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Somebody, somewhere, has finally had enough of ShadowHaven and it's runners. The "Light the Shadows" campaign is an incipient "grass-roots" movement directed towards thwarting the plans of Shadow Runners in particular and making their lifestyle as difficult and inconvenient as possible. While the campaign is ostensibly funded by "concerned citizens" at the "meta-human on the street" level, early indications are that someone, or someones, with a great deal of financial clout are funding the movement from behind the scenes. These individuals are calling in favours with every legal faction at it's disposal to make life for Runner's difficult: Knight Errant, the Zoning Commission, Bail Bond Bounty Hunters, the DA's office, Utility Companies; they're all being encouraged to make life as a Runner's far more difficult than ever before.

Running the Shadows is beginning to get a lot more complicated.


Involved Faction or Individual

The "Light the Shadows" campaign is funded largely by private individuals and interest groups, with attempts to source funding from corporations and larger organisations largely falling on deaf ears. However, the campaign hopes to evolve into something of a popular "grass roots" movement over time. Even so, early spending indications suggest that the funds for campaign expenditure thus far vastly exceed that raised publicly, leading to media speculation that a certain wealthy someone behind the scenes in providing the campaign with it's financial muscle.

Important Members

District Attorney Mark Donaghy:

DA Mark Donaghy has become the spokesperson for the anti-Runner faction, despite coming out of a recent scandal in which a valuable book put up for auction in his name was found not to be in his possession. Saved only by his impeccably squeaky-clean reputation, local media sources are speculating that his recent fronting of the "Light the Shadows" campaign has as much to do with having been a victim of Shadow Runner crime himself as it does with his future political aspirations.


  • Make it more difficult for Shadowrunners to operate freely in Seattle.
  • Use all the legal means at his disposal to inconvenience the Shadow Running community.
  • Attempt to identify the SINs of currently active runners and post bounties for their apprehension and arrest.
  • Encourage members of the public who are otherwise presently ambivilant towards runners to actively assist Knight Errant in their apprehension.

Another Involved Faction or Individual

  • ShadowHaven Host and it's Community

Important Members


Keep running the Shadows.


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