Return to Sender

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Return to Sender
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Sweetie Sinful
Casualties and losses
One Grunt


corporations really love grabbing each other's people you know that's common practice of always making sure you get new and greater employees, by stealing them from your opposition an employing them as your own on the pain of death that sort of situation has happened. And that leaves one group to recover the people taken and in a short notice called up the runners.


Due to complications an unforeseen events. the asset recovery team employed by aztechnology would begin to realize they are far understaffed to be able to recover all of the they capture personnel in time and had to employ in calling in the shadow haven. they would only be able to recover two of the captured personnel in time and would need the runner team to go after the other two before either they are lost or dead. and putting a lot of faith into shadowrunners never was a bad idea in the first place

The Meet

Each of the runner would arrive at the meet and would all greet each other before they would enter the building . they happen to notice that one of the Johnson security team was on the roof acting as the common known spotter and sniper on the roof. after a bit of talking back and forth, they would go inside to met the J, who seem like they were ready to deal with shadowrunners and having a little battle of words, to trying lower the amount of pay for the runners. In the end the runner team won it and then checking the room for bugs and catching them. Their plan was not recorded

The Plan

they would have two primary objective one is to recover a technomancer who is part of the of emerge division and a foolish very combat hungry Decker who happened to be grabbed while during a little transit between tourist Ville and the border to the main part of downtown of Seattle. they decided to go with dealing with the cutters who have the security Decker Anne decided to bribe their way in using a massive freaking brick of deep weed and then paying also with a knowledge of smuggling routes to the cutters anyway to mitigate the problem of having to deal with a fight with these guys and luckily they took the deal, Sweetie did her job well and got the first of the two people they needed to recovered. Now to recover the technomancer that was a much more difficult situation with them needing to plan and to calculate each failure and success. four they were dealing with MTC and trying to recover this technomancer alive was proven to be very problematic with multiple reasons why they would be counter and the chance of the opposition being able to figure out what was being planned out beforehand. multiple plans for suggested each of them were as bad as the ones before before they settle on ambush in trying to deal with the opposition and to recover the technomancer. Due to some of aces brilliant ideas they managed to employ the Decker they save to help them with bit of the run and with the course of the firefight crane and everyone else contributing to it they managed to grab the technomancer put her into the Faraday box and whisker away from harm, and luckily not killing any of the mct grunts

The Run

Each of the runners showed their particular skill and managed to complete their there are chapters without much of a hindrance aside from the usual case of combat and having to negotiate with a violent St gang for the rights to leave unharmed and with the hostage. with a clever ambush in dealing with the mct grunts along with few of their specialists they recovered the second hostage and began to make their way back to the drop off point for both of the hostages


once the runners are paid and left the area after dealing with the aztechnology. the two recovery assets would be returned back to the pyramid to have debriefing an any psychological therapy needed due to their hastily incarceration in unlawful hands. Would go about their day and returned to their daily life. One going to school and other being a combat living decker.


12k (6 RVP)

or 24k worth of cyber,guns,drones,cars, drugs,ect. maximum Availability of 18: 5 Karma (5 RVP)

Optional Contact

Guillermo Rodríguez The Aztechnology Loyalist 4/2 (5RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Hey Rick put this one under Ace is the best smuggler and operator in Seattle. *Ace uploads a video of him visiting the cutters and in only a few minutes delivering a 20 hit improvement to their smugglers routes, before post run giving KE and anonymous report of said optimisations* And of course operations galore, *Ace uploads the ultrasound data showing the one car without sounds coming out of it and the ensuing battle and snatch and grab*. Excellent planning, no bugs and no vampires. Good work Rick,