Scared Straight: Lone Star Edition

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Scared Straight: Lone Star Edition
Status Threat Level: Milk
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Lonestar Random Gangers
Chet Hughs
Lone Star Deputies
Joe Jr
Casualties and losses
0 2 2


A group of shadowrunners decide to help some kids learn a lesson.


Chet Hughs is incharge of the Lonestar Youth Rehabilitation Services. Deciding to help rehabilitate the kids he decides to use real shadowrunners and gangers instead of the actors his superiors ordered him to hire for the project.

Cricket while dealing with one of her sprites receives a call from Priest. Priest explaining the job to Cricket and after assurances that she will not be arrested Cricket takes the job. Before leaving Cricket does a matrix search and finds that the J, Chet Hughs, is actively cheating on his wife. Cricket changes into her best sweatpants and heads out to Ken's Coffee for the meet.

Barracuda is sitting in their room cleaning his weapons and cleaning his lodge. After hearing a noise and seeing his open Barracuda checks around his room he receives a call from Agamemnon. Agamemnon and Barracuda talk about the current news of the DA actively deciding to work against the Shadows. Barracuda is suspicious of the job before Agamemnon says that the job is legit and does not need to be worry about Chet because he is a bit of a wimp. After tearing apart his room looking for whatever was in his room and finding nothing leaves for the run. But not before decking himself out in full battle gear.

Babylon is looking over her airplane ticket for Quebec at her kitchen table before receiving a call from Argent. Argent and Babylon talk about the DA deciding to fight the Shadows. Argent explains the Lonestar job and Babylon finds the entire job hilarious and decides to take it.

Zenith is making himself a soy omelet when he receives a call from Johns. Johns explains to Zenith the job and promises that he will not be arrested. Zenith asks Johns if he was the only one on his rooster to actually take the job, and Johns confirms it. Zenith says that he'll take the job.

The Meet

The group of shadowrunners arrive at Ken's Coffee and unanimously decide that they are just going to fuck with Lonestar. The group entering the coffeeshop and the only people inside being the staff and Chet Hughs. After continually insulting Chet he lays out the plan for the runners. Explaining that the runners and a group of gangers will be brought in to scare the kids into not wanting to commit crime. The runners agree to taking the job even after being told that the job will only be paid 2k. Babylon also asks if her parol officer could come to the meeting, and Chet agrees.

The Plan

The group first decides to pick up a horse trailer that Babylon is able to acquire. They then decide to go and pick up Zenith's unicorn and place it in the back of the trailer. Babylon then places an illusion of lightning coming off the side of Zenith's car and rainbows coming off the back of the trailer. Babylon also places an illusion to make all of Babylon's scars look brand new.

The Run

The group arrives at the Lonestar Youth Rehabilitation Services and find a young deputy guarding the freight elevator. After Barracuda introduces himself to the young deputy, he passes out and hits his head on the concrete. Zenith breaks the young deputy's shotgun before attempting to get the unicorn, Finn, out of the trailer. With the entire group attempting to coax Finn out the trailer, with Finn attempting to kick Cricket in the head. Zenith eventually throws Babylon an apple who feeds Finn the apple and gets Finn out of the trailer with Gamora on his back.

The runners enter a filling room in the back of the Lonestar office, finding nearly files over 60 years old. Cricket begins to look through the cabinets before bringing one down on top of her. After hearing the noise Chet jumps into the room with his gun drawn. After seeing that it's the shadowrunners that he hired he leads them to the holding cell. Chet then goes over the four kids that are in the holding cell and their charges.

Diana Holscop-Age:16 Charges:Liotering, tampering with the Matrix

Hunter Riley:Age: 16 Charges Accomplice to tampering with the Matrix, Littering

Riley “The Slab” Wagner: Age: 14 Charges: Public brawling

Jim “Kurt” O’Hare-Age: 17 Charges:Possesion of illegal substances, use of illegal substances, trafficking of illegal substances, possesion of a fake sin, fleeing police, distribution of illegal substances.

Barracuda kicks in the door before Gamora on top of Finn enters the room along with the rest of the runners. The runners ask the kids what they did and they begin to chat. Cricket insults Diana and Hunter's matrix skills and their relationship. As Jim offers Babylon drugs and Babylon begins to think over which she should take, Charles Dryfus along with three criminals and two deputies falling behind. Charles sees the runners and almost has an aneurism having the deputies watch over the criminals and sending in the criminals. Charles and Chet go to Chet's office and begin to argue.

