Tale of Two Tails

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Tale of Two Tails
Factions Involved


Shark:Go forth my hunter ...I have given you power to hunt. Now I will send you out to the deeper water, to learn how to hide...for the up coming hunts. I want you to blend in and strike fear...now don’t fail me, demon!


Nogitsune has been searching for awhile in a means to understand how to become a better Hunter and so with that the young fox begins to journey outlets in seattle and nearly drowned because of the *** **** shark

The Meet

Nogitsune is attacked by spirit of beast and dragged into the plane of beast, linked towards tricksters

The Plan

During the entire ordeal of trying to complete his initiation he was unable to use any of his adept powers aisde assensing   because shark wanted it did become even more difficult than before . During that time he ran across another fox with nine tails and was asked to steal a scroll from a temple in a Japanese style building. Unknowing it he was inside of the plane of beast.

The Run

He thought of a plan to steal some old clothes to blend it and use the time to act as a baker to steal a scroll on the wall and heard the sound of the real baker, he made his run and leap out of the window with the scroll in hand and found a spot to hide under a tree to read it and unlock the power of the kitsune (Masking). he can now hide his true self to be able to blend in better. he quickly ran into the village and left the scroll, being lead back to the water where he was first made it to the gate and was dragged in by the spirit in the form of a shark.


He would awaken with someone doing CPR on him and he was force to pay a bill before running off. now he has this new power and thought it was odd humans would try to save him....We will see where this fox will do next.


Nogitsune Discount on IG 2 to pick up Masking -2k nuyen from CrashCart bill 10 karma 6 CDP Story beat to pick up The Spiritual Way

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

self reflection apone the journey across the plane to a world I have never seen before where spirits and those lurk what I have seen and what I have gained maybe I will see that place once again or maybe not but whatever fate leads me so I will know that I have gained the power something I have longed for now I wield as my own