Route 66: Side Story, IOU One Wheelbarrow

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Route 66: Side Story, IOU One Wheelbarrow
Part of Like mad max but more guns
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved


The team go on a chain of deals all over Seattle.


Pitty, having depleted his stores of Cereprax, decides to sell off his supply of lower-demand drugs to have liquid assets to obtain more. Transporting the drugs was an issue since his boys were busy, so he hired some runners to do so.

The Meet

The team converge at Pitty's shop, discovering the circumstances behind the post of an image of a wheelbarrow full of drugs. When Pitty provides the destination, the team realizes that it was for one Sarah Snow.

The Plan

Orchid contacts Danny Hoffman for a route to smuggle the drugs downtown, which will work amiably. The team then loads up into Relay's truck, heading out.

The Run

Once at Sarah's place, she asks Relay for a favor to deliver 100 liters of hurlg to Warboss in the Ork Underground. With the team's Skraacha rep they get through that part without issue. In exchange for saving some of the hurlg for Milliam, the team was asked to deliver a letter to Kenny, who was in Downtown on errands, partaking in Saul Goodman's pastries. Once at the bakery, Kenny joins the squad, as he was supposed to deliver some pastries to Reverend Toby Newton, but couldn't fit all the pastry boxes into his Krime Wageslave. The team reaches the reverend's parish without issue. They drop off the pastries, and find a Mint! Relay introduces Milliam to her, and they head back to Pitty's afterward.


A lot of the Haven's contacts in the network are happy, and there might be a party sooner or later?


  • 52k nuyen in ground and air vehicles and associated modifications, or drugs, up to availability 18, and half the remainder in nuyen, or 26k nuyen in cash. (13 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • Relay gets a chip on Sarah Snow
  • Orchid owes a chip from Danny Hoffman

May buy with RVP instead, the following contacts at Loyalty 1:

May upgrade the aforementioned contacts' Loyalty with RVP instead, up to Loyalty 5, as per Contact Rules

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Orchid Running around all of the places to drop off groups was a bit of a pain in the neck, from going to one place and the other...lucky we got the job done