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Juliette Burma.jpg
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Low to High
Factions Involved
Juliette Burns
Guest List Guest List continued.
District Attorney Mark Donaghy
Alice Donaghy
Patrolman Korran Donaghy
Asahiro Kunitoshi
Hanako Shinoda
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III
Cecelia Cross
Amelie and Jean-Baptiste
Amrei Veidt
Chloe Green
Ace Powers
Dante Palmer
Diogo da Silva
Eveline Powers
King Midas
Lt.Cmdr Yennefer Kerrigan
Madame Butterfly
Mr. Herenight
Professor Simeon Jones
Red, The Seductress
Robert Caldwell
Sanev Beixidor
Sarah Snow
Saul Goodman
Casualties and losses


Mush, on behalf of Juliette Burns hires the runner team to pose as guests at a cocktail party she is hosting in a rented downtown mansion. Each is provided with a guest-list, a wireless mapsoft of the building, and access to the RFD ID tags issued to each guest on arrival. Their task is to provide a measure of discrete, internal security. In addition, each is given a slightly different intelligence gathering task from the others.


Juliette Burns in a noted hedonist and one of the most (in)famous Black Magicians in North America. Her parties are normally hideously expensive and decadent episodes of debauchery. But not tonight. Tonight, this gathering is different, with a number of influential attendees from outside her normal circles and, consequently, the evening events are far more restrained.

The Meet

Mush summons each of the runners to a meet at the resteraunt atop the space needle, partially to assist them in "getting into character" but -mostly- as a test of their SINs. Fidem, Gamorrah and Babylon arrive together, with Fidem using her true identity at the request of Mush, and Babylon her rating 6. Charon attempts to gain entry with a rating 4 SIN but fails to even open the elevator on the ground floor. On being challenged by one of the very polite and well mannered security personnel, she manages to persuade him to look the other way while she changes her SIN to a rating 6. She finally joins the others after Mush has already ordered meals for everyone. In icy tones, he yet again comments on how in *his* day, no-one ever dared show up to a meet late. This represents the third run in a row when at least one team-member has failed to arrive on time and frankly, it's beginning to irritate him.

Mush apologises to Babylon, and explains that, due to the nature of the external security measures taken at the party location, Gamorrah would find attendance at the party uncomfortable at best and potentially lethal at worst. The Ancients' Sorceress is not pleased, but acquiesces to his request.

At this point, the runners are allowed to look over the guest list. Much, much, much cursing and sighing ensues.

Keeping the peace this evening is not going to be easy.

The Guest List

The Plan

The plan is simple: divide on arrival at the party and speak to as many guests as possible while keeping an eye out for potential trouble in need of defusing.


The runners arrive at the Mansion to find it well guarded by Wolverine security personnel and drones present throughout the grounds in the meat, with those on the outer perimeter dressed in SWAT armour and those closer to the actual house dressed in evening wear. Security on the Astral is no less extensive: more than a dozen patrolling watcher spirits, and a number of Spirits of Man, Guardian Spirits and Elemental Spirits. Babylon recognises the astral signatures of both Juliette and Mush on the majority of the spirits present, but a minority bear several additional signatures unfamiliar to her.

Moreover, the ground floor of the house is coated in lethal, highly illegal FABIII, with the higher stories being coated in FAB I.

The Run

A great many events of significance occur during the run, in the form of many brief vignettes and encounters. Many are summarised below.

