Old New Bound

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Old New Bound
LocationRedmond Barrens, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Blood Clippers
3 Smugglers
Casualties and losses
3 dead smugglers


In her quest to find her old team Shy get hook up by Ltn Commander Yennefer Kerringan who saw a full set of gear from the N-51 on a matrix sale. In order to get the information Shy call Babylon for help and the duo try to follow the track.


Five years prior Shy got prosecuted for smuggling military gear and lost contact with her old team. She always believed that after the Neo-Revolution they would have gone rogue so she was looking for information on them. Lucky enough her fixer Kerrigan found an uniform and gear linked to the N-51 on an host for smuggling.

The Meet

Babylon and Shy meet on the matrix to find information about this matrix offer. Shy bluntly ask question about thow the seller got his hand on such gear and don't get any answer, the seller even withdraw the offer. Babylon then ask Freya to help a bit about this whole affair and the Ancients decker manage to get her hand on a location where the smugglers seem to hand over their deal. To make them come to the location Babylon buy a cyberarm fashioned to look like a cyberlimb from a Steampunk novel. The duo head for some dock in the worst part of Seattle to wait for the smugglers.

The Run

The smugglers soon arrived and with the help of Babylon Shy slowly try to sneak toward the boat. But one of the smugglers got a good hearing so she don't have any other choice than to start a fight. Quickly taking off the two bodyguard and knocking off the seller, Shy and Babylon part way because well,Babylon was on parole and a crime was just comitted. The duo met again at a Safehouse on Everett Dockside where the two of them make a quick "interogation" of the seller. He quickly crack and say that the gear come from the Blood Clippers a gang who act like the cutters. He name the place where they are making most of their activities. To avoid any further problem Shy did take the desicion to kill the smuggler.

Babylon and Shy then head for the Blood Clipper place and Shy despite her willingness to fight decide on the advice of Babylon to try on the social approach. With all the bluntness that Babylon was expecting the veteran operative ask to see the man who was running the business. The guards were unlikely to believe the women but end up leading her to the boss of the place. A long and difficult negotiation followed where Shy was forced to reveal that she was part of the unit that used this kind of uniform. The boss surprised but also a little bit fearful of what could happen if a Veteran Spec Ops team storm the place decided to let Shy meet with the guy who was caught by the Blood Clipper.

Lead into the basement of the gang, Shy discovered the full extent of the brutality of the gang, but sadly couldn't do much about it. She then met Elijah a young man that she never saw prior to this day. Suspicious she ask about the N-51 "Commander" and Le Bourguinion despite not a french native speaker Elijah did react to the name and prooved that he knew the N-51. Shy did negotiate Elijah liberation and got the help of Babylon to get the money needed.


Elijah was freed and gave Shy mean of communication to join the N-51. Shy was puzzled thought because now she got the choice to make the call...or not. She thank Babylon and drive Elijah somewhere safe so he could rest and join back the team.


For Shy :

10% refund on Initiation

1 torture-related quality at chargen price (remove from other RVP value)

14 000 Nuyens or 28 000 in a nice weapon from her old squad

14 CDP or karma (6 RVP))

For Babylon :

14 000 Nooj (7 RVP)

10 CDP (4 RVP)

2 Karma (2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, *this* was something else. I'm still not sure what to think about Shy - she seems like she has a lot going on, and I'd like to help her figure her drek out, but frag shooting that guy right in the middle of the handoff was reckless even for me. I'm glad that she found her friend at least, hopefully he can help her locate the rest of that missing squad. Now I've gotta find a buyer for this art piece.