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Street Cred2
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.March 3rd 2053
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - B

Character Information


Arthur's real name is a secret only he and his family know, since he's forever been SINless and plans to stay that way. Getting by so far, with one giant, fucking hurdle along the way, he now pursues a career in shadowrunning where he looks to put his expertise in technology to use as a decker.

  • Trivia:
    • His most common online moniker of R-33 was originally his play on adapting his name of Arthur Teafry into l33t-speak, but it's alternative reading as the word 'Ree' has become his nickname/alias.
    • His first introduction to the music he now loves was 'Statue of the King' by Avatar, many of his favourite songs even to this day being some of their hits from the early 21st century.
    • He picked up a fair bit German whilst working for the corp and so uses it to get by on fake Saeder-Krupp SINs.


Short Term:

  • Earn enough to put some more SINs on his belt.
  • Look for augmentations; something not quite so available to him in London.
  • Otherwise improve gear and skills.

Long Term

  • Strengthen relations with current or new contacts
  • Maybe find a few runners to call chummers
  • Buy a place in Seattle, at least middle class lifestyle.
  • Get home and buy the parents a nice life


(For a slightly more in depth one, see the .pdf in the folder)

In rural England, 2053, Arthur David John Teafry was born SINless. Growing up - despite his background and surroundings - he developed interests in the Matrix and cybertechnology . His love for rock, punk and metal, however, was something he inherited from his father. He was 18 by 2070 and hence moved to London to work for a German A-corp specialising in hardware design.

7 years into his career, a run against the establishment he worked at exposed information that revealed Arthur's fake SIN and side job of redistributing company information on the black market. Before he could be caught though, he fled the country and made way to Seattle.

This time, using the funds he had accumulated through his less than legal business, Arthur has geared up to start running for himself. Acquiring a van which is his mobile base of operations, a spot in South Seattle to lay low, and a few names he can call of for work, he begins his new life and true challenge.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Quick Thinking...

Whether the screen is in front of him, or he's in it, Arthur knows his way around codes and has been practising his problem solving since he was naught but a script kiddie

  • ...And Perfect Timing...

Timing is incredibly important, from cracking files to sarcastic jokes (a particularly British trait), and Arthur has practised the skill well.

  • ...Make all the Difference.

Maybe it's the constant usage of the Matrix and an above average capability to solve problems, maybe it's Exceptional Attribute [LOG]!

  • Got that Premium Package

With a fellow runner's boldness and some well-performed decking, R-33 earned an invitation to the Helix database on a Prime Membership - currently on Probation.


  • Stands out like a Sore Thumb

Arthur's lanky build and clashing colour scheme of mostly black then pale+ginger make him a distinctive individual IRL, maybe something he's glad doesn't carry over to the Matrix. Although surely he would've tried wearing a hat by now if he didn't like it?

  • Absolute Nighthawk

Ever since he ran for his life, living frigidly paranoid for almost a straight month, Arthur has found it tricky to get to sleep at night. Screens don't help much either.

  • "Bloody Elves..."

A gang of arsehole Elves from across the border in Wales made enough of Arthur's childhood bad enough for him to hold a grudge against all of elfkind.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
A Walk In The Park13 February 2082
House of RageTaking Back Tacoma7 February 2082
Trix & Treats31 January 2082
Warehouse Assault22 January 2082
Recruitment DriveTwo Steps Ahead5 January 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Alice "Pink" Herrington 3 3 Legwork Info Broker Stream Addict, Info Dump, Corp Password Collection, Buyer Beware Even
Contact 4 4 1 Gear Id Manufacturer Identity Crafter, Refining the Data, Follow the Paper Trail, You should read our fan-fic!, Belly of the Beast Even
Norwegian 6 1 Fixer Smuggler Native Tongue, Right on time Even
Amrei Veidt 6 1 Generalist S-K Prime Operative Actually a Spy, Deck Jockey, Delta Clinic Access, Former Shadowrunner, Information Broker, One Step Ahead, Prime Datahaven Membership, Saeder-Krupp Employee, Fresh off the Assembly Line Even


Helix: Connection- 5 Loyalty- 3



In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Arthur tries not to leave any physical evidence where possible and avoids meatspace interactions lest his notable appearance becomes familiar. Online, however, he can be whatever he likes, and enjoys a far more carefree attitude. His mark is a silhouette of the top half of a man, his fist raised high above him and eyes glowing red.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Name Place/Corp Rating Licenses
Nicky Williams Seattle 4
  • Concealed Carry Permit (4)
  • Cyberdeck License(4)
  • Driver's License(4)
  • Firearms License(4)
  • Matrix Software License(4)
Karl Felder Saeder-Krupp 1 None


Arthur is particularly hateful towards sports and his physique only compliments that. Tall and thin... very thin. Like too thin for basketball. He's not annoyed about it though, no fucks nor cares given. Very pale also, he and the sun don't tend to get along although the sun usually wins. Nothing some black clothes can't sort, however, and a matching satchel bag for his trusty deck too. Lastly, some hipster-ish, round-frame glasses that he wears almost constantly. If being tall, pale and dressed in black wasn't enough to define him from a crowd, his head of burning ginger strands solidifies his red-head, John Lennon-look.

Matrix Persona

With the memory of the band 'Disturbed' being much forgotten given it's age by today, Arthur uses an icon of the band - a figure by the name of 'The Guy' as his persona. It's a well-built human often clothed in varying tattered rags and shackles, but consistently hooded. This is so that the facial features of the icon are completely black except two glaring, slanted eyes that burn a bright red and a crescent of yellowed teeth always grinning.

Media Mentions

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