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Steel (Brandon Schultz)
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Retired Urban Brawler, Meat Samurai and Bad Poet
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.May 12, 2056
FolderMonkee Business
Sum to 10Metatype - A
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - E
ApprovedJuly 17, 2018

Character Information


Brandon Schultz is an unmodified troll who was "forced" into retirement from the New York Slashers, Denver Thunderheads, and the Internationaler Stadtskrieg Sport Verein (ISSV), mainly because he followed the team doctors advice to not upgrade with cyberware without first suffering an injury serious enough to warrant replacing meat with metal.

East Coast Dreams

Born at Bethesda Naval Hospital to human parents who served in UCAS Army. Mother eventually received medical discharge due to trauma from the birth. Father retired as an E-5 Staff Sergeant at the first opportunity. The Schultz' lived in Compville, the one bright spot in the Anacostia barrens.

The Big Apple

Brandon was the best prospect out of DeeCee in over twenty years, originally signed by the New York Slashers. He was one of the best Bangers the team had ever had, but really shone when lugging the big guns as a Blaster. He was doing well as a rising babyface in the league, but ownership was worried because he was nearing his unaugmented limit.

Denver Dunderheads

After being frozen out of playing time by the Powers-That-Be in his contract year, Brandon got shopped around the league on the cheap. The Denver Thunderheads picked him up for a baseline salary and told him that the team would being starting the next year in Seattle and asked him to head over there early and scout out possible arenas in the off-season.

Brandon set himself up in Downtown Seattle and started looking around, just like they asked. People were spoken with, drinks were had, and reports were written up on likely sites with tactical notes added. He was ready to bring the Thunder. But they never called. When the League's official site list was released, Seattle wasn't even on it and the Thunderheads were actually starting out in Havana. Still, they never called and his calls to the front office or his league rep weren't returned either.

That's when it really started to sink in. He was done. They killed off his career as silently as a ninja. The money from his last contract was running out fast, but he still had his notes and reports. He pulled out of Downtown as his money ran out and tried to set himself up as an investigator in Redmond. He's looking to get some scouting work whenever the league is back in Seattle, but he's still waiting.


  • To retire on his own terms.
  • Publish a book (or eight) of poetry.
  • Either take over or start his own sports bar.
  • Maybe become a father.

Narrative Significant Qualities

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Positive Qualities

  • Lightening Reflexes (20) (SR5 74) +1 to Initiative Rating, +1d6 to Initiative Dice and +1d6 to all Defense Tests.

Negative Qualities

  • Dependent (Nuisance) (3) (SR5 72) A younger cousin (human female) who is his only other relation on the West Coast. Cassandra "Cassie" Howell came out west to be a singer/model and mainly became a hard-partying booth girl. Think Sue Bird without the street smarts.
  • Sensitive System (12) (SR5 82)
  • SINner (National) (5) (SR5 78) Brandon Schultz is a born and bred UCAS citizen from DeeCee.

Major Skills

  • Automatics - 10 (12, Machine Pistols)
  • Heavy Weapons - 10 (12, Machine Guns)
  • Unarmed Combat - 10
  • Sneaking - 10

Run History



  • Johns- Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Fixer (Shadow Services)
  • Eli Johnson- Connection 2, Loyalty 1 - Soup Kitchen Owner (Shadow Services/Networking) Eli's Special ability does not apply to Steel.


  • Internationaler Stadtskrieg Sport Verein (ISSV) - Former Brawler
  • New York Slashers - Former Brawler
  • Denver Thunderheads - Former Brawler



Between the ISSV, the Slashers and the Thunderheads, there's got to be someone who had it in for Brandon. He just has no idea who or why.

  • Lucas Davenport International Urban Sports Union Commissioner, and an Auburn native


  • Father - Henry (Human 56 Male) retired army Sergeant out of the Signal Corps
  • Mother - Maria (Human 55 Female) housewife/former army Corporal with the Medical Service Corps
  • Sister - Joanna (Human 26 Female)
  • Cousin - Cassandra "Cassie" Howell (Human struggling singer/model and Dependent.



