Swamp Things

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Swamp Things
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Yakuza
Frank Davis
Gav Jacinto


An Ex-Yakuza boss drew the line at the nocturnal waterfront activities his gang was up to. He hired the runners to break up a nightly human trafficking operation and stop one of his friend's recruitment activities


The crew got a call at 9PM about a job and gathered to meet their J in an alleyway in Tacoma

The Meet

As fate would have it all of the runners pulled up around the same time. Frank took the lead on negotiations with his brash ways. There was no counter-offer to the initial 14,000 despite it being a rush job and a two in one due to the team actively despising the Yakuza. The Johnson handed them some convenient subsonic ammo and sent them on their way.

The Plan

The plan was debated on heavily, however it came down to: Trample would fry a generator to get their attention while the team laid in wait to ambush the patrol, Pell would snipe half of the team while the rest jumped the remaining four. Trample would then squelch their biomonitors as to not alert the main group doing the loading.

Part 2's plan was simple, take the biomonitors and GTMF on arrival at the loading area, and use the rented flatbed truck to load the containers with civilians on them

The Run

Frank handed Trample his Horizon flying drone and they spied the patrol group and the main group and the The Plan was formed.

The generator exploded, several of their biomonitors went off and a hail of near silent gunfire from Pell dropped a few men of the patrol. Gav, Potato and Frank were sure to give them a few lessons from their school of pain as well, several getting one shot knockouts before the first SMG was drawn and fired in vain anger. In the next moment most of the Yakuza were down in the muck of the swamp, the DDOS'ed ones fired and their guns span out of their hands uselessly and the rest of the Yakuza were fleeing for their lives.

At the dock with those doing the loading, the Yakuza expected their buddies to come back to them as their biomonitors had been stolen and replaced. They were not expecting Potato to pull out an LMG. The Mage and supervisor's head promptly exploded and the enter second squad stood there paralysed in fear. What the Yakuza were truly not expecting was Gav to walk up to two of their buddies and chainsaw their heads from their shoulders, immediately triggering a break in their composure and starting a rout. There was an immediate leaping into the water save one who drew his katana and demanded the babes come at them, and then Pell shot him once in the armour and knocked him over and sent him screaming and crying to the ground.

The team winched up and loaded the containers onto the rented flatbed truck and Pell quickly and easily popped the locks rescuing the captives and the party secured their freedom


Frank cut off the supervisor's finger with a borrowed survival knife and took the footage captured by the runners and found the J's friend. Discarding the initial rebuffs in Japanese he showed the J's friend an ARO (and didn't get puke on his shoes) and scared the recruiter and his guards straight. The victims were rescued and the ring dismantled


14k Nuyen 4 Karma 2CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Saying the obvious, breaking up a metahuman trafficking operation felt good. The rest of the team was also woefully under-prepared for subtlety when it came to freeing the victims. :p

Frank Davis

Look. I am a simple man. When people do shitty things, they deserve a slug square in the jaw. But, that's for some shit. Puttin' people in cages to take to market is beyond a good haymaker. I'm glad we got the people out, and while I take no joy in cutting a dead man's ring finger off, it's an especially effective deterrent and he's not gonna miss it anyway.

You aren't allowed to buy and sell people in this city. Ya hear me? It doesn't fly with ol' Frank.