Scarecrow In Transit

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Scarecrow In Transit
LocationNew York City
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Tir Na Nog
Scarecrow Theodred Elmys
Jake "The Captain" Elliot
Casualties and losses
Theodred Elmys captured by the FBI


Scarecrow, on her exodus from France, has been hired as security on a cargo ship where a Tir Na Nog spy gives her trouble.


Scarecrow is a magical prototype transhuman on the run from Tir Na Nog, and has been hounded by them every step of the way.

The Run

While on deck, Scarecrow is approached by Theodred Elmys, who claims to be from Tir Tairngir. He asks her many questions about where she's from, and she's able to detect that his accept is actually from Tir Na Nog. She threatens him, and he immediately runs, though Scarecrow is able to determine that he is an Apprentice of Detection/Guidance with a Magic of 4.

She goes to see the captain of the ship, Jake Elliot, and tells him that Theodred is a Tir Na Nog spy. He asks her to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, Scarecrow's spirit indicates that Theodred is using some sort of metal and glass box. She runs quickly to his room, only to find that her security credentials for the ship don't work on his door. She demands he opens up, and he refuses. Her spirit materializes as he oversummons a Guidance spirit and asks it to defend him. Que a fight.

She Lightning Bolts the door open, and is immediately struck by the Guidance spirit and knocked back. Her own spirit knocks out Theodred though. She quickly searches his room and finds a notebook hidden in a vent, just as security arrives. They take both him and her to the brig for questioning (though Theodred won't wake up for several more hours).

The captain questions her for a couple of hours, after which she contacts Al Green to decode Theodred's notebook. Hours later he returns indicating that he's a spy monitoring smuggling on this ship between NYC and France, and that he was told to keep an eye out for someone matching Scarecrow's description. She brings that information to the captain, minus that he was looking for her. Al Green asks her to check up on an informant of his (Morgan Gardner) who missed a scheduled check-in on Staten Island in return.

On her way to Staten Island, Theodred wakes up and offers the captain a lot of money to turn over Scarecrow. Hearing about this through her spirit she left behind, she has it threaten the captain who seemingly backs down. He does head to the bridge, however, where he asks his matrix expert to track Scarecrow's whereabouts. The spirit reports this back, and uses its Accident power on the entire bridge crew resulting in many mishaps and bad times for everyone involved. The captain, Jake Elliot, is not pleased, but too afraid by this point to stop Scarecrow.

On Staten Island, Scarecrow finds Morgan Gardner's apartment near the Staten Island Correctional Facility, and determines that there is the fading astral signature of Insect Spirit powers around. She waits for him for several hours, but he does not return. She eventually loots the place and leaves.

After she leaves, she meets up with Adowa "Moria" Webster who offers to get her smuggled back to Seattle with Jet Set. She accepts, and heads to Seattle.


Tir Na Nog is still one step behind Scarecrow as she flees. The Staten Island Correctional Facility may be filled with Insect Spirits. Al Green is happy to work with his new boss at the FBI, Cassandra Withers.


  • Jake "The Captain" Elliot (Connection 2) at Loyalty 3 - Blackmailed (4 RVP)
  • 4k nuyen stolen from Morgan Gardner's apartment (2 RVP)
  • 6 karma (6 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • IG 1 discount

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