Sea Breeze

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Sea Breeze
Sea Breeze New.jpg
(Illusionist Face)
Street Cred1
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Felicia is a mage that dweels in the black arts, a versatile runner, she can summon and banish spirits, counter spell but specializes mostly in ilusions and manipulations. Outside combat she assists the team as a face and performing a myriad of magical services... and if all else fails? she has her handy boomstick always at the ready!


Gather allies and resources to get revenge at the officer that sank her home. ("Mehhh, its a long term goal, maybe when I have prime conections...")

Be a pro at motocrossing and learn how to do some sick stunts.

Help Moth find a "powder sugar Novacoke (TM)", eat (and maybe survive) a (lot of) Novacoke cupcake(s) (TM).

Have a respectable collection of Bikes.

Have more zeroes than she can count in "Da Bank" (TM)

Binge on every vice known to metahumanity.


The Crucible

Felicia was born in a ship, so she doesnt have a nationality per se (but if you ask she will probably say german, because of her surname, "Weber"), her parents are weapon merchants aboard the Sea Breeze, a medium size vessel, that delivered arms and ammo from America and Japan to third world countries, african warlords, pirates and smugglers. Her education was entirelly based around what her parents could teach her, skillsofts and hands on magical practice, She was raised by the ship´s crew as a "niece" of sorts and considered all of them to be part of her family, she visited land only a few times due to a genetic degenerative disease that compromised her immune system, growing up in such a rough enviroment left her with a pragmatic view of the world, adopting a consequentialist approach to problems.

Her adventures on sea, unfortunatly, ended when a corrupt officer in the Japanese imperial navy backstabbed her parents and the crew of the "Sea Breeze" which transformed into a violent fight and a costly escape, the ship was battered and bruised, with many of Felicia´s uncles and aunts in critical condition, only managing to make it halfway into the Pacific ocean the ship sank along with part of her family, the remainder of its crew had to be saved by a group of smugglers that were in good terms with the captain.

The smugglers dropped them off in Tacoma, Seattle, with minimal resources at their disposal, Felicia´s parents, in what probably was one of the toughest decision of their lives decided to call in a few favors and set sail again, but leaving her in Seattle, in an attempt to lead the people that wanted them dead in a wild goose chase while their daughter stayed inland away from harm. She agreed in the condition that they would someday reunite again.

Since them Felicia decide to try her hand at shadowrunning, donning the name of "Sea Breeze" in honor of her family and home.

Brave New World

Dropped in a completly foreign world that she only ever saw glimpses, she, at first, felt like "the savage" from the old 5th world fantasy novel: Brave new world, Sea Breeze is slowly getting used to life on land (which still is a giant mistery in her overall opinion), she had the fortune to meet a group of friendly shadowrunners that are serving as "guides" to a "normal life" in this new culture that she finds herself in. Little by little she is understanding the customs and mentalities of people around her and trying to adapt accordingly, again showing her laid back attitude nistead of putting a mask of suspicion and paranoia, although this new view conforts her a bit, she is still locked with her inner struggle to maintain control over the urges that the temptress throws her way, in a city that not only embraces but revels in excesses she worries that if she doesnt find an anchor quickly, she might get taken by the ever increasing storm that whispers in her ear.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Common sense / Focused concentration / Spirit whisperer / Mentor spirit: Seductress / Quick healer


Uncommon mild allergy: Flowers and Pollen / Infirm / Prejudiced: Imperial Japan / Spirit Bane: Beast

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Ghost in the CrowdIsaac22 August 2081
Bigtop BurgerAtlatl28 July 2081
All-Nighter!KoreanBBQ9 July 2081
Precinct PenetrationOb7 July 2081
It's Off To Work We Go!Chrisst1112 July 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Katherine Curran 6 1 Fixer Fixer Talismonger, Reagents, Foci, Assensing, Fencing, Hermetic Mage, Formulas Even
Auntie Amelia 4 3 Fixer(N,K,G,A) Elderly Troll Gossiper, Old Adept, Tea Horse Road, Shadow Networker, Seattle Streetwise Even
In4motion 2 2 Legwork Legwork Conspiracy Theorist, Investigative Journalist, Hacker Even



Ironclad (Gramps) / Moth


Japanese Empire (very one sided hatred)

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Natasha Brigs (R4 - UCAS) - Licences: Magician / Firearms / Driver


With the aid of a few good doctors and some cosmetic genemods Sea Breeze found a new love for vanity in general, no longer putting the front of a meek and sick girl ,but with bombastic, over the top, mischivious girl.

Now that the initial paranoia is gone with an easy smile and very laid back and happy go lucky attitude outside of work.


After some time on land and a new vanity streak, Sea Breeze ditched her old clothes, many of which are rather simple day to day clothes and a few armored hoodies, in favor of expensive, trendy clothing, but she also has a few fancy suits that she uses during Johnson meets.

Matrix Persona

A short haired lady with a "skulls and bones" themed punk rock attire and pirate hat.


First initiation: 07/14

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