  • Charon witnessing Sarah Snow snorting Nova Coke from the wings of Sanev Beixidor and proclaiming it the best "pixie dust" ever. The two guests are later joined by Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III and Diogo da Silva, who also indulge. By the end of the evening, both Diogo and Sanev are so overcome with narcotics that Babylon needs to detoxify them with magic to ensure they are able to attend the finale.
  • Fidem rescues Chloe Green from the schmoozing of Ace Powers, who once more attempts to convince the former actress to audition for a part in his latest project, "Nuns with Guns". Chloe gushes over the presence of Fidem in true fan-girl fashion and persuades the nun to autograph her chest with a marker pen. Fidem also provides a signed 8x4 hardcopy of herself. Chloe is esctatic.
  • At different points of the evening, all three runners pass District Attorney Mark Donaghy and his wife in the hallway. Alice is futilely trying to persuade her husband to join the party, while he would clearly rather be anywhere else.
  • Charon and Babylon both, on separate occasions encounter Red, The Seductress and Madame Butterfly. On each occasion involving the beuatiful women in question, the claws of jealousy are unsheathed and equally pointed comments unleashed.
  • Charon encounters Mr Hereknight, who comments that there are more awakened and infected gathered here tonight than in any place in the city other than the Univeristy of Washington's "Magic Theory" department. The two vampires dance around one another, probing for information and Charon evidently feels that she gives away more than she gains during the exchange.
  • Babylon, during a conversation with the two Talismongers Dante Palmer and Damien is overhead by an irate Eveline Powers, who recognises the mages voice and aura as belonging to the "Bitch who stole my fucking birds!" during The Dodo's Had It's Day. A magical confrontation there and then is narrowly avoided by the efforts of Fidem and the presence of District Attorney Mark Donaghy who watches intently from the doorway in the manner of someone recording *everything*. As soon as Eveline Powers departs, Babylon hastily requests that Cecelia Cross take action to erase any recordings the DA might have made. She also obtains contact details from the besotted Damien, who also provides contact details for the somewhat socially anxious Dante Palmer.
  • The open presence of criminals at the gathering is the final straw for the DA, who informs his wife that they are leaving, immediately. Fidem follows to try and recover the situation, and learns that Alice Donaghy is also a fan. Like Chloe, Alice leaves the party with a signed 8x4 and concludes that the evening was not a complete bust after all.
  • Fidem encounters both Asahiro Kunitoshi and Hanako Shinoda in one of the manor's art galleries, this one depicting Japanese art. Fidem learns that the two Shiawase executives are present because Hanako had a vision in which events of mystical significance gathered in a vortex around the mansion house. They are hear to ensure that yet another terrible threat to the safety of the world is not born here tonight. Fidem coaxes this information out of Asahiro, and establishes a bond of trust between herself and Asahiro.
  • Charon encounters Amelie and Jean-Baptiste but her attempts at conversation are prevented by the presence of Knight Errant Patrolman Korran Donaghy, the DA's son, still wounded following the events of Another Night In Hell. She intimidates the hell out the young man, who immediately not only leaves the room, but even the entire party. However, before the conversation can resume, the guests are summoned to the ballroom by Juliette.

The Grand Finale

The remaining guests are assembled in the ballroom, where Juliette Burns announces it is now time to present the unique items each guest was asked to bring. She summons a wheel of fortune borne aloft by a succubus and an incubi (which, to the relief of many present, are merely Spirits of Man formed to appear thus rather than actual Shadow Spirits) to select who will make their presentations. The first to be selected is Fidem, who presents a habit touched by the hand of the Pope. Juliette takes this opportunity to quiz Fidem concerning just which Holy Order she happens to call her own, but Fidem is evasive. Next is Professor Simeon Jones who presents a withered lemon-powered battery, the last such device known to function after the Awakening. Thirdly, is ace Powers, who proudly presents a shoebox containing every used condom he has produced, much to the disgust of the entire gathering (except for Brodie J, who loudly announces that this is a great idea and something he is certainly going to do himself).

Juliette asks if there are any volunteers, and Babylon steps forward and summons Gamorrah. The two perform a feat of magic, much to Juliette's disapproval at being upstaged. The host icily issues several unflattering remarks concerning Babylon's "pet", each loosely couched as compliments, before she begins the night's finale.

This is when Mush walks out onto the stage bearing a silver platter upon which rests a pair of Dodo's and four of their eggs. Eveline Powers immediately begins to rage, and Juliette smugly reminds the EVO executive that she is not a woman to be fucked with by savagely sweeping all four of the eggs onto the floor, where they smash. She then throws the two adult birds at Eveline, dismissing the woman in sneering tones, and loudly reminding everyone present that she will fucking *ruin* any of them that dare to cross her.

Having now spent a fortune and caused the death of many innocents simply to ruin Eveline's career by stealing the birds in question, none of those present fail to heed the warning. Juliette Burns is not to be fucked with, indeed.


The guests disperse back to their homes, and the runners are paid. Juliette promises Babylon they will meet again, and thanks the runners for taking the time to ensure that her little gathering is a success.


10,000 Nuyen, 6Karma and the option to buy any contact interacted with in this run at half normal cost in CDP or RVP.

In Summary:

  • Fidem picks up Asahiro Kunitoshi at 6/3 for 2 CDP (Quarter the normal rate due to run rewards) Chole Green at 2/5 for 3 CDP (Half the normal rate due to run rewards) Professor Simeon Jones at 3/4 for 3 CDP (Half the normal Rate due to run rewards) and Hanako Shinoda at 6/2 for 4 CDP (Half the normal Rate due to run rewards). Fidem also works for the People, giving 5k to Chloe Green's "Save the Moose" campaign and 5k to Professor Simeon Jones' 5th world technology museum for 5 karma.
  • Charon picks up all the infected contacts: Herenight at 7/1 for 2 Karma and 2 CDP Amelie and Jean-Dupont for 2 Karma. She also WFTP to get 5 additional Karma.
  • Babylon Works for the People her reward to whatever charity Sarah Snow was babbling on about. She also picks up Damien at 2/4 for 5 CDP (half price), Dante Palmer at 2/2 for 3 CDP, Sanev Beixidor at 3/3 for 5 CDP (half price) and Madame Buttefly at 4/4 for 7 CDP (half price).

