Red Dawn, Blue Fear

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Red Dawn, Blue Fear
GMZerre de Seattle
LocationBellevue, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Neal Bates
5 Assassins
Casualties and losses
Delphi is now a member of the Flat Earth Society 5 Assassin handed over to the Ancients. Neal Bates is arrested.


An actress disappeared and her manager engage some runners to get her back. But behind this simple disparition they are some skeletons in the closet.


Neal Bates was the manager of many actors and actress he did run an escort buisness for the upper class and did use this same business to blackmail the clients. One of them Hanzo Takumi was on his way to get an high responsability position in one of Renraku Subsidiaries. He came to tell Neal that the Blackmail time was over, so Neal killed to avoid this at all cost. Homever Jade an actress who was getting her break, saw the whole scene and fled. Neal quickly understand the reason behind the actress disappearence and decide to ask runners to find her.

The Meet

Oathbane and Delphi were called in by Argent because since Jade was an elf the racial solidirarity was a good reason to pick the job. On Meatshield part it was her first occasion to ever work on a run and to her Fixer's eyes it was a simple job. Gerisa got called by Bulldog Black who was doing some security on the stage and heard that Neal was looking for runners. Milliam was hooked by Warboss who learned about the disappearence of the main actress in his favorite trid. All got to meet in an underground parking near the studio.

On their way to the studio all the runners noticed an heavy police presence link to a murder according to the rumors. The meeting was short, Neal explained the situation (An actress disappeared and he want it back) negotiate the pay and give all the information he got. The team agree on 10k nuyens in the girl was back for the night.

The Run

First the team take a look around the studio. Oathbane did trace the commlink of the actress and found it behind a dumpster. Delphi and the technomancer did realise that someone did put the commlink back to factory setting after erasing all the data. They did homever manage to rebuild the message historic of Jade. Delphi did also use the gift of the psychometry to get information on what happened to the person who hold the commlink.

Delphi did feeled relaxed at first, smoking a cigarette but soon she saw two silhouette in the distance and she feel like she recognized one. An argument start between the two silhouette and the one that she recognized stab the unknown guy. She feel tremendous fear and the urge to run away from the scene. Using some implant she manage to create a picture of the victim and a quick matrix search linked the face to Hanzo Takumi. Delphi then did call Informer to ask for his help in the case, after a quick talk some internal monologue and a jazzy ambience, the Noir Detective decided to help the group. Since their was nothing more to find at the studio the crew decided to go Jade house to find more clues on where she could be. The team join her place at Renton and noticed an 1980's sports car with two men looking at them. Gerisa launch Milliam to Jade's balcony and the cops rushed to the group with revolvers in hand like in the old trid. Delphi quickly speak her way with the duo of Knight Errant cops who quickly named themself |Starsky and Hutch| they explain that their are investigating on Takumi's murder and that since she fled Jade was the main suspect. With a bit of information sharing Starsky and Hutch accept to let the runner carry on their investigation. In the house the team realise that someone came to find the same answer, the appartment was wrecked and they manage to find a post-it with an adress and a number.

In the same time Oathbane got a called from Mad one of the main actor of the series, he ask the Dryad about a dinner because he has some thing to say. The team split up between Gerisa and Meatshield who were going to take a look at the post-it adress and Oathbane, Delphi and Milliam who were heading for the dinner place. At the dinner Oathbane got many explanation about the dark side of Neal Bates, he was making too much money probably thank to an escort buisness run with actor and actress and even then...He made really a lot of money. After sharing some good food Oathbane take her leave while Delphi tried to create a reasoning about the whole story. After a long and absolutely not dumb reflexion she did say that the Earth was flat. Asking the help of Informer to get her theory approuved the team got saved of Delphi conspirationnal theory by the Detective. He said that in is opinion, Neal Bates did run the escort buisness and then blackmailed the clients. Hanzo Takumi was going to be able to go over that blackmail so he got killed.

At the same time Gerisa and Meatshield realise that the adress led to a really good house in the Downtown of Seattle. The highly secured placed was a no about any try of breaking and entering. But as they were looking around they did see Starsky and Hutch wheeled on two guy and arresting two others, the four men where clad in black with face hidden and seemed to look on the runners duo but they were so obvious that the two cops see them and did take their chance. Meatshield did try to intervene but Gerisa hold him.

Delphi then did call the number on the post-it and find out that the guy who lived in the house was Mills Sparrow, Jade's boyfriend. Sadly he couldn't say that Jade was with him. The actress did go to some of old friends still running for the Ancients. Oathbane immedietaly call Argent and the elf was able to say that Jade was at an Ancients safehouse for now.

The Team rushed for the Safehouse and as soon as they got out of the car heard some gunshot. An assassin team was on the way to take down Jade and the Ancients at the safehouse were already dead. The fight did turn out short tho. The assassin were overwhelmed by the attack of the runner and the last one did miss his opportunity to kill Jade.


Mill Sparrow give a warmful thank to the Runners and pay them what Neal promised them. Starsky and Hutch could safely come and take Jade testimony and then later arrest Neal Bates. Mad and Jade are very thankful to the runner and keep the promise of Neal to let them a chance to play in the series which Milliam accept. Milliam also negotiate a meeting between Jade and Warboss which Jade accept.


Red Dawn, Blue Fear :

10k Nuyens or 20k or Ares Gear (Up to 18 Avaibility) (5 RVP)

6 Karma (6 RVP)

6 CDP (2 RVP)

+1 Chip on Warboss for Milliam because she arrange a meeting with an action Trid actress.

Can take Fame : Local at chargenprice (4 RVP) and the runner join the show "Mad,Shark and Jade

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm gonna have to start making a mental note of these types of people I run with.

  • Meatshield, troll friend. God, folks back in the cell would lose their minds if they knew, but that's not my problem. They're strong and take a bit of guidance to do work, but they do just fine. We hit it off well. Think I like 'em.
  • Delphi is too high-strung and a control freak. Typical elf thinking she knows better than everyone else. Saved her ass some time back and she hasn't learned her lesson. Tch. I'll work with her, but she's starting to grate on my nerves.
  • Oathbane... surprisingly relaxed. I like 'er, she knows her limits and seems to work well aware of them. So far, I haven't seen much to sour my thoughts of her, but that can change.
  • Milliam and that stupid circus cat of hers have a mouth bigger than her attitude. She's good at what she does, don't get me wrong, but she should learn some humility. Fraggin' backwater illiterates.

I guess my diary was right when I wrote that strength comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We got the job done and this time I got by without casualties -- let's see how long I can keep that up.


"It makes me very happy that Jade was okay. No one should have to go through the things that she did. None of the team were hurt, but I am ashamed of how close I let it come. I am not so good with people, and I made a bad judgement of the hostage situation that almost led to death. Delphi is very skilled, but they should not have been the one blocking the bullets. It is more difficult than I thought to protect people other than myself. Also, those police will not make many friends if they keep drawing their guns on people."


Another day, another murder case. This time it turned out the J was the murderer, which was a classic twist that I really should have seen coming sooner. Between that, the missing movie starlet, the blackmail schemes and the cowboy cops that literally called themselves "Starsky and Hutch" this was a real romp and a half - all up until I got shot at by professional assassins. At least Milliam and Dumas were cool, it was nice to see them again, and I hear she took Jade up on that offer of a part in the trid series.


Learning about someone doing a bit of shady work in the dark and having to track down the main person at the fault. so we save the person from a group seat to kill her and then dealt with this creepy man for good.