Shark Week

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Shark Week
Part of It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
LocationElliot Bay
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
The Cap'n
The Ocean Unidentified Gangers
A Squid
3 Sharks
Casualties and losses
None A Squid, 3 Sharks


The runners investigate a phenomenon causing strange behaviour in the local fish, and promptly draw the ire of every animal rights group under the sun.


Along the Puget Sound, various fishers (inluding The Cap'n and Ca1yps0) have been reeling in strange fish. These fish have displayed heightened aggression, and some are even spontaneously dying. A call is sent out for runners to help investigate the cause.

The Meet

The runners meet at the Downtown Seattle docks, where The Cap'n is waiting for them, trying and failing to not draw suspicion. He is incredibly drunk on Hurlg, as is Wychking. They discuss the situation on the way to where he thinks the frenzied fish are originating from. Ca1yps0's matrix searching reveals that most fishers suspect the culprit to be chemical in nature (and the possibility of King Beef's remains polluting the river is briefly discussed).

The Run

Wychking sends a water spirit into the depths to investigate - it detects both danger and a chemical source; a crate which it levitates up to the surface. She has it hook the crate on Hawkins' fishing line as a joke, but something attempts to pull the crate back down as she reels it in. The runners are faced with a large and very angry squid, which refuses to let go of the crate. After poking it off with a stick, Grasshopper has his drones fire on the squid, drawing a shark to the surface in the process. It dealt some damage to the hull of The Cap'n's boat, but was quickly dealt with. Ca1yps0 wasn't particularly thrilled with this wanton violence against aquatic life, however. Worse still, there were still five more crates at the bottom of the river to retrieve - a river now filled with blood.

While Ca1yps0 and Hawkins attempted to leave by personal plane, they were attacked by a second and third shark - Wychking, having correctly identified the crate as being filled with K-10 by eating a handful, attempted to drop-kick the leaping shark, falling into the water and being viciously mauled. Newt, Wychking, and Grasshopper picked the sharks off, while Ca1yps0 and Hawkins watched disapprovingly, and the Cap'n was just sort of there.


Escaping before more sharks could come, the runners came across a boat full of gangers heading their way - possibly looking for the sunken K-10, possibly something else. Luckily, they avoided them with a combination of magical and matrix tricks. Ca1yps0 contacted the water spirit Wusan to clean up the rest of the K-10, and the runners collected their payment for a job... done?


  • 12,000 nuyen (can be exchanged for 24,000 nuyen in boats and boat accessories at the usual 2:1 rate) (6 RVP)
  • 5 karma (5 RVP)
  • The Cap'n at L1, C1 OR 1 karma (1 RVP)
  • Grasshopper can get +1 loyalty with The Cap'n by exchanging 4 RVP.
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Good. Fragging. Lord. What the frag is wrong with people? It's like, half the team just immediately started shooting - they're fragging squids and sharks guys, it's like just... maybe don't? Like I know they were on murder-drugs but like, we can maybe not frenzy them further? I don't know. At least I got to be picked up by a plane's winch and meet a pirate (who was the only one that didn't seem interested in wanton murder of sea creatures), so that was neat - something about them was weirdly familiar though...


"This was my first job for the Shadow Haven, and I must say that it isn't what I was expecting. I figured it'd be something more than a drunken fool paying us to collect crates from the ocean. Still, money is money. That other changeling on the team though, I find her lack of survival instinct to be irritating. Who in the Goddess' name plays nice with a predator trying to eat them?"


Pirates all! Suprisin' t' see so many sea bound runners. Can't say I understood the job well as I should, but I managed t' avoid the jaws a death. Seems good enough t' get paid this time 'round. The group may have been better served takin' time with the approach, though. Like as not coulda done the job without angerin' the sharks. Met a famous mermaid, though, <Comment redacted>. Was nice a her t' let us use the shower, after the job was finished. Not sure if it's better'n washin' in the sea.


I have to admit, I was not expecting angry, drugged up sharks. I feel bad for assaulting them, but that substance was beyond anything I expected. I am glad to have survived the crash it gave me. At least we got the materiel away from any more fauna that might've wanted to get a piece -- now I have to think about how to avoid abusing such substances in the future in a surefire way. Booze is one thing, but...