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Street Druid/Fashionista
"I'm sure it'll turn up okay in the end."
MetatypeElf (None)
Street Cred35
Public Awareness1
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.Februrary 21st, 2058
Metatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - D
Resources - E
Number of Runs81

Character Information


Pell is an elf clothier/fashion designer who moonlights as a Druid/Runner.


Get enough money to retire with a High lifestyle.

Make friends.

Become the equivalent of a fleshly deity of magic and hope that burning this bright doesn't mean that it's a short burn.


Born to a low-on-the-totem-pole white collar family. Has some training in fashion design and tailoring clothes.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Stylin' (Too Pretty To Hit + Watch the Suit + Social Appearance Anxiety 3 + Dependent (Nuisance) - Clothes Shopping + SINner (National) + Trust Fund 3)
    • A neurotic fashionista by day.
  • Druidic Protector's Aspect (Mystic Adept + Mentor Spirit (Bear) + The Magician's Way + Focused Concentration 4 + Spirit Champion + Spirit Whisperer + IG6 + Channeling + UMT Spirit Expansion: Guardian Spirit)
    • A mystic shadowrunner by night.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Journey BelowArchtmag24 September 2082
Glow GuerillasDejapes13 September 2082
One Hell of a Wedding AnniversaryDraknic5 September 2082
Expedited ExtraditionDejapesFlight of the White Owl4 September 2082
Cause and EffectArchtmag28 August 2082
I Swear They are Normal Salamanders pt2Draknic16 August 2082
Where Are My Triple A'sPatGriffin14 August 2082
All Paths Lead to YellowstoneAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking25 June 2082
Suburban JungleWarr24 June 2082
A Seaside EscapeArchtmag22 June 2082
Glow Up CityAurora20 June 2082
Double-bookedNiven20 June 2082
Bug Out BagDiscoGoblin15 June 2082
Swamp ThingsNoctis12 June 2082
Loosest EndsAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking11 June 2082
Trash (Panda) RemovalSamitefan110 June 2082
Black Hawk DownZerre de SeattleTwo Steps Ahead3 June 2082
Caravan TrainSleeveyLa Famille Du Peintre3 June 2082
Boiling bloodDisco27 May 2082
A Change of MindArchtmag25 May 2082
At Cross PurposesAurora25 May 2082
Ain't Afraid Of No GhostAsmodeus14 May 2082
Free Shipping and DeliveryKhaas8 May 2082
Bogged Down And SwampedAsmodeus6 May 2082
Operation: Kick the AnthillZerre de SeattleHail to the Pumpking29 April 2082
Man in the boxSilas24 April 2082
Into the FlytrapAuroraA Scattering of Deadly Petals24 April 2082
House CallDisco Goblin22 April 2082
So Collectable! Much Impeccable!Archtmag12 April 2082
Burn Through The DitchesAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking2 April 2082
DriveMeAwayBloodLibrarian14 March 2082
Trick or TruceAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking8 March 2082
I Write Sins Not TragediesTheTaurenGhost27 February 2082
A Ghoulish Case Of Heart DeliveryAuroraA Ghoulish Case25 February 2082
A Ghoulish Case Of Bloody BusinessAuroraA Ghoulish Case23 February 2082
Route 66: Side Story, A Silent SiloAuroraLike mad max but more guns22 February 2082
Chasing the DragonOrionsRequiemCross Flight Love Fight20 February 2082
Radical nanoRobotic RolloutAuroraTwo Steps Ahead19 February 2082
A Belated KRIMinal ChristmasAurora16 February 2082
The Absolute Top of the ProblemOrionsRequiem14 February 2082
Unfortunate SonsAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking12 February 2082
Shades of Grey's AnatomySarcarian12 February 2082
Might Have A ProblemAurora9 February 2082
Something Bugging MeAurora6 February 2082
The Great (Fish) ExtractionAurora2 February 2082
The Blood WarAsmodeusFestering Infestation2 February 2082
This Isn't Your Grandmother's JuggernaughtAurora31 January 2082
