Shinji "Glitch Tripping" Shikishima

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Shinji "Glitch Tripping" Shikishima
Shinji "Glitch Tripping" Shikishima.png
Street Samurai
Disciplined And Calm
Moves In Silence With Violence
Keep Swinging Till The Screaming Stops
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.February 20nd, 2058
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - C

Character Information


A quiet man of pure will with a piercing stare. He preferred to not speak and instead observe his environment, taking a page from the monks he saw growing up. He spoke only when he needed to, keeping himself in a calm demeanor, and preferring to keep his emotions under wraps. When he walked he seemed to effortlessly move like water, shifting through any area from densely packed crowds in entertainment districts, narrow alleyways with debris strewn everywhere, high security corporate areas, or on rooftops. He was no mute or loner, and would hold conversation if approached, speaking in a bit of a slow but precise manner, choosing each word he said carefully. He held himself to a code of honor that kept him disciplined and precise with everything he did, and it kept him moving through the lower and upper districts of urban sprawls. Aside from his code he held more personal esoteric views on the world and on life, and as such always seemed to be in thought. His time as a Street Sam lead him through the lowest of sewers and the highest of roofs, becoming familiar with the way people speak and act.


-To uphold life against time and knowing that we are gears upon the very machine which we seek to destroy and to create.

-An inner desire to be life centered, hoping one day for the advent of a worldview in accordance with the natural laws of the universe.

-To protect the lives of natural animals, for their worth far exceeds ours.

-To prove the sword is mightier than the pen


Shinji "Glitch Tripping" Shikishima was born in February 20nd, 2058 in the Edogawa Special Ward located in Neo Tokyo. His father was a retired Officer of the Japanese Imperial State, serving during the collapse of the Empire, his mother being a nurse in the ward who had bonded with him during the war, both serving in a Naval Battalion located in Hawaii. His family had been a large Nomadic pack including a number of Brothers and Sisters, but only a few Aunts and Uncles. All of whom were completely blood related. They were apart of a close clique of former Officers and Soldiers from the War who lived Nomadically in the dense low level urban sprawl of Neo Tokyo. They had a semi established practice combining older Germanic philosophies with Indo Esoterics and Japanese religion. His father seemed to always be looking out at something over the horizon, when asked his father simply furrowed his eyebrows together and shook his head before looking up and saying nothing. He was a big man of 6'8, having his left arm replaced with a now outdated model from the military. He spoke with confidence, always seeming to know what he was speaking about. His mother was lighthearted and humorous, providing a maternal balance to the firm strictness his father was. However, aside from a few of the older folks, she was easily the heart of the family and commanded all their respect and when necessary, their fear. He made friends and life long connections with other youths from his generation as well as older and younger ones, always willing to be the one to lead the group in exploring an old alleyway or abandoned apartment blocks, carrying the flash light or torch along the entire way. His life with the boys from his pack helped him develop a better control on certain emotions such as fear and terror. As he got older, he soon approached a sort of rite for his family, who were far from a religious convent or organization of any significance, but due to the size of the community, had developed their own method for helping rear children. At the age of 10 he was given to a traders Caravan and taken far away from his home.

Shinji learned from a young age the rules for life in the sprawl on the streets of Neo Tokyo as an Urban Nomad. Like remembering to always watch one's back, how to examine the usefulness of an alleyway from the outside in under 30 seconds, and manipulating certain vending machines for free food. He found them all put to the test in his life with the Caravan. Among other youths he found himself working hard to not only pay off his families debts to them, but also to earn his keep and way to Freedom. Running food deliveries over roof tops in order to avoid the congested walk ways built his athletics into the lean machine it now was, tagging and to an extent lightly sabotaging other rival caravans honed his skills in small unit tactics and close quarter combat when soon after there'd be a counter attempt by said rival caravan which would lead to the same end as always of turning into open street brawls between different groups later on. His time spent operating the booth helped build his influencing and at times intimidation skills, often being able to establish a well respected name and service of the Caravan in the towns they visited, to the point where when away from the job he'd occasionally be greeted by customers and local workmen from the area. At night when he could he went out with people from the caravan to local concerts, cliche underground bars, or raves, developing his sneaking skills. The Caravan he worked under was apart of a particular Indo European and Eurasian network of a larger Hindu/Shinto hybridization. The man who lead this particular one, a large muscle built lightly tanned Afghan man with a well groomed moustache and beard, taught all the children in the Caravan discipline with a wooden mop handle, usually only needing soap, a bucket of water, and a dirty Caravan encampment on a nice day off to keep them in line. An inhouse Sifu from Hong Kong taught martial arts and exercise with the children, later teaching Fu Jow Pai on personal request from Shikishima in exchange for some more work, which often was tied into the training anyway.

Soon he had worked his families debt to the Caravan off, learned all he could from the trade, and was set free, his contract up. He had found himself in the dense never ending cityscape of Neo Tokyo, and he suddenly felt very small and suffocated. He had friends with other caravan workmen as well as some locals, but a particular bad run ended with him narrowly avoiding being beaten by an angry group of another caravan, realizing he was alone and had nowhere to fall back on when everyone split up. He realized that his old life was over and that now he was on his own. He could see that he'd go nowhere doing what he was doing before, but knowing he had skill and seeing that it was wasted here he decided to become initiated into the Tigers before leaving years later. Ever since, with both blade and hand in the vast Urban jungles of Neo Tokyo or Seattle, he brings the light of the natural law of the universe wherever he goes, a street samurai serving life against time.

