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Heavy Weapons Sam
"Any day you ain't shooting is a good one."
Art by CHTV [1]
MetatypeSURGE II Troll
Street Cred1
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.16 MAR 2059
PriorityMetatype - B
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information


Ex-CAS Marine SURGE Sam with fantastically low self-esteem.


  • Get her 'ware fixed up.
  • Find a job outside of the security industry.
  • Afford a shrink.
  • Get a hobby that doesn't involve violence.
  • Learn to dance and also possibly sing.
  • Gain self-worth.
  • Try not to get into any more relationship trouble.


Born in Richardson, Texas to a pair of disappointed parents, Roxanne shipped out to the marine corps as soon as she turned 16 and was immediately given the illustrious MOS of 0331, a machine gunner. While she washed out of scout school, she still picked up with a unit used for CAS citizen extractions in Central and South America, where she proceeded to have a really bad time. Roxanne finished her four year enlistment as a lance corporal and was quickly scalped for bodyguard/enforcer work for nobles in Cara'sir.

She worked for Tir Tairngire for two years before undergoing Class II SURGE during an attempted extraction in the Australian outback in 2080, where her team was caught in a mana storm and largely wiped out. After managing to recover from the her extended hospitalization, she was immediately discharged from service in Tir Tairngire. To add insult to injury, she was also run out of town by her boss' wife after their affair came to light.

Thankfully Seattle's not too far away!

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • SURGE III - (Thematically SURGE II) - Celerity, Keen-Eared, Metagenic Improvement (Agility)


  • SINner (National, CAS) (Roxanne Eqbal) - She finished her enlistment and was honorably discharged from the CASMC.
  • Weak Immune System - Southpaw has a rather mismatched set of ware and her body hasn't been playing nice with them, especially after undergoing SURGE.
  • Astral Hazing - Roxanne's aura hasn't quite been the same after that mana storm. She doesn't notice, but most awakened are thankful that her 'ware has her background count contained to a tight radius around her.
  • Social Appearance Anxiety - One too many uniform inspections and two years of close work with elf nobility have made her exceptionally picky about her appearance.
  • Social Stress (Fire) - Candles, fireplaces, and other seemingly harmless sources of fire put her on edge due to numerous encounters with flamethrowers in Central and South America, as well as things she had to deal with in the mana storm that she doesn't like to talk about.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Put Your Dreams AwayKorean BBQIt's Always Wednesday in Seattle26 August 2081
Teal Tiki TemptationsSedatedAlice22 August 2081
New to the NeighborhoodSi1asBuilding a Better You17 August 2081
When I Needed YouOB13 July 2081
All-Nighter!KoreanBBQ9 July 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
David Harsmen 5 1 Fixer Fixer Well Traveled, Charmer, I Got Friends..., Ware Contact, CAS Resident, Finnigan Even
NorCal Henry 1 1 Service Finnigan Money Launderer Performance Arts Teacher, Stage Manager Even
Milo Minderbinder 6 2 Custom(G,A,N,K) Eccentric Heavy Weapons Dealer Military Surplus, Syndicate Airlines, European Importer, Rocket Man, Range Toys!, Orr Escaped, A Prophet of Profit Even


  • Southpaw is in deep with the Finnigan Family but has no hopes of being made, mostly due to being a trog. She owes David Harsmen for hiring her on.

Faction Reputation

  • +2 The Cockroaches
  • +2 Black Vory




  • Ironclad - Good God old man, stop shooting at me (that's not funny, by the way) and just retire already!
  • Beuford "Saint' Mcgill - Loose lips sink ships, guy.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 You get several hits for boxers, some of them trolls, since southpaw is a term for a left-handed person.
3 Ex-CAS marine and frequently seen working security detail at high society events in Cara'sir. You find some chatter on a bodyguard community network talking about how she was fired and was told to stay out of Cara'sir for a while.
6 There are some declassified CAS military operation reports regarding citizen extractions from Central and South America that list someone matching her exactly as a participant. Her real name is Roxanne Eqbal and she seems to have a fairly large number of rescue operations under her belt. There are a couple of pictures showing her performing heavy weapons prototype testing, but apparently those projects were scrapped for being too heavy for your average troll. There are lengthy medical records from Tir Tairngire from when she SURGEd, as well as her discharge documents.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 "I saw her cut a motorcycle in half!!!"
2 "Looks like she picked up with one of the Finnegans' fixers immediately after leaving Tir. I guess word gets around quickly when you're a free agent that can run 25 miles per hour and swing a sword as hard as an assault cannon."
3 "Yo, if you're wondering why she got soft-exiled from Portland, it's because she's a homewrecker and was a little too friendly with her boss. His wife didn't much care for that. Came out when he was fighting extra hard to keep giving her medical support after she SURGEd. Way to throw away a good, cushy job. If you're not a noble, don't play court politics."


  • Roxanne Eqbal - Legal CAS SIN
  • Fatima Hassan - R4, Tir Tairngire, Bodyguard License, Restricted Augmentation, Firearms License
  • Aaliyah Mostafa - R1, CAS, Bodyguard License



Matrix Persona

Media Mentions

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