Sweetie Sinful

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Sweetie Sinful
Face, Pharmaceutical Support
"Can I have that in writing?"
DiscordCutier Than Thou#7968
MetatypeOni (Ork)
Street Cred10
Public Awareness2
D.O.B.14th October 2053
PriorityMetatype - B
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - D
Resources - D

Character Information


Seattle's self-professed Succubus of Gluttony, purveyor of vice, Sweetie Sinful knows that everyone's got a guilty pleasure or two, and that those can be incredibly profitable in the right hands. If there's a disreputable nightclub in Seattle, odds are fair that she's tended bar there at least once.

Of course, working for minimum wage (even with generous tips) is hardly enough to support a lifestyle as indulgent as Sweetie would like - not to mention, it's boring hearing stories from runners secondhand. So, she's finally taken the plunge into Seattle's dark underbelly, hoping to leverage her status and skill as a socialite (as well as a latent taste for scheming, swindling, and finagling) to brighten her prospects, and maybe even have a little fun along the way.


  • Own a small emporium of assorted debaucheries.
  • Make a lot of 'friends' she can call upon for favours.
  • Have enough passive income to live a comfortable, hedonist lifestyle.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Honest Face: Sweetie's just kind of a ditz, more interested in looking good than in plotting anything, right? You can probably let your guard down around her.
  • Common Sense: Despite appearances, Sweetie's got her head screwed on alright. She's heard enough "here's how runners get killed" stories to know when something's a really bad idea.
  • Social Chameleon: Sweetie has a real knack for telling people what they want to hear.
  • Watch The Suit: A girl's got to look her best, after all.
  • Fame (Local, Seattle): Sweetie's a known and popular "social influencer" around Seattle, for reasons nobody can really explain. She's just one of those people you remember from that one time, or that you've heard about from a friend - everybody's only three degrees of separation away from her, tops.
  • Mentor Spirit (Seducer) + Mentor's Mask: The only person who Sweetie trusts the judgement of is Sweetie. As such, her mentor spirit takes the form of a tiny Sweetie in a halloween store devil outfit, whispering indulgences in her ear. Whenever she uses active Adept powers, she manifests a pair of glowing black wings and a tail.


  • Distinctive Style/Attention-Seeking (PSC): Sweetie is... a lot. She's just a lot.
  • Social Appearance Anxiety: Sweetie's morning routine takes a solid two hours to complete. Make sure to give her plenty of notice before a run.
  • Lack of Focus: Turns out, all that sugar actually isn't super great for your attention span. Who knew?
  • Dependent: Sweetie spends a frankly obscene amount of time and nuyen spoiling Bachi, her pet snake. He makes a wonderful accessory, and she takes him with her on all but the most dangerous of runs.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
A Trip to the Petting Zoo12 August 2082
Trust the Process12 August 2082
The Sad Facts of Chet Hughs1 August 2082
Finda KillerCall of the Shadows22 July 2082
An Arm and a Leg19 July 2082
CorpSec Elite11 July 2082
Bayou BonanzaDead Gods Stir2 July 2082
Suburban Jungle24 June 2082
K-10 Use in My Fight Club!?Dead Gods Stir13 June 2082
The Sweet, The Salty and the Sour11 June 2082
Return to Sender8 June 2082
Promethium Burns6 June 2082
Bodies Down the Riveras5 June 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Saint Nick 2 3 Gear "Santa Claus" Blissfully Unaware, KRIME Konnections, Milk and Cookies, Spirit of the Season, We Got Guns Even
Holly Rogers And Crew 5 1 Service Pirate Shadowrunners Pirate-Themed, Drunken Pirates, Shadowrunner Team, Flashy, Yo-Ho And A Bottle Of Rum, Cannon noises, Pirate Ship, Pirates Vs. Ninjas, Emerged, Awakened -1
Alessa P 4 3 Fixer Owner of The Daze The Daze, Shadow Connections, Ear to the Ground, Punk Rocker, Bootleggers Even
Bubblegum 1 3 Gear Fake SINner Corporate Forger, SINner, Nothing Lasts Forever, Knows How She Got Here Even
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy 2 2 Custom(A,G,N,K) Ganger / Tough Guy Not the Brightest Bulb, Firesaw, Fraggin' Handsome, People Pleaser, WAIT I'm a runner too! Even
Rodney Goodman 4 4 Fixer Bartender Alcohol Master, Meeting Ground, Arms smuggling, Corporative Connection, Safehouse knowledge +1
Nerlithothep the Succubus 1 3 Custom (A,N,K,G) Succubus Sweetheart...You know what i want., Outrageous Jealosy, Voyeurism, Pillow Talk, Succubus Lair, Her Properties Even
Gord "Twitch" Rodney 1 1 Custom(A,G,K,N) DIY Survivalist and Obnoxious Attic Gremlin Abrasive Doesn't Begin To Cover It, Cruel And Unusual, One Errant Twitch, The Closest Thing To A Civil Engineer That Lives In Hell's Kitchen Even
Cornelius Morton 5 2 Generalist Cartel Head No Chains, Only Contracts, NoLa Life, Drug Cartel, I've Got Friends on the Otherside, Big Family, Drugs aren't my only games, Hungry Ghouls, Infected Community, Undertaking as a Passion, Glancing into the otherside Even
Kyra Samaras 5 5 Generalist Spinradical Scientist Esoteric Acquisitions, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Collaborative Iteration, Actually Smart, Magic Mind, Whirring Gizmos, This is Research!, Spirit Friends! Even
Zenny 3 3 Custom(A,G,K,N) Hippie Techno and Hellraisers Cyberdoc In the Shop, Voiding the Warranty, One of Those Idiots, Chrome Artisan, I Got a Hookup, Man, Secondhand Soul, Who's Scott Green?, The Cyberest of Adepts, Trip Sitter, You Don't Need a License to Heal, Man Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Hellraisers Just Sort Of There 1 13 Street Gang Maintaining Hell's Kitchen, Puyallup, Seattle

The Hellraisers: Sweetie has recently become a member of the Hellraisers. Nobody's really sure what she does there, including her.


Group Reputation
Halloweeners +3



In Character Information

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A very professionally put-together website, where you can buy some rather risqué pictures of Sweetie for 500 nuyen a pop.
3 A number of glowing reviews from various bars around Seattle, referring to Sweetie either by name or by appearance. It seems she's got a bit of a fan club.
6 Enough digging will *eventually* lead to Sweetie's given name, Stephanie Sakurai, as well as several tidbits about her youth that she wasn't able to scrub from the matrix. None of it is particularly interesting.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Mabel-Mae LaBelle(4): Adept License, Concealed Carry Permit, Driver's License, Exotic Weapons License, Medical License, Private Investigator License, Restricted Armor License (4)


Candycore as heck. Chin-length powder-blue hair, deep red skin, generally dusted with a generous helping of sugar-like body glitter. Lithe build, fairly short.

Most notably, Sweetie is rarely seen without her beautiful boy Bachi draped over her shoulders. He's a designer python, bred to have translucent, brightly-coloured orange and green skin. Like a gummi snake.

Matrix Persona

Cycles frequently, as Sweetie is very indecisive. Usually some kind of anthropomorphic cake or candy with a smiley cartoon face and devil horns, though.

Media Mentions

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