Narrative Significant Qualities


-Low Light Vision: An increase of rod cells in the eye has gifted him the ability of low light vision

-Will To Live: For each rating point in Will to Live, the character gains 1 additional Damage Overflow Box (p. 101). These additional boxes only allow the character to sustain additional damage before dying; they do not raise the threshold at which the character becomes unconscious or incapacitated, nor do they affect modifiers from the damage the character has taken.

-Guts: When a bug spirit with dripping mandibles comes calling, the character with Guts is the one most likely to stand and fight instead of freaking the hell out. Guts gives a character a +2 dice pool modifier on tests to resist fear and intimidation, including magically induced fear from spells or critter powers.


CoH: Path Of The Samurai: Restriction: May not kill anyone from surprise or via treachery. May not break his word once given.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
"What are you buying, stranger?"15 January 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Mary Claire 3 4 Fixer Fixer/Club Girl That Never Grew Up Gossip, Infobroker, Drugs, Nightlife Denizen, Corporations, Hard to Reach Even
Sparrow (Contact) 4 2 Fixer Technomancer Doctor Technomancer, Doctor, Runs a Hospital, Friends in the gangs, Spider Friend Even
Charybdis 4 2 Custom(N,K,A,G) Librarian/Fixer Conjuring Sensei, Book Club, Bestiary, Smuggling Connections, Computer Illiterate, Architecture Enthusiast, Voodou Mage Even
Benny "Good Boy" Cervantes 6 1 Fixer Fixer Firearms, Grenades, Vehicle Dealer, Groundcraft, Drones, Chop Shop, Weapons Dealer Even
Ariel Lopez 4 1 Generalist Shamanic Talismonger Shaman, Teacher, Enchanter, Hell's Kitchen, Poor Networker, Survivalist, Ritualist Even
Esteban González 5 1 Gear Materiel Smuggler and Acquisitions Expert Mil-Spec Materiel, Combat Gear, Just Point and Click, Lead Spitters, Rigging Amateur, Smuggler Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

The Chinese symbol for little brother was often the worn symbol on the back

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Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result



-Shinji stood at a nice 5'9, his skin was a porcelain light grey color. He had a lean but fit body, and seemed incredibly agile. His skin was smooth and unbroken save for a datajack.

-On his back was a tattoo of a rising sun over a mountain, with a valley and shrine underneath it, with a river running through.

-His hair was thick but smooth, it covered his head completely and came down the sides. Some of it came down the sides of his head, requiring him to tie them back into a small tail behind his head. Not all of them stayed however and often he'd have a couple on each side of his head, complementary to his hair bangs.

-His eyes were a deep indigo and seemed to have a very rigid stare.

-In his mouth there were cyberfangs installed, coming in handy and giving him a chilling grin that looked a lot like his Oni mask.

-As a swordsman , his main weapon was a titanium Katana. Above the base of the sword were 3 stamped holes, and the handle had a ceremonial tassel. The sword had a handguard with an interlocking pattern

-In one hand he wielded the brutal and efficient FN P93 Praetor which came with an integrated rigid stock, a laser sight, and a flashlight with three settings to benefit low-light, thermographic, or regular vision. It also came with an attachable remade Arisaka bayonet. Running horizontally along the body of the submachine gun was the inscription "7 lives for the glory of the Sun, an eternal service to life against time forever!". This was carried with a simple but sturdy sling

-He kept a Browning Ultra Power tucked into a concealed quick draw holster strapped to his left side under his jackets. The pistol had a sleek design, the butt had a tiger with 3 eyes barring its teeth and 2 crossed swords behind it. .

-In each of his arms were a forearm blade, able to slide back and be concealed in a small compartment inside each of his limbs. He kept each blade within coverd in a strip of cloth on the blades for safety. On the left, the blade had a design of the Sun above the blade collar, engravings of all the rays reached out all the way to the end of the blade. On the right, the other blade had a Lightning design, the bolt reaching out to the end of the blade

-He kept a simple black Lapel dagger in his boot, covered and tucked away deeply.

-Drove a smooth black and indigo Horizon-Doble Revolution


-For armor he wore a black armored insulated lined long coat, the design based off a long dead 20th century European empire, although the coat was not overly aggressive or flashy in its design. It was simple sleek, and form fitting, with a collar that could cover up to the mouth when used. The jacket having come with various upgrades, like one allowing him to change the coat's color, symbol, text, and patterns thanks to an electrochromic mod.

-Underneath he wore a silver jacket with black cuffing's and a shirt or sweater underneath along with a pair of simple black pants, tucked neatly into melee hardened Lone Star Tactical Boots, and a set of stain resistant fingerless leather gloves

-On his head he wore a nice baseball cap, with a small pair of silver reflective glasses and an Oni mask covering his mouth. Together it obscured his face, although he also kept a gas mask and a fireproof racing motorbike helmet in case of emergencies on him.

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