Orchid's Past Betrayal

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Orchid's Past Betrayal
LocationCrime Mall, Puyallup
Factions Involved
Crazy Otter
Orchid's Betrayee
Iker Thornton
Casualties and losses
Iker Thornton


Orchid sees someone she thought she killed in the past when she wiped out her team. He tries to murder her, though he eventually dies.


Years ago, Orchid killed her Horizon team when the team killed the wrong target. Out of regret, she wiped out her team.

The Meet

At Crazy Otter's place she hears a crash from the back of the store. She tries to listen in, but is unable to when a shelf filled with 'Magical' papertowels falls on her. As he leaves the store after Crazy Otter confronts him for wrecking his store, Iker and Orchid spot each other. There is definite tension.

The Run

Orchid tries to sneak out of the Crime Mall, but is confronted by Iker who attempts to stab her. She manages to dodge out of the way long enough to call her brother and get him to turn off the lights in that section. She runs out to her motorcycle, followed quickly by Iker. She gets on it and starts driving away. Iker reveals himself to be an enchanter by throwing a knife at Orchid with a Death Touch prep on it! She calls on Trample through the chatroom who starts heading towards their position.

During the car chase, he fires an SMG at Orchid who fires a bolt back at his Roadmaster, both taking damage. That's when Trample arrives in her Roadmaster and tries to ram Iker. He manages to dodge, but jumps on top of her Roadmaster!!! Orchid keeps firing bolts at him while Trample uses the anthro-arm on her vehicle to try to pull Iker off. He slaps down a prep onto the roof of Trample's vehicle and threatens to set it off if they don't let him go, as he's realized he's going to die if Orchid wins this fight. In his mind, the only way out is to threaten mutual annihilation. Orchid just fires another bolt, so he sets off the FORCE TEN NAPALM PREP. He incinerates himself and does significant damage to Trample's vehicle. Fortunately, Trample soaks the dumpshock.


Orchid and Trample part ways, Orchid stealing Iker's Roadmaster. Orchid finds a partially damaged commlink inside belonging to Iker, with text messages coming in from Iker's brother. "You found the betrayer? The assassin?" "I'll be right there." She throws the commlink out of the car, and asks her brother to change ownership of the Roadmaster to her. But she knows Iker's brother is after her now...



  • Crazy Otter (Connection 1) upgrades to Loyalty 4 (3 RVP)
  • Base Roadmaster with a bolt in the frunk and 5 damage (no upgrades) (13 RVP)
  • 2 CDP


  • 8 karma for helping a friend (8 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Orchid The ghost from my past are showing up and I need to make sure this time around that I don't fail...once more I get to live down my failures... how could I make something so simple