To Defeat A VillainAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking30 January 2082
House SittingDraknic27 January 2082
Digital Dark AgeSarcarianThe Cutter's Curator27 January 2082
Stop, LA Party TimeChrisst111The Month the Streets Ran Red24 January 2082
To Usurp the KingAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking21 January 2082
The Big CheeseShadowhandTaking Back Tacoma19 January 2082
Nod Ya HeadAsmodeus17 January 2082
Good SamaritansAsmodeusFestering Infestation15 January 2082
Postmodern Love StoryTheBiggestBoi11 January 2082
Recruitment DriveSarcarianTwo Steps Ahead5 January 2082
New Year, nuYouSarcarian31 December 2081
The Little Mermaid 3Si1as30 December 2081
Celebrate While You're AheadChrisst11114 October 2081
Let Sleeping Orks LieSi1asBuilding a Better You22 August 2081
A Cruel Angel's ThesisGhostlinSuffer the Children19 August 2081
Super Summoning Sensei!Korean_BBQThe Narcotic Menagerie31 July 2081
Kevin Slimes (Part One)OBThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes5 July 2081
WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!Korean_BBQThe Narcotic Menagerie4 July 2081
Who Let the Pets into the Damn NovacokeKorean_BBQThe Narcotic Menagerie26 June 2081
Caged WolfRequiem25 June 2081
Standing StillGhostSuffer the Children24 June 2081
On a Hot Summer's Night. . .SedatedAliceThe Farm and The Furious22 June 2081
Heart of StoneArcaneFuror21 June 2081
The yakuza strikes back!CrimsonThe Farm and The Furious21 June 2081
Full Body HarmerSedatedAlice17 June 2081
Unwanted guestsCrimsonThe Farm and The Furious14 June 2081
WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!DoomNightmare Mode14 June 2081
Under The BridgeYorkhai12 June 2081
I Want A PonyAurora12 June 2081
Pilot's on Crack, Engines on the LordAtlatlClear Skies11 June 2081
Supermarket SweepAtlatlClear Skies10 June 2081
Shadow Uni: Combat 101Doom28 March 2081
Back From The DeadDrBurst22 March 2081
Time in a BottleGhostlinSuffer the Children19 March 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Marion 6 3 Fixer Ex- Lone Star, Private Detective Lone Star, Investigation, Well Connected, Forgery, Black Markets, Doctors, Matrix Knowhow Even
Mint 3 2 Fixer Farm Operations Officer Construction Contractor, Green Thumb, Beacon of Hope, Earth Aspect Even
Fan Yang 6 1 Fixer Wuxing Shipping Overseer Shipping Overseer, Passenger Line, Triad Connections, A Hidden Place, High Society Production, Awakened Goods, Dockworkers, Work! -2
Sahalé 4 2 Fixer(G,N,K,A) Travel Facilitator and Fixer Here is Your Passport, Laws are Guidelines, Professional Fence, A Community of Movers, Home Stretch, Working Hours, Council Friends Even
Rachel Raven 1 4 Networking Dancer at The Butterfly Effect Skin in the Game, Old Friends and Acquaintances Even
Professor Simeon Jones 3 1 Networking Museum Curator 5th World Tech Enthusiast, Museum Curator, Back Alley Museum, Historic Academic Even
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III 4 1 Networking CorpKid Party all Night... What time is it?, Everybody's Friend., Did Someone say Drugs?, Brodie J IN THE HOUSE!, Ride Wrecked? Brodie J's got it!, Oh yeah! I have a job!, Good looks, Money, and a savant-level understanding of rocket physics Even
Lil' Enzo 2 1 Networking Mafia Johnson Cultural Connoisseur, Made Man, Low-life connections Even
Amrei Veidt 6 2 Generalist S-K Prime Operative Actually a Spy, Deck Jockey, Delta Clinic Access, Former Shadowrunner, Information Broker, One Step Ahead, Prime Datahaven Membership, Saeder-Krupp Employee, Fresh off the Assembly Line Even
Juhn Slide 4 1 Service Street Doc I Love Rock 'n' Roll, Carry On Wayward Son, (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Hotel California, More Than a Feeling Even
Ardella Alosi 2 1 Service Architect/manager Architect, Assistant Manager, Cowardly, Kind Hearted, Greenhorn Even
