz - Sometimes being an SRT means medicating for better performance.
  • Prejudiced (Common, Biased): Ork - Any ork will tell you it's not easy growing up in a system not meant to support you. An ork with aspirations of higher education will likely start into self-loathing.

Run History







His old 'DocWagon' crew:

  • Zen, the leader
  • Bees, combat medic
  • Filligree, combat medic

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Carl Hedgeways (R4) - UCAS


An average height stocky Ork with ashy green skin, he is totally bald and proudly sports obvious cybereyes. His lower tusks jut straight out, a feature for which he has had a fair amount of teasing and bullying while growing up.


Best described as cheap but functional. He won't win any fashion awards and he couldn't tell you the difference between a button down and an Oxford, but at least he's not naked.

Matrix Persona

Nurse uses a customized version of the standard Ork persona template. Notable changes include matching the persona's height precisely to his real height, slate grey skin, a full head of hair cut short, and chrome steel-capped tusks - all of them pointing in the proper directions.

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