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)



Thank you ever so much for a wonderful night. It has been quite some time since I was blessed with an invitation to a party of such scale, and I apologize that my behavior was unsuited to a servant of the Lord. However I was able to make a number of connections that I'm sure will be very useful in my future endeavors and for that I owe you and our lovely Lady Burns another thanks.

As for the details that you requested, I'm afraid I was only able to find a small amount of what I was meant to. Both Ace Powers and Chloe Green are completely ignorant of anything regarding Jack or Camilla. I was unable to garner anything from the District Attorney and his lovely wife, but that man is far too intelligent not to know about those movements within Sophocles. It would be best to be wary of him, though his wife is lovely and honestly, seems like she could use a night off. Perhaps inviting her alone to the next party would help her release some stress.

The most interesting pieces of information came from Hanako Shinoda and Asahiro Kunitoshi. Hanako seems to be some sort of prophet, and has seen a number of things that indicate to Shiawase that the party will be the start of some form of mystical ripples across the area. They also seemed concerned by the situation with Jack, and Asahiro seemed disturbed when I mentioned the Chaplain Carmilla. I would say that they have the potential to be strong allies, or deadly foes if they are not approached with caution.

As for the other matter, our mutual associate Babylon is very much aware of the situation with both Jack and Camilla. She was also slightly suspicious of my inquiry, but I was able to deflect this suspicion. She gave only general answers as to what they were involved in, such as that Jack is a powerful spirit and Camilla has a group of followers, but did not disclose their locations or any further details. This leads me to believe that she is close enough to each that she will not give up anything without a bond of trust that she and I do not have. I would assume that these two potential threats can be used to advance Babylon's own interests and as such she has a reason to protect them from outside threats, though she does not seem to trust them either, and is simply doing what she can to take up a middle stance. My advice would be to move carefully, Babylon is professional, but volatile when provoked.

Thank you and your Lady once more for a grand evening, and may the Lord protect and love you always,

His Humble Servant, Fidem of His Holiness' Order.


I gotta admit, I got more out of a little chit-chat than I have in a long time. I almost forgot how enjoyable little social gatherings like this were, I don't get to handle 'em much anymore. Ah, well, better few than none. Either way, the job I was sent there to do was a bit of a bust: the cattle weren't useful in the slightest and while Brodie was there, as always, to give me plenty of drugs to do... the fellow nightwalkers were surprisingly helpful. First there was that mage, son of a bitch actually managed to impress me! Hard to coax much information out of, but given he seemed to know what he was doing, I'm not particularly surprised. Still, I think we got off on the right foot. Might have to talk to him some other time.

The Night Throne, however, that I was a little surprised to see. Stygian had asked me to go meet 'em long before but I just didn't have the time to go through with it. What with him wanting to bridge the gap between Agamemnon and them through me... anyway, Amelie was probably the most productive one out of them all as far as talking business goes. She not only knew about this spirit in Sophocles and that it's been causing all kinds of ruckus, but also about Carmilla. An apprentice of the mage hostess that decided 'fuck it' and ran away all on her own? Pretty fantastic, truth be told. I can respect that kind of guts. Anywho, both were, in Amelie's words: "people to stay away from at all costs." I get her caution, she has a lot to lose, but really?

Oh, and Sarah was there, snorting coke off a pixie's wings. What a queen, that one... wait did I just go on a run with fucking Sionann Flanagon?!


Bonjour Mush,

First I must thank you again for the lovely opportunity - it was quite the evening, as I expected it would be. I spoke to most of the folks you asked me to, and I've got my assessment of them for Ms. Burns to go over at her leisure. Do pass along my warmest regards, as well as my sincerest apologies for nearly upstaging her.

Having spoken to Damien and Dante Palmer, I can say that both seem well-versed in the theory and practice of the Black Arts - the former seemed rather taken with myself, while the latter was quite shy, but both seem to be well-connected to underground talislegging and could prove useful in sourcing rare reagents and foci components for your own efforts. They were eager to please and honestly seemed surprised to be invited, which makes me think that they could be offered token secrets in return for much devotion and loyalty. I spoke only briefly with Sanev Beixidor, but I must say she's a delight as well.

Madame Butterfly and Red, The Seductress were both exceptionally pleasant company - much more suited to your usual parties, but they both lived up to their reputations. I'd consider both useful allies and assets - Butterfly for her network and Red for her knowledge of the conjuring arts. I am acquainted with one of the others - Mr. Herenight - and agree with your assessment, that he is either a useful ally or a dangerous foe, but I'm afraid I cannot say for the moment which is which.

Finally, I had an altercation with Eveline Powers, the woman for whom the festivities were held, which was evidently overheard by District Attorney Mark Donaghy - I cannot speculate as to the purpose of inviting the latter to such an event, but I'm sure there were good reasons for it. The former seemed quite unhappy to see me, but nontheless I think that your display had the intended effect.

Warmest regards, and I do hope that we'll have the opportunity to work together again soon.