Isadora Windthrope 3 3 Service Rich Girl Tarot Mage Arcane Ritualist, Awakened Club Kid, Divination on Demand, Privileged Family Name Even
Dr. Isabel Wirth 4 2 Service ER Doctor Trauma Surgeon, Free Samples, Community Clinic Hours, Performs House Calls, I know a sales rep Even
SegFault's Team 4 2 Service Shadowrunner Team Saeder-Krupp Fugitives, Emerged, Archery, Black Mage, Rigger, Team Tactics, Strong Morals Even
Wusan 5 1 Service Overlord of the Seas Ocean Bound, Master of the Sea, Purifier, Trick or Treat, Caller of Tides, Ocean Awareness, Sense of Humor, Spirit Bound, Sense of Duty, Sense of Honor Even
News Van Dan 3 1 Legwork Guerilla Reporter (Infobroker) Infobroker, Conspiracy Theorist, Drone Operator, Hacktivist Even
Miles Imaus 3 2 Legwork Nightclub Owner Bellevue up-and-Comer, Nightclub Owner, Gambler, Businessman Even
Ghaz 2 2 Legwork Skraacha Sheriff Cavalry's Here, Skraacha Sheriff, Coffin House -1
Pump King Jack 5 2 Legwork Halloween Spirit Herald of Halloween, Extraplanar, Spirit Savvy, Hella Halloweeners, Any Place, Any Time, Goodnatured Guide, Formula One Even
Toltecoh 1 3 Legwork Aztec Priest Naive Magician, Apprentice (Combat/Guardian), Religious Knowledge, Former Aztechnology Citizen Even
Tecomah 3 2 Legwork Retired Ranger First Nations Shaman, What Poisons the Land, Battling the Hive, Light the Dark, A Man of Principle, Tomahawk and Shield Even
Felipe Chandler 3 2 Custom (K,N,A,G) Child Psychologist Drugs, Child at Heart, Psychology, Doc Wagon Even
Nameless 5 3 Custom(K,A,G,N) Ghoul Priest Christian Cult Classic, Underground Underdog, Judicious Judicator, Gloomy Glow Ghoul, Ex-EVO Exemplar, Mana Mentor +1
Treasa ke'Vedryn 7 2 Custom(K,N,G,A)
Fae Agent
Ageless Apathy, Gifts of the Fae, Magical Mastery, Metaplanar Guide, Seelie Expert, Embedded Agents, Magical Acquisitions, Court of Vipers, Matrix Resources, Patron of the Arts, Scarlet Painter, Capricious Nature, A Whisper to the Soul, Hollow Shells Even
Carlos Mercer 2 1 Gear Security Guard Favored Security Guard, They Always put the Guns Here!, Can you help me with LoneStar? Even
Mama Tamara 2 1 Gear Talismonger Talismonger, Drug Lord, Oldie but a Goldie Even
Antonio "Vice" Vecce 3 1 Gear Gianelli Caporegime Medical Supplies, Automatic Weapons, Explosives, High Fashion Armor Even
Esteban González 5 2 Gear Materiel Smuggler and Acquisitions Expert Mil-Spec Materiel, Combat Gear, Just Point and Click, Lead Spitters, Rigging Amateur, Smuggler Even
Saint Nick 2 2 Gear "Santa Claus" Blissfully Unaware, KRIME Konnections, Milk and Cookies, Spirit of the Season, We Got Guns Even
Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane 5 1 Gear Mechanic Cars, Mechanic, Drones, Hard to reach, Motorcycles, GoGanger, Aerial vehicles -1
Elias Wendell 1 4 Gear Talismonger Big 'Ol Bug, Talismonger, Loyal, Friends in Low Places, Early Riser, Hermetic in More Ways than One Even
Elijah Warrington 3 4 Custom (G, A, K, N) Druidic Talismonger/Healer Druid, Healer, Talismonger, Awakened Even
Jaqueline Morrison 5 3 Custom (G,A,N,K) Tailor Tailor, The Clothes Make The Man, Armorer, Upper Class Boutique, Pragmatic Accesorizing, Jet Set Lifestyle Even
Beastmaster 6 2 Custom (G,K,A,N) Parabiologist Hard to Reach, Mundane Critters, Awakened Critters, Mundane Critters Knowledge, Awakened Critters Knowledge, Critter Training Knowledge, Thrill of the Hunt, Bird Enthusiast, Gotta keep the little guys safe! Even
Doctor O+ 4 4 Custom(G,A,N,K) Street Doc/Organlegger Medical, Illegal, Organlegger, Ghoul Organlegger, Armorer, Ware, Rarities +1
Juan Ortiz 3 1 Custom (G,A,N,K) Bloody Tusks Sub-Gang Leader Wow, do you know the Horsepower on these things?, Mean Right Hook, Gang Leader, Lawyers, Guns, and Money Even
Juan Lopez 5 3 Custom(G,A,K,N) Forger Fake ID, Master Forger, Matrix Presence, Relaxed Life, Unsuspected, Burner SIN Even



