Promethium Burns

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Promethium Burns
North Everett on Road 99 Halloweeners
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
The Weekender
Sweetie Sinful
Shiawase Security
Casualties and losses
None Helicopter


Shiawase is shipping a truck filled with flamethrowers and flamethrower accesories. The Halloweeners want it.


The runners were directed by their fixers to a location in Normandy park to meet with a dead-pan Halloweener who, in turn, directed them to her boss, The Weekender (after some conversation, confusion and ... sniffing).

The Meet

The Weekender offered the runners a job. Hijack a shipment of Shiawase arms flamethrowers and deliver all of them to the Halloweeners. She'd tried to get the job done before and went through several secretaries in a trial by fire before settling on the runners. She even threatened the runners with fire too, just for good measure. She offered 22,000 up front but after Sanjuro's excellent negotiation effort it was reduced to 20,000. The shipment was being delivered in an Armored car, starting at the Tacoma docks and working through Seattle. With that info in hand, the runners set off to plan.

The Plan

Realizing they'd need some matrix support, Sanjuro dialed the best guy she knew for the job, Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy. Sweetie dialed Holly Rogers and Crew for a techno but they were drunk and useless. After going to stuffershack and picking up the cheapest deck available, Kenneth ran a matrix search, picking up several dodge scoots, an article on laser hair removal for legs and FINALLY a path the Armored car would take. The runners headed over there and began to set up their ambush.

The Run

Winter summoned a earth spirit who dubbed himself Bob, after the legendary craftsman. The spirit quickly began to assemble a pile of flaming cars. The cars would stop the caravan, Sweetie would convince them to stay put and Sanjuro and Ryoma would bring them down. A foolproof plan. Then the helicopter showed up. It floated alongside the car and out hopped a muscly Shiawase security lady, who started barking questions at Sweetie. Ryoma and the others began to try and formulate a plan but Sanjuro could not restrain herself. She climbed to the top of the building, slid down until level with the helicopter and boosted off the wall. In a flash, she drew her sword and sliced the helicopter's tail rotor clean off. The helicopter promptly exploded into fire and shrapnel and Sanjuro landed on the roof of the car, unscathed. The fight began.

Ryoma ducked for cover, Winter set up an ice slick, Sanjuro got a grazing hit but missed, Sweetie ran for her life, Bob was throwing haymakers, it was chaos. The security guard emptied a clip into Sanjuro with no effect and Sanjuro dove forward in a sliding strike, knocked the guard unconscious. Just as they thought the fight was over, a bullet ripped through the air, dinging against Sanjuro's armor. She dove into cover and the rest of the team converged.

Ryoma climbed into the car with Sweetie and Winter while the Surged Elf dropped a mist for cover as Sanjuro ripped open the backdoor and clambered inside, luckily ducking a bullet. The runners grabbed the keys off the unconcious security guard and drove away, with Sanjuro safe inside. It wasn't over yet though, a drone was pursuing them. With some quick thinking and even quicker summoning, Winter brought forth a spirit that turned the drone to scrap. The runners dialed the Halloweener to get to the Rendezvous and put the petal to the metal as Sanjuro passed out from Crash in the back seat.


The car pulled up and The Weekender was very excited to find the cargo all there and fully intact. She wired the Nuyen over while the runners (including a water spirit dragging an unconcious Sanjuro) walked away, into the sunrise.


20,000 Nuyen

5 Karma


1 Halloweeners Reputation

May buy the following at half price:

- Halloweener Barbeque Lighter w/ Extended Clip, Internal Smartlink & Personal Grip (2,835 Nuyen; If picked, detract 918 Nuyen from base reward)

- 400 Fuel Canisters (4,000 Nuyen; If picked, detract 2,000 Nuyen from base reward)

- Halloweener Rioter (Modified Renraku Manservant w/ Pilot Groundcraft Skillsoft R6, Maneuvering Autosoft R6, 15,000 Nuyen; If picked, detract 7,500 Nuyen from base reward)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Sanjuro - THIS WAS THE COOLEST RUN EVER! At first I was kinda worried cuz everyone was a little bit mean and the J didn't like Pump King Jack who gave me a really cool helmet but it payed off when I SLICED A FRAGGING HELICOPTER IN HALF! It was even cooler than the swordfight in the burning building or the 3 Samurai run! I CUT A HELICOPTER IN HALF! IT EXPLODED! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!

Winter - First time I've ever directly associated with the Halloweeners, and I have to say, the smell of flammables is pretty distinctive. I guess I know what to watch out for the next time I catch a whiff of gas. I have to admit, that troll had some serious balls. Cleaved that helicopter in two and made the run way easier. Made for one hell of a good way to start the month. That drone and the sniper were definitely problematic. Poor Bob. At least he unionized and wrangled an exceptional health insurance from the cosmos.