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Scrabble (Jason Kwon)
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Linguist, Decker, Corp Orphan
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.May 12, 2055
FolderMonkee Business
Sum to 10Metatype - E
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - A
Resources - A
ApprovedAugust 28, 2018

Character Information


Jason is a former computer security specialist for Universal Omnitech, but he exiled himself from the corp he was born into to escape the consequences of some on-the-job youthful indiscretions that helped an outside entity perform the most damaging data heist in UO's memory.

Smart decker. Dumb kid.

Vancouver Born

Jason is the second child born to Kwon Shin-Young and Kwon Sol-Mi, a pair of Universal Omnitech researchers in the Vancouver headquarters. While his older sister Chi'an followed in the biotech family footsteps, Jason was much more interested in the fantasy he could create with the malleable electrons of the Matrix.

Caught in the Honey Pot

Jason had enough talent and focus to join OU's security forces in their Matrix division. He wasn't a demi-GOD, but was one of the console jockeys who served under the demi-GOD and usually pulled the night shift. Boredom is an ever-present danger on the graveyard shift and Jason was one of several security specialists who worked on redesigning a honey-pot trap into a player-versus-player arena mirroring the code from Shadowrun Online to help while away the hours in "security research." Unfortunately, Jason was in their little research node when someone from outside the corp hit their grid and was able to slip most of the security into the node where Jason unknowingly wrapped them up as NPCs, allowing one of the largest data heists in OU memory.

Jason took on the full brunt of the blame with none of his teammates stepping in to soften the blows from on high. Privileges were stripped, his family was disgraced and his parents actually kicked him out of the apartment. With all the extra heat coming down on him, Jason drafted himself a comp bus pass for Seattle and slipped out into the Vancouver night with not much more than the shirt on his back.

Seattle Exile

The streets of Seattle were a damn scary place for Jason to start out in. His linguistic abilities allowed him to slip into safer areas to sleep in the beginning and he set himself up as a traveling interpreter for tourists, the really out of town ones. That's when Jinx stumbled onto him. She's always enjoyed speaking in multiple tongues and few can keep up with her. Jason's not at her level, yet. She gave him the first few jobs in Seattle and he's scraped together the little bit of gear he has on him. Now it's on to bigger things.


  • Survive.
  • Possibly find a way to redeem himself, at least in his family's eyes.
  • Decide what kind of revenge on his old office mates would actually be satisfying.
  • Publish irrefutable proof that aliens are real and they are among us.

Narrative Significant Qualities

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Positive Qualities

  • Linguist (4) (RF 148) +1 dice pool to all language tests, training time is halved, and language skill ranks of 3 or higher are 1 karma cheaper.
  • Natural Hardening (10) (SR5 76) 1 point of natural biofeedback filtering, cumulative with a Biofeedback Filter program.
  • Perceptive (10) (RF 148) +2 dice pool to all Perception Tests, including Astral and Matrix perception tests.

Negative Qualities

  • SINner (Corporate) (25) (SR5 78) Jason's parents were employed by Universal Omnitech when he was born and he grew up inside the corp until his expulsion (10% Tax).
  • Data Liberator (0) (SR5 78) .
  • Electronic Witness (0) (SR5 78) .
  • Phobia of Snakes (0) (SR5 78) Scrabble earned a fear of snakes from Development Hell (Moderate or Severe?).

Major Skills

  • Computer: Matrix Perception - 18
  • Computer - 14
  • Cybercombat - 14
  • Electronic Warfare - 14
  • Hacking - 14
  • Hardware - 14
  • Software - 14
  • Languages - Afrikaans, English (N), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Salish, Spanish, Spanish: Aztlaner

Run History

Jason just joined ShadowHaven and has no runs under his belt.



  • Contact 4 - Connection 4, Loyalty 1 - Swag (ID Manufacturer)
  • Jinx - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - Shadow Services (Fixer)
  • Jack Thompson - Connection 2, Loyalty 1 - Swag (Nerd)


  • Universal Omnitech - Former Computer Security Specialist (employee)



  • Former Workmates - Several of the other UO security spiders who were on shift with him and let Jason take the blame for the Matrix intrusion. He would love a little vengeance, though he's not sure what that means.


  • Father - Estranged, Kwon Shin-Young (human male, biological researcher in metahuman applications)
  • Mother - Estranged, Kwon Sol-Mi (human female, medical clinician)
  • Older Sister - Estranged, Chi'an Kwon (human female, graduate student in genetics)


Real Identity

  • Jason Kwon is Scrabble's real name. He was born and raised within the Vancouver headquarters of Universal Omnitech, making him a full-fledged corporate citizen with a Universal Omnitech SIN.
  • While Jason's UO SIN is completely legit, he is currently not using since he is "on the lamb" from UO.
  • Both Jason and his sister were given Occidental (Western-style) first names and have their names officially listed in the Occidental style of the family name being last. His parents still have their names officially listed in the Oriental tradition of family name being first.


  • Jason Kwon (Universal Omnitech Corporate - Real name, Real SIN)
  • Thomas Swarthmore (UCAS Rating 4)


  • Jason Kwon (None)
  • Thomas Swarthmore (UCAS Rating 4 - Cyberdeck, Matrix Software, Private Investigator, Firearms, Restricted Cyberware, Driver's License, Concealed Carry)


  • Jason Kwon (None - In hiding)
  • Thomas Swarthmore (Medium lifestyle apartment in Lynnwood, Everett with Basic DocWagon, Datahost Subscription, Shopsoft Network Subscription, Mapping System Subscription, Zen Den, Special Work Area, Public Transportation, Extra Secure, Local Grid and Public Grid.)

Past Aliases

  • Fukaya Kenji (Shiawase Rating 4 Burner - Technician, Concealed Carry and Cybersecurity) (09/30/2018)
  • Paul Mercer (UCAS Rating 4 Burner - Technician, Cyberdeck Matrix Software, Firearms, Restricted Cyberware) (06/18/2019)


Slightly short human, bald with brown eyes and a pale tan complexion (Korean descent).


He tends to dress in surplus military/security clothes unless the situation demands dressing up.

Matrix Persona

Jason uses a partial android as his icon with a humanoid head, torso and upper arms. Hands, lower limbs or other appendages shimmer into holographic existence as needed.

Conspiracy Theories



Of course he would stumble upon the bug spirits infesting Ares Macrotechnology.

Universal Omnitech

Primer on Universal Omnitech to be added later

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