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NameGMMetaplotDate of RunTeam
Versus Battle: Clowns Vs. Go-Gangers17 February 2082Rambozo The Clown
Lil' Boomer
Princess Hurley
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Samson "Rambozo" Ramazanov
Street Samurai FLR
(Heavy Weapons Guy)
Street Cred1
Public Awareness1
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.December 2nd 2054
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Rambozo AKA Rambeezee AKA Ramby AKA Rampuppy AKA The Last Laugh AKA The Clown AKA "Oh Jesus Christ it's HIM", is a former Scatterbrain ganger who joined Shadowhaven for "classier destruction."


  • Get Money✓
  • Destroy a Corpsec Building✓
  • Tear Out a Man's Still Beating Heart
  • Become a successful business owner


Samson "Rambozo" Ramazanov is a former Scatterbrain ganger turned Runner. Although, he still dresses as a clown in body armor and uses novacoke for his white face makeup. Rambozo is a tall and intimidating Russian immigrant who was once a part of The Vory until the Scatterbrains enticed him with their reckless abandon and general weirdness.During his time with them, he would mostly raise hell in Puyallup, terrorizing passersby and rival gangers alike. On rare occasions, he would enter the city to cause some mischief, one such outing getting him tagged by Lone Star Securities. He left the Scatterbrains after seeing news coverage of some of the things Runners had been a part of, mostly the destructive bits, the rumor of Runner payments was also very attracting to him. The Scatterbrains did not take his departure well, but did not show it while they were planning his going away party. When the drinks and drugs and novacoke covered cake had numbed Rambozo, the Scatterbrains struck with a surprise attack on him. He managed to kill a number of them before he escaped to his car, high tailing it into Seattle proper.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Distinctive Style- Clown wig, clown nose, and Novacoke face powder with dark red lipstick
  • Records On File (Lone Star)- Has bombarded Lone Star in the past while working with The Scatterbrains
  • Reduced Sense of Smell- Years of Drug Use
  • Bilingual- Russian Immigrant
  • Combat Junkie- Rambozo is a psycho



Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Versus Battle: Clowns Vs. Go-Gangers17 February 2082
Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time12 October 2081
Rolling in the DeepAdversaries29 August 2081
The Montreal Manoeuvre30 May 2081
Put a Ring on ItA Matter of Multiple Engagements23 May 2081
The Night the Lights Went Out In RedmondSins of the Mother16 May 2081
Bellevue BlundersGet off our Lawn10 May 2081
D-EVO-LUTION11 April 2081
The Siege on the New UniversaeumThe Reformation10 March 2081
The Collectors: Give Me A Man After MidnightThe Collectors7 March 2081
Shadowhaven Combat TournamentPurkinje
21 February 2081
Zeck and Miri Make a Music Trideo2 February 2081
A Scatterbrained Renaissance Faire4 January 2081
The Problem Clown10 December 2080
The Hard WayNanomachines, Son8 December 2080
🎪 Circus of Crime 🤡Circus of Crime1 December 2080
There Will Be Brawl9 November 2080
Halloween31 October 2080
On the Rocks30 October 2080
Strike while the Iron is HotAgainst all odds - The OtherCon story27 October 2080
Some (Wo)Men Just Want to Watch the World BurnCrouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger13 October 2080
Heart ClutchCrouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger2 October 2080
A Fifth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix16 July 2080
Flobots - CombatFlobots18 May 2080
Frank Turner - Four Simple WordsUnwanted Evolution - A Punk Rock Tour27 January 2080
I swear you've never seen anything quite like it. You want it bad but you just don't know it yet30 September 2079
  • Look What You Made Me Do (Part 1)> 2018-07-19 - 2 Karma, 15925 nuyen
  • Shadowrun, but on an Airship 8/16/18



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Bulldog Black 2 1 Fixer Semi-retired Security Professional Security, Street Docs, Tenacious Investigating Even
Havok 5 1 Gear Explosives Expert Explosives, Wiring, Gangs, Black Markets, Location, Location, Location, Custom design Even
Corf 1 2 Service Helpful Lil' Minecart Rail-bound, Small, Living Transport, Underground, Wild Spirit, Smol Even
Julio 2 2 Fixer Diner Owner Restaurateur, Former Seattlite, Former Ganger Even
Ramona 2 2 Networking Chef Montreal Native, Former Halloweener, Spark of Magic Even
The Trinity 4 2 Legwork Shadowrunners Wanted, Former Renraku Security, KE Mage No More, Hermetic Mage, Barrens Kid, Shunned By Neo Haven Even
Ace Powers 6 1 Fixer Horizon Talent Agent Musical Talent, Corporate Deals, Keep it Classy, Fake SINs, Insider Knowledge, Horizon Agent, Hired Muscle Even




  • EVO: 80K Bounty
  • Octagon Triad: 20K Bounty
  • Scatterbrains: Traitor

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

  • Signature: Placing a a clown nose on a dead/unconscious body

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  • Red Bandana
  • Military fatigues
  • Combat boots

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