Parent-Teacher Conference

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Parent-Teacher Conference
Status Threat Level: Milk
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Principal Murphy


A group of runners is hired to play parent so that some kids could get into school.


Diana Holscop and Hunter Riley are looking to getting into the prestigious Kenny G Preparatory School, but do not have guardians that are able to be interviewed for the parent teacher conference. So remembering the advice of runners that broke them out of jail decided to hire a group of runners to help them out.

Artemisia is sitting in her bed when she hears scurrying outside of her door. Walking out she sees a small group of rats. turning into a rat herself to scare them away the rats scurry as rat Artemisia attempts to speak with them. Turning herself back into vampire form, she receives a call from Max Powers. Ace Powers says hello and she hangs up. After some talking Artemisia agrees to take the job of helping the kids, even though it will not pay well. Artemisia dresses in her "daylight garb" walks out with her shotgun.

Milliam is taking care of her garden in the Ork Underground when she receives a call from Warboss. Warboss explains that someone called in a favor from him and was looking for people to fill the job of being a parent for the kid. Milliam agrees to the job outright and hangs up on Warboss.

Swerve is chilling in her house looking at cat pictures with her cat on her lap when she receives a call from Amelie Baptist. Amelie says that she would like Swerve to take a job helping some kids and Swerve immediately agrees. Swerve casts Alleviate Allergy on herself before leaving.

Spider is sitting with her friend and talking about graduating before receiving a call from Warboss. Warboss explains that he is looking for people to help out some kids with a parent teacher conference. Warboss offers to remove a chip if she takes the job, Spider counters with two chips and he agrees. Warboss sends a video of him punching Spider before hanging up. Spider leaves for downtown for the meet. On their way to the meet Spider sees Artemisia walking down the street. After assensing Artemisia and asking if they are a part of the job offers to drive her to the meet. Spider and Artemisia speak about Artemisia being a super obvious vampire before Artemisia calls Spider a heathen.

Before leaving the Ork Underground Milliam goes to the door of her crush. Taking the advice of Swerve decides to pounce on him. Milliam knocks on the door and after arriving at the door Milliam tackles him to the ground. Milliam then asks him out and he says yes for Friday. Milliam gets to her feet and then walks off having acquired a date.

The Meet

The runners arrive at Ken's Coffee and have a quick chat. Milliam says that the pouncing strategy that she recommended worked and Swerve is happy that she got a date. Everyone assenses everyone and Swerve notices that Artemisia is a vampire. Artemisia is slightly off due to the other runners being "heathens". The runners enter the coffee shop and Artemisia pulls off a tablecloth and tries to cover the window, which Swerve is very annoyed at. The staff blacks out the window and Artemisia puts the tablecloth back.

The two J's are sitting at the center table at the center table and waiting for the runners to sit down. When the runners sit down the J's explain that they do not have parents and ask that some runners play parents for them to enter the school. The runners ask why this team and the J's say that they didn't pick the team and the job was set up for them by a few friends. The groups decide that they are going to help the kids.

Milliam's panther Dumas turns visible and Artemisia pets Dumas. Artemisia offers to turn Milliam into a cat which she accepts. Milliam is turned into a panther and then runs off playing with Dumas.

The Plan

The runners break into two teams. Team one of Artemisia and Spider with Diana and team two of Swerve and Milliam with Hunter. Swerve asks Hunter a little about himself and learn that he is an extremely boring person. Spider asks Diana about her favorite stuff and after learning her hobby of blowing stuff up and rocking parce out enough info about her. Spider decides that she will pretend to be Diana's aunt and Artemisia is her girlfriend. Swerve decides to pretend to be Hunter's aunt and Milliam be her girlfriend.

Spider remote hacks into the school's host. Placing marks on the SIN scanner at the door. She also hacks into the internal host and decrypts the grades for the students. Spider also sets up a program to alert her if someone interacts with the grades.

The Run

The runners enter the school, with Spider making the SIN scanner let the team through. There is a moment of hestiation as Swerve and Artemisia walk through the ward at the front of the school but after that they are able to go to enter the school.

A student leads the runners to the principal office and says that can enter whenever they would like.

Artemisia and Spider enter first to the principal's office. The meeting goes well as the Spider and Artemisia are corridal with the principal. Eventually the principal asks why Artemisia is dressed in full funeral garb and Spider says that she is mourning her sister. The principal seems to enjoy the pressence and gives the runner pair a smile and handshake before wishing them well and telling them that Diana will do great in school.

Swerve and Milliam enter after Spider and Artemisia leave. The pair get along with the principal and speak about Hunter and his grades. Swerve after hearing that Hunter got a 100% percent on the entrance exams believes that he most likely cheated. The runners and principal dicuss how Hunter is a bit of a boring person and how his parents "died" in a car accident. After hearing everything that runners have to say about the Hunter, the principal wishes them well and says that Hunter will do well in school.


The runners leave the principal's office and are prepared to tour the school with the tour guide. A stoner guy named Kurt approaches the runners and tells the student tour guide to leave. The guy introduces himself as Kurt and says that he will guide them and seems to know that the runners are runners. He shows the runners around the school, including the giant statue of Johnny Spinrad. When showing off the library area Kurt asks the runners if they are good at the matrix. Spider responds with yes and Kurt asks if they can change his grades so that he is not failing. Spider changes the grades and Kurt leads the group to his locker. In the locker is a large package of deep weed, which he hands to Spider. Spider says she doesn't want it but Artemisia says she wants it, so Spider hands it to her. Swerve mentions Amelie and tells everyone to forget that name, but Kurt says that he knows the name. Swerve warns him to not get eaten. Artemisia after the run gives Milliam some literature on her cult, and Milliam seemed interested in joining.


5 Karma Spider -2 Warboss chips Millima +1 date

Optional Artemisia 4k in deepweed

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Artemisia - I learned much during this experience. One thing is that I am 'obvious' in my infection. This is something that will take much work and effort in order to mask with disguises. The run was intriguing, though I wished I was able to sway more of the easily manipulated children over to the side of the Goddess. There was a chance to find my way into the universities religious study department and bring in recruits that way but for some reason the file has not arrived.


I honestly can't understand how Artemisia is still alive. Like people on the haven have said a bunch a bulldrek about our "openness" or whatever bringing all the hunters, like our idle chatter in the Haven host is a real sign of what we do in our day to day life, but like honestly Artemsisa embodies all that! She covered the window in a public place! She wears like funeral garb and talks like she's out of a vampire trid! Not to mention the whole cult thing! It's absurd.

The job itself wasn't too bad. Pretty easy honestly. Those kids are pretty cool. Way way cooler than I was a few years back. Or... maybe now.


Those kids were alright, but damn, that Artemisia needs to be less obvious. Second time working with Swerve, maybe we could be friends. She seemed cool enough.