Faction Reputation
Faction Reputation
Gianelli Family 10
Doc Wagon 6
88s 5
The Seelie Court 5
Federated-Boeing 5
N-51 5
Ancients 4
Streets of Redmond 3
The Agency 2
Draco Foundation 2
Laesa Syndicate 2
Black Lodge 2
First Nation 1
Ex-Neonet 1
Shiawase 1


Faction Reputation
Faction Reputation
Black Chrysanthemum -50
Halloweeners -50
Starscreamers -16
Cutters -10
Renraku -10
Saeder-Krupp -5
Disassemblers -2
Tamanous -2
Humanis -1

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Immigrant to the UCAS from Tir Tairngire on a work visa, and a Seattle-based fashion designer (some of her works were featured in a 'zine once?).
3 A follower of the Druidic Tradition (Wild denomination), and occasional volunteer nurse in Redmond.
6 Scored statistically very highly on magical aptitude tests, a while back, when she lived in Tir Tairngire.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Some sort of gunny Awakened, probably an Adept of some kind, and relatively fresh face to running the shadows.
3 Bleeding heart of a Mystic Adept, who's somewhat reckless.
5 A druid Mystic Adept of some skill and great magical potential, who's a decent shot and conjurer.

Assensing Results

Hits Information Gained
1 Generally healthy. Is Awakened.
2 No cyberware.
3 No alphaware-grade cyberware.
4 Betaware-grade cyberware: datajack, eyeware. Bioware: brainware. Essence 4.07. Magic 9.
5+ No deltaware-grade cyberware. Geneware: yes. No nano-tech.


SIN Issuer Rating Licenses
Isabel Kimahri-Devereux Tir Tairngire Real (National Citizen) Concealed Carry, Driver's, Firearms, Mage, Restricted Armor, Restricted Augmentations
Claudia Tendler Saeder-Krupp 6 Bodyguard, Concealed Carry, Driver's, Firearms, Mage, Private Investigator, Restricted Armor, Restricted Augmentations
Bryanna Perell UCAS 6 Bounty Hunter, Concealed Carry, Driver's, Firearms, Mage, Restricted Armor, Restricted Augmentations


Tall and willowy, Pell appears androgynous and is stereotypically elvishly pretty.


Pell is often garbed in the latest fashions. She wears combat boots more often than not though, even while in dresses.

Matrix Persona

Her Persona appears as herself, dressed in robes representative of a follower of druidism, and with a simple flower crown.

Media Mentions

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