Ordeal: Winter Vs. The Cult!

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Ordeal: Winter Vs. The Cult!
GMAurora, Mechanical Spider
LocationSeattle, Downtown
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Mentor Spirit: Dragonslayer
Samuel Henderson
Minor Blood Cult
Winter Cultist 1
Cultist 2
Cultist 3
Casualties and losses
Samuel's Ego Cultist 1, Cultist 2, Cultist 3


Mage Initiation by Ordeal - Winter was called upon by Dragonslayer to save her brother, who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. A curbstomp ensued.


Winter was sitting at home and watching TV (some old as fuck video of a show nearly 100 years old she got from Trashcan Pete), barely awake but definitely not asleep, when a character that she didn't remember in the show came onto the screen - Dragonslayer. He shouted at her to get up and go find Samuel, and that he was in trouble. Shaking off her stupor, Winter got her shit together and scrambled out the door.

The Meet

There was no official meet, per say, as Dragonslayer himself contacted her through her TV show in her own apartment. He offered only a quick briefing before she went out the door.

The Plan

Winter followed Dragonslayer across town to where Samuel was abducted, tracking down the particular alley in which he was kidnapped in. She used her keen senses to scent out how many people were there - Samuel, and three other metahumans. Confirming that he was indeed there and finding no other clues, she then summoned a beast spirit to help further track him down, before summoning an Air Spirit to scout out the warehouse the beast spirit led her to. She scouted around the building a little further, before finally deciding upon a method of attack - Ambush from behind.

The Run

After tracking down her brother and the cultists that kidnapped him, Winter commanded her air spirit to use it's confusion power on the Cultist Leader, the one running a ritual, where she then immediately dropped a heavy fog upon the room. What followed after was a brief but brutal game of cat and mouse as the cultists had to track her down through the fog and brutal weather phenomena, that ultimately ended in one fried and two unconscious cultists. After thanking the Air Spirit for it's time, Winter quickly checked on Samuel to confirm he was okay and took pictures of the scene and cultist symbols, quickly executing one of the unconscious cultists with a knife to the base of the skull. Quickly slapping a stim patch onto Samuel woke him up and got him somewhat mobile, but he was much too large for her to carry alone, so she summoned a force 4 earth spirit to escort the loopy troll out. Winter then struggled to carry out the remaining cultist, before realizing that it would be suspicious as fuck to carry a robed cultist blood mage, and reluctantly stomped on his neck for another execution. She then proceeded to transport Samuel back to his home, glaring at any passerby that gave them looks, daring them to say anything.


After arriving to Samuel's home and making sure her adoptive older brother was alright, she put him to bed, even taking off his shoes for him as the drugs and stim patch were making him crash hard. She then made a few calls - first to Bianka Dreschler, who had no idea what the symbols meant but knew someone who did, and then to David Carpenter, who did have info. She had to pony up 1500 Nuyen, and learned that the cultists were a minor blood mage cult that only had five mages - of which she killed 3 of.

Put simply, she crippled the crazy bastards, and Samuel was simply a victim of happenstance - very small chance of retaliation, if any at all.

She then went to bed herself, and managed to sleep far better than she had in a long time, comforted by the familiarity of Samuel's home and the fact that she ended a threat to her remaining family with extreme prejudice. When morning came, she got a recounting from Samuel himself and confirmed what she had discovered, and they had a heartfelt moment between siblings before Winter departed back to her home.


  • David Carpenter (Connection 2) at Loyalty 2 (3 RVP)
  • 7 karma (7 RVP)
  • 2 ranks of both of knowledge skills Magical Traditions and Magical Threats (3 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • 10% discount on IG 1

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Winter - (Sigh) Damn it, Samuel, I really wish you'd take a safer path home and stop getting in over your head. I can't begrudge your big heart, though. After all, I would have starved to death in some alley had it not been for that very thing.

On the bright side, those Blood Cultists won't be bothering anybody any time soon, seeing as I killed three of their five mages.