  • Brandon Schultz (UCAS National - Real name, Real SIN)
  • Thomas Cooley (UCAS Rating 4)


  • Brandon Schultz (none... I wonder if I can get some real licenses...)
  • Thomas Cooley (UCAS Rating 4 - Firearms, Private Investigator)


  • Brandon Schultz (Low lifestyle apartment in the Redmond Hills section of Tacoma, right between Touristville and the Yakuza war zone to the east of Redmond Hills. Contains Cramped, Dangerous Area, Basic DocWagon, Basic Mapping, Public Grid, Dependent "tax" and Metatype upgrades.)
  • Thomas Cooley (Street lifestyle of a wandering squatter, mainly for the DocWagon. Contains Cramped, Dangerous, Basic DocWagon, Public Grid, Dependent "tax" and Metatype upgrades.)

Past Aliases

  • Dylan Heroux (Quebec Rating 4 Burner)



Brandon usually dressed in pure street, passing as a heavy ganger at a first glance but the only colors he sports are for the Seattle Screamers. He's still pissed at the Slashers, but still loves the sport.

Matrix Persona

Steel shows up as an incredibly blocky humanoid with grey skin wearing a zoot suit (Joe Fix-it)

Urban Brawl Primer


Urban Brawl started out as an alternative method of dispute resolution between French streets gangs. It was a more civilized method of war, if you will. Oddly, it sparked the interest in millions of spectators and now professional teams are sponsored by cities and corporations worldwide. There is one league per continent, administered by a Commissioner. Cyberware and bioware are common augmentations, but magic of any kind is illegal.

This comes mainly from the Shadowrun Wikia page with commentary from myself.

Brawl Zones

The site for a match is called a Brawl Zone; a 12 block patch of urban barrens in a roughly 4x3 block grid with a rectangular pattern. The one constant is that the outside border must be open streets all the way around. While not stated, the next most important thing appears to be keeping the roughly rectangular shape. Brawlers can go around, through, above and below all the structures within the perimeter. In fact, their tactics depend on the use of urban terrain.

The League chooses the Brawl Zones in secret before the season starts and usually choose twice as many sites as they need. The teams may know what cities they will compete in, but they will not know the location of the Brawl Zone until 24 hours before the match. The League locks down the perimeter with drones and astral guards after clearing the SINless out of the Zone. This 24-hour window is a common opportunity for runners to be hired to gather intelligence on the opponent's side of the Zone, though the League doesn't take kindly to such attempts.


There are two teams of 13 Brawlers, 11 offensive and 2 defensive. Both teams have a ball.


  • Scouts (4) - Scouts wear light armor and can only carry a personal sidearm.
  • Bangers (4) - Bangers wear medium armor and can only carry a personal sidearm.
  • Heavies (2) - A Heavy wears medium armor and carries an SMG, assault rifle or shotgun in addition to their personal sidearm.
  • Blaster (1) - The Blaster wears light armor and carries a gyro-mounted LMG, but no sidearm.


  • Outrider (1) - An Outrider wears medium armor and drives a motorcycle mounted with an SMG, assault rifle or shotgun. The Outrider can carry any member of their team except for the ball carrier. The Outrider cannot carry the ball.
  • Medico (1) - The Medico wears heavy armor that's colored white and can only a med-kit. A Medico is never allowed to attack and is only allowed to be attacked when they are riding on the Outrider's motorcycle, which sounds more like the opposing team is not going to be penalized for attacking the motorcycle, regardless of who is on it.


  • Ball (2) - Each team has a ball that can only be carried by an offensive player. That's right, there are two balls in motion. Each ball is about the size of a soccer ball and painted in day-glo colors (green?) that can easily be seen at 50 meters.
  • Personal Sidearm - While not expressly stated, pistols (Tasers, Hold-Out, Light, Heavy or Machine) appear to be acceptable sidearms.
  • Light Armor - Worn by Scouts and the Blaster. Exact composition is still being researched.
  • Medium Armor - Worn by Bangers, Heavies and the Outrider. Exact composition is still being researched.
  • Heavy Armor - Worn only by the Medico and colored white. Exact composition is still being researched.

Media Mentions

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