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Fresh new Runner, eager to prove her skills in the Matrix
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.June 30th. 2057
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - B

Character Information


As a new Runner she only has had small jobs before. However she is eager to show that he is worth the payment.


Sharpen her Skills and becoming better at every occasion.

Be a heling Hand for her Sister Susan who had a troubling Ganger Past.


When she´s not focused on bits and bytes, she is super nerdy and talkactive, interested in every topic equally but not to stop once it changes to the Matrix. At times it may be too much for people to bear, just give her a task to do and she´ll put the same enthusiasm she uses in conversations.


A relative small and slim young woman with an analytical glare. Blond hair and blue eyes, smiling and always scanning the envroinment or something to hack or someone to chat.


Jenny had a tough start, as 1st daughter of a small electronics shop owner in Redmond Life wasnt easy. Being surrounded by either warring street gangs or rooms full of electronics, her mother and father were sure glad she decided to tamper within the shop rather than going toom ch outside to be caught up in the gang wars. Over the years Jenny developed remarkable skills in Decking, first with only low-level tech but she saved up all her money to eventually buy better gear. And so she did. Albeit her younger sister Susan did not enjoyed the Electronics so much and became caught up in gang activities. At one point She asked Jenny to help her bail out of a stick situation and leave the gang-world behind. By doing so Jenny herself became stuck in illegal Matrix buisness, yet her skills allowed her to stay afloat and even rise up slowly. Since then Jenny has to help Susan built up a new life without the remants of the gang finding out about Susan.

In Play

Your bread and butter: Your Deck

A Decker without a Deck isnt a Decker. This is your tool for any job in the Matrix. It is by far not the best Deck but its also not utter crap. Its exactly what you need to start your venture into the Matrix.

With an interchangable statline of 6,5,5,3 the "Renraku Tsurugi" has a solid choice of what Attribute to max out for each job without compromising too much.

But thats not all. You also have a Repertoire of many different Cyberprograms that support and/or boost your performance. Theres a list in the pdf and Chummer file that expains every single program. You cannot load more than 3 Programms on your Deck at any given time. The amount of Programms you can load depends on your Decks rating which is Rating 3 in this case.

Your main skills you need for decking are

  • Cybercombat at 14 Dice (or 16 if you go agaisnt devices)
  • Hacking at 14 (or 16 if yo try and hack a Host)
  • Computer at 13
  • Software at 13
  • Electronic Warfare at 14 (or 16 if you try and mess with Communications)
  • Hardware at 13 for reparing your Deck and enabeling you to jack out of Link-Lock Attacks

Legwork: Skills and Knowledge

Your Commlink has a built in Cyberprogram that cuts the time you need to search for information straight in half. You use your Computer Skill to perform a Matrix Search action.

In addition SystemShock also knows quite well about Host Designs, Matrix Security Procedures, as well as Small Unit Tactics, to enable a smooth run of operations. If it comes to Games, she is well versed in these as well. And last but not least, as a Seattle native, she knows her ways around and even more so on the Emerald Grid (the Seattle Loaal Matrix grid)

Staying alive: Self Defense and not getting spotted

While shes a capable and fearsome enemy on the grid, in the meat world she has to rely on her team to keep her safe in teh heat of battle. But that doesnt mean she cant grab her trusty Ingram and send some lead downrange herself. This is covered in her Automatics skill and ensures that in times of need she can defend herself untill her team can help her out.

Not very good at Sneaking herself, she still can help in a coordinated effort. This is covered in her Sneaking skill.

The heat of Battle: Smashing Decks and safing mates.

In Cybercombat is where SystemShock excels. Wheter you brick the OpFors Smartgun Systems, brick IC or Spiders, You are well equipped with gear to handle most combat situations you find yourself in. Shold there be times in which you by yorself cant actively go into combat, you can still work to help your team dodge incoming attacks, make their combat smoother or themselfes faster.

Narrative Significant Qualities

All Qualities have been explained in the .pdf and the Chummer file.

Run History



Benito Cervantes (Fixer) Connection:6 Loyality:1 Benny "Good Boy" Cervantes

DeC0de (Swag:Software/Programms) Connection:4 Loyality:1 DeC0de




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


"Doreen Smith" R4 Fake SIN


A little shorter than the average Human but always dressed appropriately. Blond hair, blue eyes she looks just about the same as many Humans


The all time classic and casual jeans and shirt, never stained or dirty in any way, sometimes a Hat if she feels fancy. Nothing extraordinary.

Matrix Persona

A Person made out of turquoise cubes, which occasionally float up just to rearrange themself again.

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