Stay Very Quiet

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Stay Very Quiet
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Irena Tachikov
Xenosapient AI
Russian Conscripts
Casualties and losses
None An entire Evo facility was blown up.


Things go bad in an Evo research facility.

The Meet

The meet is brief and abrupt. The fixers ask the runners to take what they need with them, since it's probably going to be a talk-and-go kind of deal. Irena waits for the three at an airstrip in Auburn, Seattle, giving them very rudimentary information unless they accept. Since all three seem to be not quite so socially apt, they agree, grab their stuff and get in a cargo plane. On flight across the Atlantic, Irena briefs the team that they're heading to Siberia. A team of Evo forces tried investigating a research facility that'd gone dark and ceased all communications, but as soon as they entered the facility communication was lost. What's more annoying is that the Russian military has established a containment perimeter around the facility to stop it from causing issues to the local environment. While they can't directly assault the area due to it being extraterritorial grounds, it's out of bounds for a blatant approach. Irena provides cold survivalist gear for two of the runners that don't have any, but fortunately Ace already has something going for him.

The Plan

The plan will be to sneak through the woods, wait for an opening, infiltrate and get as much information and establish control -- or failing that, wipe all evidence of research as guided by Irena.

The Run



Player After Action Reports


...Welp. From what little I understood, this place was dangerous, and I'm glad that it was sterilized via runaway nuclear reactor meltdown, although that's still not as good.