Spitting in the Eye of Progress

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Spitting in the Eye of Progress
Cascade Mountains, Salish Shidhe Council
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Awakened Wolves
Dwarf Holdout
Casualties and losses
Artemisia's Ego Wolves, Holdout


An Ares Forward Survey group went missing, and Ares wants to know what happened to them. They decide to hire runners to send them out.


Ares negotiations with the Salish Shidhe Council have been ultimately successful, despite attempted sabotage by Aztechnology. Granted an extraterritorial site, albeit with some concessions, the Mega is beginning its movements into the region. To get better information on the land they'd acquired, a survey team was sent to study the land and perform precise readings to better understand their goal in the area. All was well, until the survey team went dark, not responding to calls by their superiors. Needing to resolve the situation, while at the same time desiring to avoid losing face by having a disaster this early in the operation, Danny Hoffman gathered a team of runners to search for the missing surveyors and determine what happened.

Unbeknownst to him, a dwarf man lived in the land claimed, living in a cabin his father owned, a possession held since before the Awakening. The local tribal administration has served him a notice of eviction. He was about to have his home and land taken from him, a ultimatum that drove him to dark ends. Luring wolves to attack the survey team and then finishing off who remained, the man prepared himself to die in a blaze of glory against the corporate machine who had wronged him. Lying in wait, traps and weapons ready, he waits for the runners.

The Meet

The runners meet the J in a somewhat deserted lot, where Mr. J, Danny Hoffman and Ares Contact, was waiting for them alongside several other armed men. After accepting the disclosure for the fact that they'd be working with Ares on this job, he explains that they need someone to check out the forward base, though not before Winter opened mouth and inserted foot. After some arguing, they decide on 10k and some potential gear as well, and set off to the site.

The Plan

The runners would load up into Trample's van, where they would all then smuggle their gear into the compartments and ride to the border and use spirits and other methods to track down the missing group. Straightforward and to the point.

The Run

Once the runners properly arrived on scene, they embarked up the road trail and followed the jeep tracks to a camp, where along the way Glamor summoned a Guidance Spirit to help determine their final fate. Upon going down the trail they found an abandoned camp and jeep, where they then proceeded to follow Trample's Search sense and Glamor's Detect Footwear to hunt down the corpses of the Ares scout team, as they were all dead. Along the way and some hacking later, they were ambushed by awakened wolves, where they learned that four of the team were slaughtered by said wolves. Some more searching revealed two more corpses that matched the dossier, learning that those extras were shot, likely by the others, which is possibly what attracted the wolves. After completing the primary job the runners returned only to get ambushed by a Dwarven Holdout, who planted bombs beneath the jeep and severely injured Trample and lightly wounding several others. Glamor then summoned a fire spirit to hunt down and slay the sniper while Winter helped Trample up and Artemisia tried to engage in melee with the sniper only to nearly kill herself over elven wires, while Canis planted a tag for the J to track down the camp. The runners fell back, and left in Trample's van soon after.


The runners cross back across the border, and pass with no problems besides Artemisia's stress meter increasing marginally. They leave all recovered materials at an Ares Depot on the way back to town, and meet up with the J in a warehouse to finish off the job and confirm everything was in order, and received proper payment. They then departed, and went home to their own separate ways.


10k Nuyen (5 RVP) or (20k in Cyberware gear rewards, betaware or lower, gain Records on File: Ares) 7 Karma (7 RVP) 2 CDP

For non-Winter players, Optional Contact: Danny Hoffman 5/2 (6 RVP taken from other rewards) Or, receive no money and 4 karma, and get Danny as a 5/3 Contact ((11 RVP total rewards))

For Winter, Optional Contact: Danny Hoffman 5/1 (5 RVP taken from other rewards)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"It's been a long time since I've taken a hike through the woods. I needed that, really helped me center myself again. For once, I was able to tolerate the 4am run."


"I will never leave the city again. Wood and no shade, it is a cursed enterprise. Wires! WIRES! What were they doing there?!"


Well, that was a rather large drekshow. Fragging random weirdo survivalists. Also so many vampires on the Haven. >.>


That survivalist almost killed Trample, Artemisia, and I. I'm glad the loa I summoned was amenable to killing him.