Operation: Kick the Anthill

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Operation: Kick the Anthill
Part of Hail to the Pumpking
GMZerre de Seattle
LocationRedmoon, Sophocles
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Starscreamer
La Rapide
1 Starscreamer Speaker
? Starscreamer


Runners were hired to blow up a gas station.


Shy did forward many report to her fixer Lt.Cmdr Yennefer Kerrigan about the whole Sophocles problem. After an heavy negotiation Kerrigan did approve a small scale Search and Destroy operation as long as Shy was doing the J's job.

The Meet

The meet happens at 7:00 pm in Everett. The J waits in military gear next to her GMC Sidewinder and greats the runners. On their routinely assensing checks La Rapide and Pell recognize the J to be Shy. None of the two gave any sign that they recognized her.

The objective of the run is to blow up a gas station that the Starscreamers use as an outpost, killing everybody inside. And as a side objective extracting the "Speaker" of the group, a ghoul woman. Payment will be 10K in nuyen or gear, maybe more.

The Plan

Wrifter is concerned about the connection between Jack and his gangers, so he calls Asahiro Kunitoshi who currently does research on this. He tells him that Jack has made a spirit pact with each and every ganger and that he would likely notice when something happens to them. Next stell is going there and wing it.

The Run

When they arrive at the gas station they see that the starscreamers secured the place with barb wire at the perimeter, but there are 2 entrances. When they linger too long in the front of the station to discuss their plans one of the gangers becomes suspicious and walks in their direction. Luckily just walking away is enough to lose his interest. Milliam and Wrifter decide to go on the roof by jumping over the fence from the neighboring building, while Pell goes to an elevated position for a better line of sight. La Rapide tries to cause a distraction by going in screaming like a total madman. What she hadn't thought about was that the star screamer could do the same. Shocked by the sudden resistance she nearly flees in fear. Luckily Pell makes short work of them with her Sniper Rifle. Milliam opens a hatched and enters the building. When she opened a door both she and the flamethrower man on the other side freeze in surprise. Milliam and her Panther have a very close fight with the flame thrower dude and the target, who turns out to be a mage. The puma nearly died from the spells that were flung in his direction. Wrifter decide to help Pell and La Rapide with clearing out the guys in the front and after they are done they go help Milliam, who just finished taking out everyone. Pell takes the explosives from Milliam (thank god) and prepares the explosion. The team picks up the ghoul and make a run for it before the backup arrived. The gas station went up in a fireball exactly 5 minutes later, killing a few more gangers.


They drop the Speaker off at the meeting spot and receive 14K for their performance. La Rapide finely drops the bomb by offering to give the money back and saying "I think I still owe you a beer." Now Wrifter also connects the dots and recognises the car.

The Speaker then did undergo a pretty violent interrogation process who help Shy getting new information about Sophocles, the Starscreamers and Jack. This will surely lead to another operation.


7 RVP worth of Cash (14k nuyens)

OR 28k nuyens in military gear from the UCAS (Up to 18Avaibility)

3 Karma


-20 Starscreamers rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, I'm not going to lie on the subject, this run, I might have done it for fun if I didn't have money worries. In fact, it did me a lot of good to have been able to shoot these "Shitscreamers". But hey, the subject is serious in the end, and I have already taken part in the conflict, basic. Jack is a threat that should not be ignored, reducing his power and influence by killing his guys was more than necessary in the end.

Even though the J, who was just Shy but I understood that at the end, gave us some data on the run, I couldn't help but make a call to the natural enemy of that fucking Pumpkin, and I hope this Japanese guy thinks of me in the future, it's rare for corporate guys like him who care about the remaining integrity of our good town.

Finally, as for the other runners, Pell was still there, this woman far too qualified for this kind of job, but hey it was always a pleasure to have her by her side, and we covered well. "La Rapide", it holds its title well, on the other hand there was a little funny moment having been taken in speed, ha-ha. Ah and for the other girl and her panther, I did not calculate her skills too much but really reckless as I have ever seen, a shotgun behind her and Jack's Speaker in front of her, I hesitated a little to swing a flashbang, but hey ... I'll save my toys for another time. Ah and speaking of toys, the "play-doh thing" did its job well, the checkpoint put on a nice show when we left.

Job done, nice gear, Kunitoshi seems to be happy with some bonus intel I gave him, Jack is in trouble. Sounds good to me, right now.


Ah, so this is part of the anti-Jack effort that I've been hearing about. Can't say that I object, as long as I'm not caught in the crossfire.

Anyway, team was weird, and that's all I'm saying on the matter.

La Rapide

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I really need to learn how to do that. Getting outscreamed by that piece of dust? Me? A banshee? The personification of terror and fear? No, I can't. I just can't accept that. And then it wasn't even me who ended that worthless life. Didn't even got my monthly ration on this one. Maybe it's better that way. I don't actually think I would want to get their souls. Not if they are in contact with that abomination of a spirit in such a way.