Smash n' Smash

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Smash n' Smash
Status Threat Level: Milk Run
Factions Involved
Anderson Silvers
Safeworld Insurance, LLC.
Gav Jacinto
Two KE Mooks
Casualties and losses


An scheme performed in service of Anderson Silvers in order to collect the insurance on one of Silvers' Redmond offices. The team were paid to break in and vandalize the place beyond repair, which they did after dressing up like Halloweeners. The two KE night guards didn't stand a chance, and the team got out well before the cops were able to arrive. The team got paid, and Silvers got his insurance claim.


Anderson Silvers' office in southern Redmond was becoming just a little too unprofitable. He wanted it closed, but also wanted to make some money doing it. To that end, he decided to do what he did best: insurance fraud. He hired the freerunning Satyr Milliam, the cybered up street sam Gav, the elven technomancer Funk, and the claymore wielding adept Rougaru to fake a break in and smash the place up.

The Meet

It was the early afternoon, a nice day by Seattle standards, when the team arrived at the abandoned strip mall where they had been told to meet. After some brief introductions, they watched as Silvers' gaudy Humvee limo pulled into the parking lot. The team got in, and Silvers seemed remarkably unshaken by Milliam's panther. Funk, on the other hand, kept eyeing the cat nervously. Silvers quickly went over the details of the job, and payment as agreed at 2,000 Nuyen per person. A lowball to be sure, but none of the team members seemed interested in negotiating. Silvers kicked them out of the limo as quickly as they had come in, and drove off.

The Plan

The team did their planning at a low key coffee shop in Redmond. Funk dropped into the matrix to scout out the building's host while Rougaru went to find some Halloweener costumes. As Milliam and Gav got Dumas to chew on Funk's arm, Rougaru found some suitable outfits at a cluttered little costume shop. While in the shop, she looked into the mirror to commune with Stag, asking if any of her teammate's slights demanded retribution. Stag did not speak, but the feeling in Rougaru's chest told her that the team was on thin ice. Funk jacked out of the matrix, and nearly popped a blood vessel when he saw the panther slobber all over his nice jumpsuit. After he had calmed himself down, the team finished up their plan. Funk would use his hacking to ensure that both of the night guards were in one place. Then, the rest of the team would knock them out and vandalize the office. Not a very complex plan, but with Gav and Milliam on the team getting one together at all was an achievement.

The Run

Cracking into the building's host was child's play for Funk. There was one guard at a desk in front, and one guard patrolling the upper floors of the building. Funk used his resonance powers to fake a message on the patrolling guard's commlink, telling him to meet his comrade at the front desk. As the two guards tried to figure out what was happening with their commlinks, Milliam broke down the door with a running drop kick. The poor mooks got hosed with stick n' shock rounds before they could even react. One went down cold, and the other was punched over the desk by Milliam. The building's alarm began to blare, but was quickly silenced by Funk's machine sprite.

The team absolutely trashed Silvers' office. Funk shot all of the electronics with stick n' shocks, save for one camera. Gav first took a sledgehammer to the walls, and then proceeded to draw obscenities on them. Milliam shot explosive arrows everywhere and then joined Gav in the graffiti, drawing a crude picture of a tree-lined valley. Rougaru slashed up the desks and furniture with her oversized claymore. The place suitably wrecked, the team went to leave before the cops showed up. Gav and Milliam flipped off the one remaining camera as they exited the building.


The team got out well before the cops showed up, and called Silvers to tell him about a job well done. Silvers transferred the nuyen, pleased with their work. With that, the team went their separate ways to celebrate their payday.


2,000 Nuyen 4 Karma +1 Halloweeners Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Always felt good to take up a job, just thought it was weird with the team i had to be paired up with, one was a type of orc, not very bright but she was able to hold her urge to fight, she wanted to fight those guards so bad, for the others. seem like a normal group of runners and the whole idea dress up as halloweeners was a rather good idea, to help save us some face and put it onto them rather then us.


"I wasn't a huge fan of this J, but it was fun to dress up and wreck some stuff. It was also nice to get see my machine sprites' Gremlins infest the system and shut down the alarm. Getting the guards to move on demand was pretty fun too! Not bad for the pay, and seemingly no collateral damage. Also, I gotta figure out how to get panther slobber out of my Urban Explorer Jumpsuit, so thanks Milliam!"