Joe Jr (Gecko) Member of the Black Chrysanthemum -Charges:Racketering, Extortion, Assault with a deadly weapon, Animal Abuse

Mitch Conway-Charges:Robbery, Reckless driving, Fleeing the scene of a crime, Murder

Jags Member of the Hallowneers-Charges: Murder, Assault with a deadly weapon, Mansluaghter, Vehiular manslaughter, Assaulting a judge, Attempted assination of a justice official, dueling, Disabling a limb,failing to report an dangerous animal, terrorism, gang activity, 375 parking violations

The runners speak to the gangers and decide that Mitch is innocent. Jags asks Barracuda to send out a message to a particular matrix code before Lonestar begin to start attacking him with stun batons. Cricket moves to disable the stun batons but notices that someone did it before her. Learning that the two kids in the corner are both Technomancers. Cricket having a new understanding of the kids begins to lecture them on proper technomancer protocol. With Hunter initially denying that he is a technomancer and Diana fully accepting it. Zenith having a greater understanding of raising a child, gives the kids literature on being a technomancer and giving them advice. Riley then asks for advice on what to do for his situation. Zenith recommends to him that he should get a Ruger SuperWarhawk and Barracuda teaches him how to throw a punch. Cricket comments that the deputies failed to take the kid's decks. As one of the deputies went to confiscate it Barracuda grabbed the back of his head and the deputy went back to beating up Jag. Joe Jr. comments to the kids that he has been rehabilitated after 6 months and that the best way to get out of prison is to act like you're rehabilitated.

During this Babylon and Jim are smoking deepweed next to the unicorn. Jim asks Babylon if he can come with them and Babylon says, "Oh yeah totally." With Barracuda showing Jim his face and Jim making remarks about how the scars look. Zenith walks through the office where all of the staff have evacuated. Zenith enters Chet's office where Charles and Chet are arguing. Zenith pickpockets Chet for the credstick payments before leaving and locking the door. Babylon sends a projection into the office that blows a kiss at Charles.

As the runners decide to leave Barracuda knocks out the Lonestar Deputies along with Joe Jr. They then unlock Mith's chains and he runs off. With the runners leaving as Charles throws a chair through the door's window.


The runners find the knocked out Lonestar deputy naked and his shotgun gone with a prison uniform next to him. Zenith hands out the pickpocket credsticks to the kids.

Zenith and Babylon get into the back and start to drive off to return Finn. With Babylon and Zenith discussing how Babylon landed a plane.

Cricket and Barracuda take the kids to a Taco Temple and watch as Lone Star car speed to the site of their shadowrun.


5 Karma -5 Lonestar Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Ghost, this was great. I kinda thought I was gonna get zeroed at the meet, but it turns out that the cop was just an idiot. It's not often that you get to insult a pig to their face, and even rarer for them to not try and beat you after. Hope those kids are doing alright. Technomancing kinda sucks at first but they'll get over it, long as they don't keep leaving their damn signatures all over the place. As for the other runners... I mean, Barracuda was Barracuda. The other two though, not what I expected. I'm not too stupid to tell when someone could kill me without breaking a sweat. Almost makes me consider talking less drek in the chatroom. Almost."


Well I guess you get what you pay for. Though walking out of there with no nuyen doesn't feel great, it's not like pay was gonna cover much. Though I realized I fragged up on this job. Slotting with the Star, that was fine, and these people had it coming, but definitely shouldn't have brought Finn, and definitely should have just gone in, stole the cash, got the kids out and left. Would have been way simpler, and probably wouldn't have gotten recorded by Cricket.

We at least got some laughs in. Babylon's a little rough to work with, but she's getting better, and she and I have something of an understanding. Barracuda also seems sharp, gonna have to see him when there's something actually on the line before I pass judgement. Cricket though... a bit too open for me. This wasn't clean, but at least it was a job.


Hah, I've gotta say the Star's really lost their touch since I was picked up ten years back. It was pretty hard to resist the urge to clown on them with how far I've come, especially with Cecelia pulling some strings to get me off parole and Zenith showing up with a fragging unicorn for Gomorrah to ride. The rest of the team decided that leaving with the juvenile delinquents we were supposed to be scaring straight, which was fine with me honestly. Even got to say hi to Charles on the way out - I'm sure that won't bite me in the ass in the future. Not bad for not getting paid.