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"Hmm, Maybe one day. . . "
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Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype -D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - B

Character Information




Persephone grew up in a house with both her mother and her father, something she came to find was rare when your parents are Shadowrunners. Of course, as a child she didn’t know this, she didn’t know why she was left with her mothers “Special Friend”- whom she thought was a friend from her mothers past, because why would she give it a second thought when the “Special Friend” would flip seven locks on her door and disappear into her back room until an hour before her parents would return to get her.

“Okay Persephone, Remember to stay quiet for Amanda here. We’ll be back to get you in a few hours okay?” Her mother looked down at her with these bright, hope filled eyes, the hope that one day her child wouldn’t need to run through the shadows of the world to make an impact. “Momma I don’t want to stay with Amanda, it’s soooo boring.” “You need to though, She’s watching you while your father and I wor-” “Hera. Let’s go.” Her fathers brusk voice interrupted them as Persephone pouted softly as her mother placed a final kiss atop her head as they went out. “See you soon Amanda.” Persephone turns to look up at Amanda as she starts turning the locks. “Persephone why don’t you go sit on the couch. I’ll make you a bit of Tea, it should only be a couple hours today.” Of course, she listened to her and moved to sit on the couch, pulling her phone out to sit on it as she waited. Amanda dropped the tea off on the table, and made her way to the back room, closing the door behind as Persephone was left alone  in the main room. A few hours later Amanda emerges from the room, as there is a knocking at the door- a very familiar 9 tap- Persephone jumps off the couch as she rushes to the door bouncing behind Amanda, who unlocks the door to allow the couple to tumble in, as Persephone’s father cradles her mother who is unconscious, covered in blood as he yells at Amanda to get a medkit.

Persephone lost both of her parents rather quickly, both dying to complications of the job. She finally learned what her parents did for a living from Amanda. She started running at 14, a year after her parents died. She wanted to move out and stop living with Amanda.

In the back end of a bar, sitting against the wall, stands a Ms, she observes those around her, she stood out above the rest as she was dressed in a suit, wearing a white mask covering and obscuring her face, the creepy smile plastered across the plastic face. A short girl with bright red hair approaches her and sits next to her at the bar. “Miss. Johnson” She doesn’t look at the woman but instead directly in front of her. “How old are you?” She looked at the bar as a manila folder was placed in front of her. “Hmm. . .Never mind.” “I just want work, Miss Johnson.” Persephone looked up at her for a second and then back down at the bar.

Years later, Persephone got recruited for a runner group. Where she met Alyce, The group’s Med-Doc. Alyce was loud and outgoing and happy- a lot different from anyone she had ever met. Alyce just wanted to take care of people. Persephone started seeking her group out, seeking for her in runs. Once in a while she would take a hit just so Alyce would care for her.

As Alyce and Persephone got closer Persephone proposed, offering to protect her for the rest of their life.

Alyce tried to open her own Med Clinic for Runners like Persephone, people who couldn’t afford regular Doctors.

Alyce’s MedClinic got hit, by a rival clinic’s runners, killing a majority of the people inside of the clinic- only for Lina to come in to find her coworkers and employees dead.

She shut down her clinic and secluded herself to their apartment. With Persephone desperately trying to take care of her.

Persephone leaves on a run, and returns after a day and a half, to find Lina, hanging from the ceiling, dead.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Agile Defender
  • Biocompatibility
  • Perfect Time
  • Common Sense
  • Sharpshooter
  • Speed Demon


  • Social Stress: Persephone found her Fiancé hanging dead in their Apartment- She is nervous around people, and has extreme difficulty speaking with anyone who looks like her.

- Fiance Appearance: Alyce was a short, lithe (of around 5'3") Elf with Short black hair cut in an angled bob, Pale, freckled skin, and bright green eyes.

  • Antipathy
  • Allergy (Common, Moderate): Shellfish

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Mockery of FateDraknic20 April 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Goldeneye 5 3 Fixer Mr Johnson Silver Tongue, I Know A Place..., Little Black Book, Unique Ware, Puppet Master, No Questions Asked... Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

~~Her symbol, which is rarely used other than it being printed onto the side of her guns, is a Pomegranate flower.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


  • Rating 4 ~ Persephone Amastacia, Age 25, Human, Student, UCAS

- Fake License (R4) Driver's License - Fake License (R4) Firearms License - Fake License (R4) Hunting License - Fake License (R4) Concealed Carry Permit

  • Rating 4 ~ Taylor, Age 21, Human, Evo Entrance Secretary, UCas

- Fake License (R4) Driver's License - Fake License (R4) Firearms License - Fake License (R4) Hunting License - Fake License (R4) Concealed Carry Permit - Fake License (R2) Pet License


Persephone has warm, green eyes, and bright red hair, which is normally worn in two loose braids over her shoulders with little black ribbons tied around the bottoms. She stands Lithe and petite at 5'1", and normally has at least one of her guns strapped and slung over her back.


Persephone wears Armored Clothing, and sometimes an Armored Jacket. She also has a biker suit and helmet- but is rarely caught wearing it.

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