Road Kill

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Road Kill
LocationRedmond Barrens, Highway 202
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Mama Tamara
Casualties and losses


An awakened moose, loose on a Redmond highway, and the brave team of runners who fought it.


It was a cloudy, overcast Seattle afternoon. As each runner went about their business, they were contacted by their fixers about a peculiar job. Time was of the essence and the J wanted to skip the meet in favor of a simple call. The runners were patched through to Mama Tamara, who informed of the situation. There were eye-witness reports of some sort of awakened moose that had been loosed on Highway 202, near the mad woman. She'd offern 10k for it alive, half for it dead and toss in a little extra if the job was done cleanly and quickly, with minimal collateral damage.

The Meet

The runners, Funk, Koschei, Nogitsune and Meatshield linked up through the Shadowhaven host and DNI and met at the Mad Woman Bar, a seedy run down place, almost as depressing as its patrons. Nobody gave them a second glance as they filed in through the door (something meatshield has some difficulty with) and made their way to a table in the back, sharing a bottle of cheap vodka. It was there that they began to plan.

The Plan

Drive across the 202 highway in Nogitsune's truck until they encountered the moose. Funk would clear cameras and ensure it was a quiet while Meatshield would lock the moose down and the 2 sharp shooters knock it out. Simple and easy.

The Run

While cruising on the highway, Funk dug up some commlink footage of a passenger who encountered the moose and their grizzly fate. Nogitsune spotted a mess of 3 overturned cars in the road and quickly assembled his sniper. Creeping forward, Koschei spotted the creature on the astral. It was lurking, invisible, behind one of the cars. With a bang, the moose cast destroy vehicle and the runners began to spur into gear. Koschei leaped forward and blind fired a hammerhead arrow into the creature, causing it to lose composure and drop the invisibility. Nogitsune opened fire with stick-and-shock rounds and meatshield lumbered forward to engage the creature in close quarters combat. The moose fought back, casting an immensely strong powerball, almost dropping Nogitsune and causing damage to Meatshield. Suddenly, a vehicle pulled up and 5 amateur hunters pulled out, firing at moose and runners alike. Funk was able to fire their car to drive away and then set one of the crashed cars to explode with matrix damage, sending 2 hunters fleeing and 1 engulfed in flames. Nogitsune was enraged by his shark spirit and fired back, more arrows and bullets went back and forth, the moose and Meatshield were rasslin' in the roadway when Nogitsune shook off his berserk and calmly dropped the beast with a gel round.


Funk wiped the cameras and pulled the hunters SIN's while they fled. The other investigated the crash site. They found several corpses, with one entirely drained of essence and the stink of a vampire on its flesh. While they debated over whether to put the potential soon-to-be vampire down, Nogitsune finally called on ZigZag to pick up them up. After piling the moose into the truck, they returned to Mama Tamara's and claimed their rewards.


12k Nuyen (6 RVP) or Half-off reagents and foci (24k max in reagents and foci)

3 karma (3 rvp)

2 cdp

For funk: SINs of the Higgins family

Optional: Mama Tamara (2/1) as a contact for 2 RVP in gear and/or nuyen

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"I did not expect Seattle to have such dangerous animals. If this is a common thing, the people here are more resilient than I though. The other team members were very nice, although there were some mistakes that led to needless death. Nogitsune looked pretty beat up, so I hope that he is recovering well. I'm worried that my actions with the infected may have offended Koschei, but I have to think that even monsters can have a chance for a good life."


"This was such a dumpster fire of a work. Got in a team with a fragger that bound himself with a fragging SHARK SPIRIT and went berserk, and a technodude that made a car explode while I was close to it. Holy World, I miss solo hunts. Still, the J got some sweet foci and that Meatsy dude is aight."


"This was an interesting run. Exploding that car seemed like a good idea at the time, but it ended up hurting a teammate. I've got to learn more about explosions and how to make them work tactically. Also, Awakened Magician Moose are fraggin' scary, and I'm so very glad I stayed away from it to let the magic chums handle it. And as for the fraggers that showed up and tried to steal our quarry... I know who they are now, and I may just find a way to make them miserable."


Always fun dealing with animals and people who don't understand that. Shark is a leading in power and the will to smash those around me.