Red Alarm

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Red Alarm
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
La Rapide
1 N-51 Rookie Decker
On site HTR and guard
Casualties and losses
The decker died 1 Casualties for the guard and 2 dead matrix operators.


Shy decide to take contact with her old friend for good, and got on her first real Clandestine Operation since her jail time.


The French state contracted the N51 as a mercenary black ops organisation to spy on SK as they got a tip from their "analytics" (actually being Angeus, the AI manipulating the Marianne system) about a national security concern.

The Meet

Using the radio communication code obtain from the rookie she saved, Shy take contact with the N-51 and got an appointement at the main base of operation in Seattle. Reaching the place with La Rapide the duo quickly try to search the place and find some mock room used to lure potential ennemies of the Task Force. After some debate they decide to go meet the N-51 noticing themselves right away.

Shy then meet her former Commanding Officer who is kind of pissed that a trained operative don't even take the time to make a stealthy approach. After some discution about the current state of the unit, Commander offer a job to the duo. Breaking into an Saeder-Krupp matrix node while escorting a decker to gather intel. Shy accept the mission and La Rapide as well.

The Run

After a quick drive toward the node, the team drop Shy's car about fifteen minutes away from the node. Shy take some time to talk with her fixer and nearly friend Kerrigan to see if the situation of the N-51 is acceptable given that she is acting against such kind of unit. So far Kerrigan say that since they are a rogue unit it's fine. The team then walk toward the node and quickly pass the barbed wire fences surrounding the place, playing with camera dead angle the trio manage to reach a vent and to enter the building.

The vent leaded to a room with two matrix operators monitoring stuff, la Rapide and Shy made a double takedown using monowire weaponery. The operators dead, the trio quickly reach for the underground server room, the decker quickly get himself at work, while La Rapide and Shy watch over to make sure no one is coming. After a while thought the decker just got dumpshock from the matrix, the alarm rised and the Commander ask for dire orders : Kill the decker and take the deck back home. After a very small misinterpretation of the order, Shy carry it without remorse. The Decker turned into ashes after his death which was really strange but there was no time for question and Shy take the deck with her.

Shy and La Rapide being pretty fast they both manage to run away pretty quickly by the same vent that they take, despite the tentative of an on site guard to stop la Rapide and a burst of assault rifle in the back of Shy that left her pretty badly bruised. Quickly after gettiing outside the two run away in the darkness and walk to reach Shy car at another location before going back to the N-51 base of operation.


After getting back to the base and before meeting the Commander, Shy did take look at the intel that they stoled and discovered in awe that they just had stealed an intelligence report about an Aztechnology facility holding a Blood Hawk. The report was a list of security weak point about the facility so an operation could be possible for the Task Force.


10 K (5 RVP)

10 CDP (4 RVP + default)

3 Karma (3 RVP)

IG discount lvl 2 for Shy

Optionnal contacts : Commander (2/3 for Shy, 2/2 for La Rapide)

Le Bourguignon (3/2 for Shy)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Shy's Report : Home sweet home as they say... Meeting Commander again is an half relief, the N-51 is in a bad shape. Problem are kind of everywhere and their is internal problem... I really hope that i will be able to save something out of all of this... But i'm also really happy now i'm back in the game. Back where i really belong to, in some kind of grey area between the shadow and the Clandestine Operation.

La Rapide's Report: I'm glad that Shy made the connection. She seems happier since then. More balanced, you could say that she seems whole again. But next time we will take a really decker with us, someone who doesn't trip the alarm the second he does what he is supposed to be good at.