Stuffer Shack 3AM

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Stuffer Shack 3AM
Factions Involved
Bunch of Gangs
Colten Wight
Casualties and losses
Few gang members


The Johnson had a hunch feeling something bad was going to happen and sometimes you best listen to your gut and so he called up the team to help him during their run so he does not get killed and Fortunately due to this gut instinct it saved his life


Colten Wight is trying to reach out into the shadows and needed help with dealing with some gangs and having bodies guards watched over him. for some reason he thought he needed a bodyguard to help with keep him from being killed.

The Meet

So the party would arrive at the Jays stuffer shack and to help him with setting up a few things such as making sure they protect his body and so he does not get killed during his meet with the gang leaders and smugglers .

The Plan

The plan was have two people stay inside of the van and the other two to stay with the J , along with the hellhound to watch him during the meet.

The Run

Just as he believed was going to happen there was a attack by the cutter's during the mission Anne due to the assistance alley runners they were able to hold back the onslaught such as being able to wipe out majority of the main colors opposition .the mage being deleted by one of the allies snipers and Lastly the boss of the cutters being stabbed to death by a bunch of drugged out gangers

Cricket pick to keep fighting the decker and knocked themselves out during a spike


With the help of the runners, helping dealing with the cutters, the J got done with his meeting and the whole team got paid for their work. who would know that trusting you're gut is a good thing.


16k or 32k of gear. No focis . Only weapons/armor/drugs/drones and mods Karma 5

Optional content: Colten Wight 2/3

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